43 thoughts on “Trump Almost Started a War with Iran: A Closer Look

  • No, Trump had some back bone to a country yelling, Death to America. Stood up to Iran who said months before they'd Mind the shipping lanes, and then did just that. Sadly these late night shows, They don't have the writers they use to have, Cable networks have really hurt the amount of money they use to be able to afford for good writers, So this is all you get now, The same chit, over and over again every night.

  • HE EVEN F*CKS UP HIS ‘TOUGH GUY’ tweets (3:04)
    0:42 “it’s almost like” he’s putin's puppet. (he is)
    it’s almost like he’s had 2 successful hemispherectomies (he has)
    it’s almost like he’s a walking STD..he's orange OR origins or oranges. Where did those oranges
    2:47 it’s almost like he’s literate. HE EVEN F*CKS UP HIS ‘TOUGH GUY’ tweets. WTF
    it’s almost like when putin says “suck my c0ck Don Juan” he does (he does, it's in their contract )
    it’s almost like he cares at times (he doesn’t) about his T-time every weekend (he does)
    2:45 “cocked & loaded”. This f*cking waterhead has one hand yankin’ it BUT the other hand is on the button as he watches fox
    HE EVEN F*CKS UP HIS ‘TOUGH GUY’ tweets…he really is special. This d!ck is going to tweet america into WW3. Take away his thumbs and he's DOA/speechless

  • Obama goes golfing. SNL does story about how Trump virtually destroyed the world.
    Trump unites the world against Islamic extremism. SNL does story about how cool it is when Obama golfs with George Clooney.

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  • Trump Almost Started a War with Iran: A Closer Look… Correction… Iran Almost Started a War with the U.S.

  • I can’t even roll my eyes enough without them falling out. He’s so full of sh&t and such a fake person… narcissistic buffoon

  • The correct perspective is:   Trump's cabinet members and Pentagon generals and other neocons and Washington elites of both parties wanted a war, and they tried to bamboozle the president into doing it, but he stopped them and refused to give the order.  As opposed to Obama in Libya and Syria, W. Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan, Clinton in his multiple nation-building ventures in Kosovo, Somalia, Haiti and elsewhere, and G H W Bush in Kuwait.  Trump is demonized for doing the right thing by the liberal media and Washington elite, despite that he side-stepped away from a multi-trillion-dollar war.    Mike Huckabee called it Trump's finest hour so far.  .

  • maybe he didnt call it off,Donald trump or the president did.not sure who the mouth piece is,or he seems to be confused on his own identity at times he speaks in the second person term when speaking of his own self.in a wondering way he said,that news reporter doesnt like donald trump,another time,sen.so and so doesnt like the president.out of body experience on world wide t.v..most would have used the word "me" when referring to theirself.

  • Why wont meyers talk about 300 dead people around Hillary – he focus only on trump – so I avoid Seth – and others should too

  • Yeah he is going to win the white man are behind him. They the whites love what trump is doing to Hispanics and latin Americans.

  • I'm from a third world country. The Trumptard is absolutely much better than the shitty Obama and Bushes murricans had before.

  • Dopey Chump probably didn't even have any planes in the air!
    O! He didn't!
    That's just another Lie on his part!
    What's that 10,480 lies, since he took office!
    It's like riding a psychotic horse ( Dopey Chump) into a burning barn!
    How sane is that?!

  • "Cocked & Loaded"?: Seth, it is OBVIOUS here that an admitted sexual assailant, the predator president Donald Trump, was thinking with his … short leg! 5:47 😁 Ha! Ha! Ha! Seth: what a cute oxymoron that is "… Trump narrating his "THOUGHT PROCESS"; good one!

  • Unless somebody can explain why Iran would sabotage good relations with trading partner Japan – it was a false flag. Somebody should be investigting it as a false flag and see who that points to.

  • Trumpty Dumpty also said the drone was shot down in International waters! What a dumb ass!

  • Talking about ignorance. No, Trump did stop the strikes against Iran. Iran has been a target since after 9-11. General Wesley Clark admits this, and Dan Rather, just days after 9-11. So Trump did stop a strike which has been in the playbook for more than 15 years. Facts are facts, so you're the ignorant one.

  • Whenever Trump messes something up, he attacks the Obama administration. We have a third grader as president.

  • This Racist devil has overturned everything Obama has stood for and now Iran is ready to build a nuclear bomb.
    see what hatred will get you? unfortunately the country is at the mercy of this narcissistic Evil One

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