47 thoughts on “Trump: I'm not looking for war with Iran

  • Rapist in Chief everyone!

    Impeachable Offenses:



    ❌Election interference

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  • Trump is not looking for war with Iran just like Bush was not looking for war with Iraq. The same old propaganda all over again, while people fall for it and support another planned take over of a sovereign country for their own interest.

  • You know nothing about military strategy!! Fuckem…send more drones! Let them give away there ground to air missels location….! It's a fucking drone!!!

  • Afghanistan the Graveyard of America😁
    Trying to run away from Afghanistan they won't let you run.
    MR DONALD TRUMP must fuck himself harder

  • Why does the main stream media assume that trump is lying about everything. Their default with trump is lying. Damn cnn is so bad.

  • None of these news casters especially the women will EVER fight in ANY of these wars they want. COWARDS & WARMONGERS

  • I have an idea. If a President or any world leader even thinks of a war with another country, their children( being old enough )should be drafted, like everyone else. I wonder if Don Don, Jarred, and all Trumps kids had to be drafted , would he even consider starting one? I think if he’s brave enough to send in other people’s children, than let’s make it mandatory to send his kids first.

  • VIet nam helf iran shoot down the drone of american and now have sending 500 secret soldiers to iran for attack american beside more Russia ,china ,north korea are good friend . Trump so worry because 4 country attack to american is approaching

  • First off, "cocked" and loaded? Second, that dumb fuck PULLED OUT OF THE IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL BECAUSE HE HAD OBAMA'S NAME ON IT!

  • Iran is not as backwards as people think. They're pretty advanced. War with them would not mean free prizes for us, people would die, our people would die. There's no sense in this.

  • As a straight white male, what exactly makes you think I’m going to fight this war for you cnn? Nothing should. Because I won’t. Enough European men died in the past two centuries for demented socialism and capitalism. It’s time WE got to LIVE motherfucker.

  • Understand this cnn we know all ya do it’s hate and acuse trump of nothing so the fake news you guys spreading out it’s not working it never work. We know trump stands with the American people not the Globalist. NWO. Deep state and everyone with Trump derangement syndrome needs to go soon


  • Hasn't America done enough to the Iranians over the last 65 years? Where does it end? If any country had done to the USA what the USA has done to Iran, of course all Americans would hate them forever. It should be obvious to everyone by now that when it comes to foreign policy Trump will always put Israel's 'Greater Israel Project' first, ahead of American interests.

  • Veterans who have already been to war in Southwest Asia know better from first hand experience and support this decision. We don't need another stupid war in the sandbox.

  • Trump has a cognitive disorder. Trump's erratic and indecisive behavior is an indication that he has a neurotransmitter deficiency, short term memory disorder and or some initial stage of dementia. I see this same behavior in my elderly parents.

  • I do not care how much the media twists what he says. I do not care how bad he looks. I do not care about his sex life. At all. I do not even care that his language skills are not academic. I only look at what he does and what his policies accomplish. I see a booming economy. I see low unemployment rates. I see African Americans back at work. I saw American companies that had fled overseas returning home. I see the President staying up til 3 am in a suit on Airforce One waiting to greet our prisoners returning from Korea. I see China paying attention to him and returning to the negotiation table. I see him strengthening Israel, standing by Netanyahu, recognizing Jerusalem, saying Shehekhianu. I see him freeing Iran from a devastating regime. I see him tough on terrorism. I see a man who's delivering on every promise He’s made, not just talking to get votes. I see a lover of America. One who defends his men in uniform stronger than anyone I've ever seen. One who is proud of his flag, without feeling sorry, without excuses. I see an American hero. Let them say what they will. Trump is a hero. You will see. I love America. He loves America. I love him as our President. No one is without fault. We hired a man to do a job. He has surpassed my expectations in record time. Single handedly He fought our broken establishment. And he's doing it for free … Stop listening to talking heads. Look at policies. I'm proud to support Trump and you should too!

  • Con News Network, thanks to God that now we have a strong President. Not that coward chicken shit Obama, let's face it he doesn't have any cojones, he was a clown and an Iranian toy a shame for the United States.

  • Não pretende uma guerra com o Irão …porque é que rasgou os acordos??? Se atacasse o Irão lógico que a América tem armas mais destrutivas .. mas as consequências no médio oriente e mundo seriam graves!! Há tantos países com armas nucleares inclusive a América …porque esta forma de actuar com o Irão??

  • Donald Trump knows exactly what the hell he's doing I hate it when left-wing liberals get on here and say he is undermining the American people he doesn't know what he's doing CNN the left-wing liberals and all who hates Trump can kiss my a.. always bashing that man y'all don't want him to succeed but he will and you will be a second term president

  • What? Put in your pants! Are you afraid of Iran !? Well, it’s right that he, along with China and Russia, will simply gouge you into all holes!

  • "The thought of Donald Trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. It should scare everyone." – Hillary Clinton (when she was trying to scare everyone into thinking he was a warmonger). Sorry CNN, you'll have to wait for the next Obama or GW Bush to get your next war.

  • CNN and all the media except for Tucker Carlson beating the war drums…. /Dems.=war mongers ..Trump did the right thing on this .

  • This whole crisis was manufactured by Trump and Bolton when they pulled out of the Iranian arms deal, so now we're supposed to give Trump credit for not attacking Iran? That's some really twisted logic.

  • I like his decision to not retaliate with a tiny little bite. Increase sanctions until they realize all we want is peace. Make the people of Iran hate their leaders.

  • Ah the Warmonger Dove… So Donald Trump destroyed President Barack Obama's IRAN DEAL against all ALLIES advice (except of course the "Jewish state"), reimposed all sanctions against Iran, conducts economic war blocking Iran's oil sales and starving their people… Hired two Warmongers IDIOTS Pompeo and Bolton… Appoints one Jewish Mid East "adviser" after another whispered in his ear… Floods the Persian gulf with WARSHIPS, spy drones and 1,500 more Troops etc…. Threatens, goads and incites Iran's government, and claims he's not looking for a WAR with Iran or regime change? hahaha… DUMBASS.😆

  • Donald Trump made the right decision. Screw anybody who says otherwise, we don't need to be in a war with Iran!

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