Trump Gets OWNED By the NRA


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  • How to know when Trump hasn't got a clue about what he's talking about; he repeats a key phrase in a number of different ways without making a different point (normally just adding different adjectives to the key phrase)

  • You yammer consantly about polls. Bans on same-sex marriage were approved by voters in many states, and the Supreme Court rightly overturned them. Rights aren't based on majority opinion.

  • as usual trump said nothing.he knows nothings about anything and yet loves to talk to hear the sound of his own voice.trump is being bought by the nra,he doesnt care about the lives lost,all trump cares about is money,trump, more money and trump.winner?,whiner describes trump to a T

  • The background checks are part of the problem. The NRA and other lobby groups have taken the teeth away from background check laws so that they can point at them and say they don't work

  • Before people start shredding the Constitution, consider this: Preventable malpractice kills hundreds of thousands of Americans every year but no one says a word.

  • The GOP, and the NRA, are part of the same corrupt, treasonous, transnational money laundering crime syndicate. Anyone can buy automatic weapons in America. Either from gun shows, private sellers, or on line. Putin wants Americans to be armed, ignorant, racist, and anti government. In hopes of destabilizing America's democracy. The GOP is nothing more than a willing vehicle.

  • It is astonishing that people keep being duped by the things 45 says. He was never for background checks. He just lied and said he was for it because it served him to do so in the moment. Never believe a word he says. It's all lies.

  • That's such bullshit… In-depth background checks are not done for every purchase. Years ago I pawned a few of my late father's rifles and I was told there MIGHT be an lengthy FBI background check when I came back to pick them up. Turns out, nope, they made a quick phone call and I had those rifles back in less than 5 minutes. They had no way of knowing those rifles even belonged to me in the first place because in good ol' South Carolina you don't need to register long guns OR handguns. They just took my word for it. I enjoy target shooting from time to time, but seriously fuck all those republicans suckling from the NRA's diseased teat.

  • Trump has no political stances or morals. He cares only about himself. The people that worship him are fools who do not realize they're garbage to be tossed out when he doesn't need them anymore.

  • trump gets owned by everyone he can't fire. Examples include lil kim, vlad, Theresa May, Angela Merkel and all the Democrats. Truth only hurts reptards, that why they deal in propaganda.

  • Is this supposed to be entertaining?
    Having to hear this kind of annoying chatter is why people get divorced.
    I can't stand this kind of schtick.
    Does Brooke ever say anything intelligent? Ever?

  • This idiot will do nothing! He is owned by the NRA as are most of the Republican Party! It’s such a no-brainer to anyone with any moral compass. To make these promises to grieving families and have no intention to follow through with them, is despicable. You have to start somewhere! The problem isn’t as big as the GOP make it. Other countries have done it, you just have to have the backbone to do it. Also getting rid of the dark money from the NRA. Better yet get rid of the NRA. They have outlived their usefulness.

  • We have gun laws in place to protect us if we continue to enact more gun laws is not to take guns from out of white supremacist hands but to take guns and keep guns out of the poor communities

  • Media seems to be less "yes master Trump" to "you're an idiot Mr Trump" people are actually calling him out and making him look more stupid than usual

  • he certainly likes that helicopter, how many times have we had to put up with that rotor noise in the background burning up taxpayers money?

  • Who, at this point is STILL holding out hope that this guy is going somehow find it in his black heart to do the right thing? Who?

  • Brooke and John are spot on… Wimp Trump's general actions easy to predict. John is great-love the dose of sarcasm, but Brooke is awesome. I could listen to and look at her all day! Insight can be beautiful!

  • Can someone please tell Brooke about rhetorical questions so that she stops answering them every time John asks one.

  • how do you look at something "strongly"? what does that even mean? why does he only know 2 adjectives?😂😂😂

  • Don Don Knows that if pisses of the NRA no more money no more Potus and that he will be heading straight to jail in handcuffs, clapped in irons and in a orange jump suit The NRA and the Republican party are co conspirators in the plot to sell America and it citizens down the river for finical and personal gain.Putin is as pleased as punch because he is bring America to it's knees by dividing the country and waging cyber warfare.Americans won't agree to disagree,let alone talk to or trust each other.Trump,Moscow Mitch,Barr and Kelly Ann Conway should all be tried as Treasonous Bendict Arnold's.

  • You have no rights. I’m curious in this second rights amendment. They’ll come for your guns. They will not need you they have the military and the cops and ICE and Boder patrol.

  • Aaaaaaaaah, my 2c on this 'right'……..
    The 2nd amendment seems to only apply to people in a "militia".
    Is that correct? If not, why?

  • Not only trump- but all the repubs & half of the Dems- are owned by the NRA.
    trump ALWAYS "backpedals"- his word mean NOTHING

    no state federal or local government CANNOT PASS LAWS that infringe impead or hinder ANYONES RIGHT TO OWN A GUN
    this need to stopped

  • That was a huge walk back. Trump is not worth a damn. What a weasel. He is such a dick. Sorry, I didn't mean to insult weasels. Or dicks.

  • His vague, incoherent, moronic ramblings give no clear answer as per usual. Absolutely pointless chat with a lunatic who has a helicopter.😫

  • 99.9963% of Guns in America NEVER murder anyone EVER.
    99.9843% of Gun Owners in America NEVER murder anyone EVER.
    99.995% of AR-Style Guns in America NEVER murder anyone EVER.
    You are MORE LIKELY TO be Struck by Lightning than to be murdered by a Rifle.
    You are EIGHT TIMES MORE LIKELY to be die using your CELL PHONE than you are to be murdered by a Rifle.
    Details can be found here –

  • The National Russian Association NRA are Traitors and Criminals!! They work with Russian spy, Butina and launder 30 million dollars of Putin's to BUY the GOP!! Traitors All!! POS All!! Justice is coming!🇺🇸

  • It's a tragedy that more people can't remember, refuse to believe it or just don't want to listen…#45 has a mental disability. Many, many doctors have diagnosed his symtoms and limitations. He is like Capt. Queeg in "The Cane Mutiny" He was a sociopath and unravelled before your eyes as he had a complete breadown. It's coming for #45. it's feared that he has Alzheimer's disease which his father had in the last years on his life. It is at the point where he is getting indecisive and it's going to get worse. Time to invoke the 25th Amendment before he does more damage!

  • Trump is owned by the NRA! No shit Sherlock I have known that for years. Let me tell you another secret so are a lot of Congress Republicans and Democrats alike.It’s the same in the house. We need to get big business out of politics. Until then this country is being run buy greed not the American people Sad but true😢

  • Saying all these shootings are at the hands of a mental health patient. Some are suffering from mental issues but you can’t tell me a white skin head is a mental patient. His is an ideology and this sis as big a problem as any mental claim. Feed the ideology and your feeding the problem. NRA has to go.

  • Not one NRA member has never murdered a person, fact, if we destroy all vehicles that are involved in a DUI murder will that stop them? Noooo, how about pools and babies? Should we ban pools? This is the dumbass side of America, believe the Democrats they will up your taxes and destroy your insurance, and that's socialism thing, get ready

  • How, exactly, do you look at something “strongly?” Do you stare real hard? Do you read it real fast?
    I’m tired of being lead by a third-grader, no offense to third graders.

  • Trump is the biggest douchebag that ever set foot in watching did he is so completely and utterly unqualified to be president let me get it mind-boggling the how he ever got into begin with I blame Hillary Clinton if she would not have fucked over Bernie Sanders with the DNC we would be living in a much better country right now

  • How do people believe anything he says? I wholeheartedly believe that one must be retarded, racist or just filthy rich to support Trump. Some have a combination, but those are the only legitimate possibilities to rationalize someone's faith in him. That says something horrible about the U.S. Because the filthy rich are not a large margin of his support. Meaning there are a lot of retards and racists in the U.S. Even worse are the retarded racists. SMH. Those are the facts. And, yes, I said retard instead of Trumptard because I want them to know that regardless of their political leanings they are mentally deficient and not suitable to make decisions above choosing their desert. "Jello or pudding? Cake is not on the menu. Forks are dangerous for you."

  • The Epoch Times ad I listened to in order to support Beau is VILE. I am posting the comment every time I have to sit through it to "get even".  This is entertaining for me.  Be careful out there Internet people.

  • Oh come TF on.
    Drumpf only says what he thinks folks want to hear when they want to hear it which stokes his fragile approval seeking ego.
    Anyone who thinks he GAF about any issue beyond that is seriously deluded.
    If he did GAF about any issue he'd actually take the roll of a leader on it and do something irrespective of the NRA or his party's previous opinions.
    Stop giving him credit he plainly does not deserve.

  • Trump says 'his people' have the guns, and he means the police and the military. In short he will disown and disavow the NRA and citizen's rights to own firearms (the 2nd Amendment). He has NEVER stayed loyal to anyone when he thinks he'll have to take the heat. He will enact martial law, he will claim he's been on the side of responsible gun legislation all along and he will betray his base.
    He will use this 'flip flop' to get liberal votes in 2020.

  • Obviously 10% of America has nothing better to spend money on but guns. Get a hobby! Or invest your cash. 50 firearms is a waste of time and space. What, are you building a militia?

  • This woman talks a lot but stay's nothing. She is a waste of time to speak with because she cannot comprehend the words she hears. Some adults need a dictionary and thesaurus or hooked on phonics. Also Trump did not flip flop or cower down. He said and has BEEN saying we need smart ie "better" background checks. Those who understand the structures of Government should know he
    "The President" is very limited in his power with respect to the "Right to bear arms" local gun laws are controlled by your LOCAL Government. So go complain the the senators and Congress people you all put into office. You are barking up the wrong tree.

  • John Boy, what did polls show in 2016 about the election? Remember that election night video you turkeys did? LoL

  • The pinnacle of hypocrisy. Right wing institutions like Fox News, the NRA, OANN and the Republican Party will seemingly denounce gun violence when it happens but are all too willing to promote and accelerate the machinations and instruments that lead to gun violence. They will say no to background checks. They will say no to waiting periods. They will make no effort whatsoever to close the loophole that will allow people to buy guns freely and without hassle at gun shows. What a help those people are.

    So, when a mass shooting takes place, what do those institutions do? Predictably, they deflect, obfuscate, strawman, ad-hom and create whataboutism arguments and statements surrounding the incident. They know they have blood on their hands, and create those statements for the sole purpose of saying, "hey, don't blame us" while desperately trying to wash off the stains. No no no, you guys are to blame. Those institutions, whenever a mass shooting takes place, love to say, besides "thoughts and prayers," "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." No shit. Those institutions and their members are the people who kill people with their deliberate intransigence, ignorance and obfuscations.

    Those institutions do have the power to make and influence changes to our current gun laws but all that they seem to care to be good for in those instances is to offer "thoughts and prayers" while enabling the NRA to rake in massive amounts of dough from gun manufacturers in order to influence and bribe sitting politicians (See people like McCain, Rubio and Cruz.)

    You know what? For starters, bring the NRA back to better times when it was built primarily to teach people gun safety, instead of the batshit crazy far-right wing political influence that it is now. Their current attitude towards gun ownership and gun safety isn't doing the general public any ounce of good.

  • Lying sack of president. He's only interested in the money that he's getting from his lobbyists. NRA spent 21 million to elect Trump:

  • Pity nobody did any background checks on him. But then again… The Russians and Assange helped get him ensconced in the WH. He failed at all the Debates, with his sniffing, and drawing wagons (swallowing his snot). Hillary wiped the floor with him. He stood there with a mouth full of teeth and couldn't answer any questions put to him.

  • “Gets OWNED” is language used originally in MMORPGs like Warcraft and final fantasy when today’s “adults” were still children. The fact that you’re still using that terminology really disrobes your audience, doesn’t it?

    #ArrestedDevelopment #justOWNEDyouBRO

  • Black Panther was racist. Wakanda was invisible because it was anti-immigration. That’s racist. People of transparency demand access to Wakanda. I claim asylum.

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