Trump doles out top honor to late British-born 9/11 hero

President Trump gave out the Presidential Citizens Medal on Thursday to a deceased hero of the 9/11 terror attacks, credited with saving the lives of thousands of people  The honor was given to the late Rick Rescorla, a Brisith-born Vietnam vet, who was in charge of security for the financial firm Morgan Stanley, located in the Twin Towers  When the first plane hit the North Tower on Sept. 11, 2001, Rescorla started evacuating employees in the South Tower, calming them down when a second plane hit their tower too  Rescorla saved the lives of nearly 2,700, but not his own. He was last seen climbing the stairs of the South Tower trying to save more    ‘That night those 2,700 people went home to their loved ones. In the 18 years since they have raised families, sent their children to college, walked their sons and daughters down the aisle, held their grandchildren, thanks in great measure to one extraordinary American,’ the president said   President Trump presented the family of Rick Rescorla the Presidential Citizens Medal on Thursday Rescorla, who died in the 9/11 terror attacks, is credited with saving nearly 2,700 people by getting them to evacuate the South Tower  This photo from November 1965 shows Rick Rescorla during his service in Vietnam Rescorla was awarded the second highest civilian honor posthumously on Thursday for saving thousands during the Sept 11, 2001 terror attacks  President Trump speaks in the East Room Thursday, awarding the Presidential Citizens Medal to one of the heroes of 9/11 President Trump clutches the hand of Rick Rescorla’s widow, presenting the Presidential Citizens Medal to her Thursday at the White House  A close-up of the Presidential Citizens Medal The award was created 50 years ago this month via an executive order signed by President Richard Nixon and is the nation’s second highest civilian honor Rescorla had evacuated employees during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as well  After that attack he warned that the next attack could come ‘from the air,’ Trump said   On that day, Rescorla had told employees – who had been instructed to stay in place – to ‘get out and start marching,’ Trump said The British-born Rick Rescorla (pictured) was honored at the White House Thursday for saving thousands on Sept 11, 2001 ‘Just do it,’ the president continuied. ‘And they had practiced before, because of him ‘    In the audience Thursday were Rescorla’s wife Susan and children Trevor and Kim  Susan came onstage to accept the medal. Asked why the award came now,  Susan Rescorla said, ‘Becauase this was to be ‘  She briefly choked up as she stood next to Trump.  ‘Thank God we were blessed with a deeply meaningful time together,’ she said of her late husband  The Presidential Citizens Medal is the second highest civilian honor an American recieve, after the Presidential Medal of Freedom  It’s been handed out seldomly, but was created 50 years ago via an executive order by President Richard Nixon this month   Trump, who has attracted controversy for some of the comments he’s made about 9/11, has tried to improve on that record this year    RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next White House at war over impeachment as top lawyer Pat Donald Trump faces claims he talked about making ‘The. You CAN boo Trump at Alabama-LSU game, students are told as Mike Pence claims NOBODY ever asked him about removing. Share this article Share 11 shares In July, Trump signed a permanent extension of the Victim Compensation Act, which allows first responders and other victims of 9/11 pollution to access a healthcare fund  Former ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart was the celebrity advocate for the effort.     Droves of Americans who survived 9/11 – including many first responders – are now sick from the exposure to toxins and are sick and dying of cancers   On Thursday, there were 12 9/11 first responders in the White House audience. There were five veterans from the War on Terror too   

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