Trump Is Using The Government To Get Even Wealthier – And We Don’t Know The Extent Of It

About the only real accomplishment you can
say that Donald Trump has had since becoming president of the United States is using the
government to make himself even wealthier. We know that Donald Trump is constantly visiting
his own properties, and when he does, groups like the Secret Service, they have to have
rooms. They have to eat. They have to rent golf carts. The military needs to travel with him on certain
occasions, and other US agencies and groups have to spend money as well when they travel
with him, and again, since he only seems to like to stay at Trump properties, all that
money is going to the Trump Organization, which then goes back into Donald Trump’s personal
back account at the end of the day. Donald Trump is using the office of the presidency
to get even wealthier, and the biggest problem is, according to Democrats in Washington,
DC, we still don’t know exactly how much money these government agencies are spending at
Trump-branded properties. We do know the total has exceeded several
hundred thousands of dollars, but we don’t have the exact total because it’s not being
released. Furthermore, we do not yet know if Donald
Trump has completely divested himself from his businesses and whether or not he is still
calling the shots at any of the companies that he owns. We don’t know if that’s happened or not. As far as we can tell, it has not, so it’s
likely that not only is Donald Trump having his own government stay at his properties
and reaping the benefits, but he’s actually still calling the shots for those companies. That is why Democrats in DC in Congress have
decided to introduce legislation that would force government agencies to finally reveal
how much money they are spending at Trump-branded properties. This is something that the American public
is entitled to know. These are our tax dollars that they’re spending,
that are going into Donald Trump’s pocket, and he acted like it was some big deal when
he was going to donate part of his salary back to the government, again, part of it. This man has already made 10 times more than
that by using the government to stay at his own properties. It’s all a show and somehow the Republican
base continues to fall for it. They’re the first ones to piss and moan about
the government wasting our tax dollars, but see no problem with the president spending
our tax dollars on his own goods so that he gets the money. We may as well stop sending in our tax checks
to the IRS and go walk up to Donald Trump and just hand it to him in cash in person,
because that’s what’s happening in the United States today. Kudos to the Democrats for finally trying
to do something to get a little bit of transparency in this government, but unfortunately even
the transparency that we could get from this legislation that Republicans will never let
see the light of day will not be enough to convince the Republican base that this is
a problem, or that it’s unethical, or that it’s potentially illegal. They will follow this man directly to the
gates of hell. That is how loyal they are to him. It doesn’t matter how many times he screws
them over or what he does with their tax dollars. As long as he’s not a Democrat, he has their
undying support.

100 thoughts on “Trump Is Using The Government To Get Even Wealthier – And We Don’t Know The Extent Of It

  • He should have never been able to take office before he allocated his businesses to his sons like he said! But we all know that any thing that comes out of his mouth is B.S.

  • The SOB has no talents, nor negotiation skills, nor business acumen, blames anyone when he
    makes a mistake, and is a vowed ignorant, yet he was born to a grandfather who was a brothel owner, a father that was a slum owner, and he inherited a fortune. He has had four major bankruptcies, an inordinate number of bank refinances, and his father bailed him out numerous times. American banks won’t lend him anymore, so he turned to the Russian oligarchs that wanted to launder money through European stealth companies, and this is why he won’t disclose his US tax forms. He has no idea what helping the American people means, he’s here, solely, to work for his rich friends,and himself. Finally, because of his disregard of duty, arrogance, and mental chaos, we all are gonna pay for the dire consequences.
    The SOB is oblivious, he knows the worst scene is 'he quits', and end of story. No wonder he's pushing boundaries, but his close family may not be so lucky

  • Where are the Democrats? Why aren't they screaming and stomping their feet like the Republicans used to do….. Is it any wonder that the Democrats look like pussies, they don't seem to be able to fight back.

  • That was clear from the moment he declared running for office. So it should not come as a surprise to anybody.
    Everything he does and ever did is filling his pockets and the ones of his gang while ripping off everybody else.

  • I'da never thought it. Would he and his extended family really take advantage of the country which they love.

  • I want to know. i am fed up with this horrible President. I am fed up with this administration and the Republican party. This is corruption and its disgraceful.


  • "Those seeking profits, were they given total freedom, would not be the ones to trust to keep government pure and our rights secure. Indeed, it has always been those seeking wealth who were the source of corruption in government. No other depositories of power have ever yet been found, which did not end in converting to their own profit the earnings of those committed to their charge … I am not among those who fear the people. They, and not the rich, are our dependence for continued freedom."
    – Thomas Jefferson

  • Seeing as the orange buffoon is the head moron of a moron criminal family , do you think he let's those two junior morons run things? I think not, his ego is far to fragile.

  • not only that but dunmp trump is using the white house to help him self get out of past crimes he has committed and recent

  • and Secret Service now stay on Vans outside trump tower because their budget depleted sucked by trunp just in 6-7 months. do you really want to wait for 4 years? to bankrupt the govt.?

    trump is the master of bankruptcy, he become rich by going bankrupt scamming his investors. when trump went bankrupt it's his investors who really went broke down and out. disgusting low life conman.

  • There is a segment of the population that doesn't care about what happens to people as long as it doesn't affect them or those who they care about that's why it's easy for them to ignore actions that are blatantly adverse to the well being of others. War and conflict is the result when an individual or group resists truth and logic particularly when those in a position of authority lack the virtue to do what's right. Respectfully submitted.

  • i love your show cousins much better than racist tyt your straight to the point and you support all races especially if your in the right

  • I always felt it was morally obscene and criminal malfeasance that he would actually charge the agencies protecting his buildings, his family, and even his sorry ass for things like rent! Furthermore, setting aside the fact that he is profiting directly from his office just as much as if he were actively taking bribes; if his networth is supposedly more than 10 billion USD, shouldn't he be able to afford to give the Secret Service, et al… the space in his properties gratis?

  • RURAL AMERICA without high speed internet will still vote for him regardless what this IDIOT do or don't !

    TRUMP is a corn man and has always been.

  • Trump is a CROOK….Americans who VOTED for Trump, already KNEW he was a CROOK, that is why they love him….They think lying, cheating, stealing, make him SMART ????

  • All the people who still support this corrupt bamboozler in chief are beyond delusional and retarded for still talking about Hillary. As if it is okay to get away with anything as long as someone else did it before…

    It must be a sad existence to suck at life on so many levels. Keep trying though, maybe you just need to smack your frontal lobe to either neutralize your ruthless/careless behavior or cause neuroplasticity.

    Furthermore, some of you might just be dizzy from all the winning your dear leader claimed when he takes over. By winning I also mean whining about Hillary, Russia, Democrats, and failing poll stats.

    Little slimy republicans will forever be embroiled in Drumpfs controversy and known as his official nutsack tasters in prison. Keep following that corrupt, scandalous, bigoted, misogynistic, egocentric, narcissistic, pompous, braggadocious, xenophobic thin skinned fucking loser and you will eventually have the life sucked out of you as did Scaramucci, Spicer, Flynn, Mannafort, Lewandowsky, Priebus, and of course dead on the inside like Kelly Ann Conjob. #DestroyLobbying #FireTrump #KeepPlayingGolf #Tootles #TrulySad! #MakeTheDrumpfsGreatAgain

  • You can be sure Trump triples this prices when he stays out his spot so the government pays 3 times what they're

  • Yes trump and family are stealing the American people blind. He's trash! Wawawa is all the weehole family does. Hope how soon he expires.

  • Trump should allow the SS to stay for free or greatly discount the rooms and food etc. I've dealt with the govt and often times they pay the highest rates. They often dont have the time, inclination or option to work out deals in advance.

  • uhh duhh u really think so "Trump supporters " the wealth of ignorance in this nation is astounding comrade #MAGA Make America Golf Again resist fuck u trumpsters

  • this is such shit lol. Dummy,its only 3 min videos,why the hell are subbing to this. its just an opinion after opinion. He lies,ok i know,we know,what happens when he passes the "inspection"? still going to go lose your hair every 10 min? gonna shitty videos still,haha. Oh man.

  • It would be nice if the news outlets would put less focus on bullshit like Russia and more focus on the laws that are being obviously broken. The emoluments clause is in the constitution and trump is breaking it. But you sure as hell won't hear about it on cable news.

  • Duh its what the moron and chief has always done screw people over they just started an investigation because its that rampant so yay tax dollars

  • Net worth – 3.5 billion – I'm sure zuckerderg, buffet, Cuban, gates all say -' ENOUGH! I don't want anymore money – PLEASE STOP!

  • Trump voters seem to have something like the battered wife syndrome. Don't go after him he is a good man, he didn't mean to hurt me. I apologize if that is in bad taste, but I don't get how some one can support this guy when you look at his history, and what he says and does. Not to mention the destructive policies that threaten their lives, and livelihood.

  • Geez. Will employers stop taking tax money out of my paycheck? I don't like paying for a multi billionaire and his constant golf trips.

  • I'm sure we were all being told his visits to his properties cost millions each time. Now it's just hundreds of thousands in total? NOT that that isn't a huge waste too. But there's a bit of a fact gap, no?

  • Wow! Are you serious? After all of the crimes of Hillary and how ya'll have covered for her and how Obama is now guilty of sedition already right now attempting a planned coup you insinuate it is a crime for Trump to own businesses?Trump could run all his businesses as President and it is not against the law but he has chose not to in order to focus on being the President.

    And It is not Donald Trump that screwed us over it is the Democrats and their policies that screwed us over and this is why we won't turn on Donald Trump.No matter how ya'll cover for the real crimes of Democrats and lie,smear and manufacture crimes to accuse Donald Trump of.Just like you insinuating it is a crime for a US President to own businesses when that is why we wanted Donald Trump and you cannot insinuate it is a crime when it is'nt.

    Instead focus on how Obama is guilty of sedition right now being controlled like a puppet by George Soros.Sedition is a REAL FEDERAL CRIME.Nobody is controlling Donald Trump because he is rich and does'nt need their money.

  • Why do you think he goes off to one of his private properties so often where the government has to pay for him and his family and security that goes back in his pockets. Isn't that supposed to be against the law? If Obama had done that, donny would have been all over him for it, just like his golfing. Double standards.

  • everyone claim 500 dependants till he's out and until we have the epa, consumer protections, etc back consider a tax break for us

  • Well if they find that Trump have been money laundering through his businesses they are going to freeze his bank accounts anyhow.

  • "We may as well stop sending in our tax cheques to the IRS and just give it to Donald Trump in cash." Jesus Christ, guy, don't give him any ideas!

  • Normally these videos get about 10% dislikes… here they're less than a quarter of that. Does this imply that even Trump supporters are finally beginning to recognise that Trump only ever looks after himself??

  • This is why he doesn't need a salary. Accountability is something Trump feels he doesn't have to do. He has a blank checkbook yet the GOP cuts everything they can to the people who funds their greed.

  • When Donny Tiny Hands and Family leave the WH he is going to write a book titled "How I Pimped The WH and Tax-payers While They were Listening To My Lies ."

  • If the hotel visits are the extent of how Trump will use the presidency to enrich himself, I'd consider us all lucky … no, Trump's kleptocracy will likely extend much further than that … his investment in the Dakota pipeline would be one such egregious example …

    But wait, there's more … + + + + +

  • it's a good racket… i'm president, protect my house… p,s. I live in a hotel. how many rooms can I put you down for?

  • So, if trump is using the taxpayer money to increase his own wealth, how exactly does that make him a 'great' president?

    If Obama had even considered something similar to this, rethuglicunts would call for his head. But because it's trump, rethuglicunts cheer him on.

  • I just wanna say thanks to all you prejudice ass people in America you just signed the people death warrant in America and perhaps the world we are about to go to war and it aint no coming back. It's sad that you prejudice ass people in America voted to put the Anti Christ in Office we are all doomed God Bless us

  • It's nothing wrong voting for Trump, considering his opponent at the time. But giving him total support now is bullshit. Many people just don't get it and keep saying " but Hillary this and that ". If she's that bad, why keep comparing to her ??? To say Clintons are worse doesn't change the fact that Trump is still a bad president.

  • Teddy Roosevelt gave the country the Square Deal, FDR had the New Deal, Harry Truman the Fair Deal. Trump's legacy will be the Raw Deal.


  • I read somewhere that he wanted 170.000 Dollars a month for the apartment at the Trump Tower for the secret service people.

  • Truth to Power. Trump is a longtime crook in joint ventures. Banking mortgage scams galore which are personal. Honey Siegal Stober see me in 95 as President same acct no as Trump CSC Maralago The despicable fraud in the WH in JV with the main man who allegedly is the rum911. (see my actual Channel for more info) Trump scheme both mortgagor and mortgagee and Bankers Trust Company manipulations from my blood money. The estates of me deceased in the FED created by S Alan Cook FSB 1999. Bankers Trust was a historic American banking organization. The bank merged with Alex. Brown & Sons before being acquired by Deutsche Bank in 1999. Wikipedia

  • If this was a Democrat in office pulling this fucking shit.. The DEATH PARTY would be standing on their desks in congress SCREAMING, ILLEGAL, LOCK THEM UP. Bastards!!

  • Not surprising at all. He needs to go, along with all of the Republican scums who still follow him.

  • Ring of Fire, I like to watch your channel because you are so good at attacking Trump. If I were Trump, first If I want money, I would not give away my presidential salary. second, I would not run for president, I would make more money in business. I suggest that you give Dear born city in Michigan a try and live there for a while and decide if all the cities in USA should follow its lead. You never know it may give inspiration for your another video.

  • President Trump almost single handedly exposed the doodoo bone headed "professional politicians" in washington as the chumps they are (for the most part).The democrats in particular (who for the most part )have been beaten at the voting booth in the last two elections don't get it at all , as they persist in their cumulative inane comments about president Trump rather than trying to (keyword) WORK ;to better the American people.

  • And this makes Donald Trump even more of a crook then Robert Maxwell. Maxwell ripped off his own workforce, both then current and retired which was bad enough. Trump however rips off clients, investors and the US taxpayer.

  • Trump has dyslexia. So do his supporters which is the source of their gullibility.

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