Trump Administration Now Calls Fossil Fuels “Freedom Fuels”

On Wednesday of this week, the US department
of Energy put out a press release where they kind of unveiled their new terms for fossil
fuels. Here in the United States. It’s no longer that we’re fracking for natural
gas. No, no, no. Folks would we are doing is extracting “freedom
gas.” Freedom gas is what they’re now calling natural
gas freedom gas. Uh, do you know what freedom gas has made
off above according to this same press release molecules or freedom? Yeah. Molecules of freedom, makeup, freedom, gas. I honest to God, wish this was a joke. I wish this was a story from the onion, but
instead it is an actual press release coming from the federal government itself. As Joshua Holland pointed out on Twitter,
you know, the, the word Orwellian kind of gets thrown around a lot. Seems to have lost all meaning. However, in this particular instance, as Holland
points out, there’s really no other way to describe it here. This is an Orwellian type name change of fossil
fuels that helped destroy the planet. And this administration has the guts to call
them freedom gasses. So, I guess the big question is what are we
going to do with these random gases? We have so much freedom gas here in the United
States that were almost choking on the freedom. We’re exporting that freedom. They say the Department of Energy is telling
us we’re taking the freedom gas from Texas and we’re sending it across the globe. We’re exporting it at a time when they tell
us that, hey, we, you know, we, we still have to import energy from other, other countries,
but we need to expand energy exploration here so that we can be energy independent. But as soon as we drill for more, Hey, that
freedom gas is going overseas, probably going to be loaded up on freedom boats where freedom
workers are going to get their little freedom tools and then release the freedom gases all
over the freedom motion. That’s what’s going to happen. Freedom folks, and all the little molecules
of freedom then go up into our freedom atmosphere to, uh, you know, destroy the planet. Uh, Democratic presidential candidate Jay
Inslee actually had a perfect response. Uh, you said freedom gas. Freedom is generally good, but freedom from
glaciers, freedom from clean air, freedom from healthy forests that aren’t on fire and
freedom from the world we know and cherish is not what we seek. And he’s spot on with this because that’s
what this is folks. Natural gas is not a clean burning fuel. The extraction process, uh, for removing natural
gas from the ground is just as dirty as burning coal. Well, go and look at the studies. Look at the reports, how, look at some of
the writing that I have done researched over the last 10 years over its lifespan. Gasses just as dirty as any other form of
energy. It is not a bridge fuel. It is not a cleaner fuel. It is a fuel that will keep us addicted to
fossil fuels for the rest of eternity. But I guess that’s what this administration
considers freedom.

100 thoughts on “Trump Administration Now Calls Fossil Fuels “Freedom Fuels”

  • (definition) Freedom Gas: That relief you feel when you let out a fart you’ve been holding in.

    I just know they’re going to call Tear Gas at the Mexican border as “Patriot Gas”.

  • And guess what they’re all going to smoke?

    This is a prime example of the cynical rebranding of the unpalatable into something virtuous and emotive, as first publicly demonstrated ninety years ago. Edward Bernays is rarely spoken of but was instrumental in shaping the twentieth century and modern consumer culture. Watch Adam Curtis’ Century of the Self if you want to take the red pill…

  • This man tells us that natural gas is not cleaner than any other fuel yet more electric producers are switching to it because of lowers carbon emissions. As always Mr Cousins never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.

  • Given the effects of fossil fuels on the atmosphere, we need a more deadly name: choke gas, hell gas, extinction gas, dinosaur gas, buggywhip gas…

  • When are WE THE PEOPLE gonna take back our government, 😠 BY FORCE! WE CAN LITERALLY TURN BACK ARMAGEDDON IF ONLY DESTROY THIS VILE AND TREACHEROUS GENTILE COUNTRY AND ITS EVIL EDOMITE GOVERNMENT SYSTEM OF WHITE DEVILS AND CORPORATIONS. 🤔 or get destroyed with them, we are responsible and worthy of hells damnation because we the people allowed it

  • Freedom fuels!!! Lol!!! God damn I love President Trump. Lighten up, liberals. None of you fuckers have a sense of humor…

  • There is no need to drill for freedom gas. Trump and congress have an unlimited supply. Why do you think Trump's pants are so big.

  • Make this madness stop! Have pity and mercy for those sane USA citizens. I am non-American and don't exactly have a positive opinion about USA, but even I, am starting to have revulsion about the way USA citizens are being treated. At this point I am sure even some USA enemies are laboring under the impression of putting a tortured animal out of it's miseries.

  • How far up their freedom gas reservoirs must their heads be to think that would be a catch phrase?

  • And then the sheep believed, for they knew it was good… Freedom Gas, yeah a whole lot of hot air if you ask me…

  • His base has no intellectual curiosity…they don't believe in science…they would rather burn a book than read one. They'll probably eat this shit up with spoon.

  • This whole administration is relying on either ignorance or just downright stupidity, and they are definitely proving just how easy the follower party can be played like a badly tuned instrument.

  • Every time one think that the Trump Administration is now as embarrassing as it can possibly be …..

  • if i remember correctly, once america entered the first world war in 1916, sauerkraut was called "liberty cabbage" and dachshounds were called "liberty dogs". the reason was hatred of the germans then, but what's the reason now? hatred of breathable air?

  • Fricken frackers should be made to live where they frack and live the hell they create and drink the water they poison


    FARTS THERE'S SOME FREEDOM GAS FOR THOSE IDIOTS WHO DID THIS! (The ones that did this name change)

  • Anything to destroy democracy. Mock everything our country was known for, taint it and associate it with antiquated and known harmful substances

  • If a foreigner says that Americans are retards, they should answer "yes we are". They should get rid of the electoral college.

  • Fuck… I'm Mexican and can't stop noticing how your president and mine like using propaganda naming to justify stupid energy and ambiental strategies…

    We both countries need Freedom of dumbasses.

  • yashhh… name it more patriotic so it wont be evil anymore 👍👍 they are doin what china always do. Welcome to communism folks 👏👏

  • Wonder how they feel under 16 ft of water in Oklahoma and Arkansas is that freedom watching there house float away!

  • I've got an idea: Let's pump this so-called freedom gas under high-pressure into Donald Trump, followed by a match. Then we could recite the famous words of MLK. 😉

  • What are you guys doing to save the world? Americans are pieces of shit. You're to blame for the world ending.

  • Isn't methane one of the side effects of the burn-off from NG drilling? At any rate, methane levels are getting too damn high. I am damned fed up with the goo-goo talk coming out of DC. Wtf. How stupid are THEY??? sounds like a bunch of ignorant treasonous corrupt criminals who are trying harder than ever to twist the Reality of their machinations. Another gift of fascism.

  • I let out some "Freedom Gas" while laughing at this ridiculous Administration. My dog caughs and lets out "Freedom Gas".

  • Trump and his administration have their brains full of freedom gases. They all need to be removed from their positions asap before they finish destroying our planet 🌎.

  • Fossil fuel industry trying to polish thier polluting terd, free from any consideration of anything except popfit.

  • Trump always says things that don't make sense: "I'm rich, but you can't see my taxes. I'm exonerated, but you can't see the report. I'm the smartest, but you can't see my

    grades. I'm in perfect health, but you can't see my medical records." (and I have no idea why people could fall for these lines of crap, but people do).

    Still, "freedom gas" does seem to stand out as exceptionally dumb

  • I'm going to guess that changing its name like this is a ploy to get around certain legal documents or precedent

  • The filthy fascists in this administration must think everyone is as stupid as the average trump supporter.

  • I was thinking about this last night… it's an attempt to remove the term 'nature' from the material. Therefore it cannot be used as fodder for environmentalists attacking conservatives that have no defense for what they're doing to the planet. It's bullshit all around.

  • "Freedom gas?" Sounds like a humongous fart that you let out after overindulging at a 4th of July barbecue. Perhaps it results from eating too many Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast.

  • This reminds me of that time when 'murica renamed hamburger to freedom sandwich because the former is a german word and if someone calls it, they're german sympathisers.

    Hahahaha, you muricans always do bring new circus lvl things.

  • In AMERICA we have the human rights of freedom and liberty, in AMERICA no one can deprive you of your freedom and liberty without due process, so has TRUMP MADE FREEDOM GAS AND MOLECULES OF FREEDOM, FREE TO AMERICA.

  • I don’t know why you even name these anymore. “Dump is a lying jackass, yet again.” Should just be the standard. No need to be specific.

  • Free energy is freedom! We had it before and we will have it again soon! Fuck all you war mongering energy draining demons!

    The people fucking know! There is no stopping it!

  • Soon we'll be building Hug Bombs for Saudi Arabia instead of missiles.
    And the ghost of George Orwell will rise from the grave to bitch-slap us.

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