Trump Lies and Stonewalls as Impeachment Inquiry Ramps Up: A Closer Look

-White House officials are stonewalling
the impeachment inquiry as Republicans shift
their defense of the president. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] We’ve established this
repeatedly, but it’s worth remembering as the impeachment inquiry
intensifies. Donald Trump is very unpopular. He lost the popular vote in 2016 by a greater margin than
any president in history, and more people have had
a negative opinion of him than a positive one since virtually the start
of his campaign. No politician has been
this unpopular for this long since Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon and then fell down
that flight of stairs. Remember when we thought
slipping on wet stairs was the dumbest thing
a president could do? My God, we were adorable. Now, in Trump’s defense, he’s not at risk
of slipping on wet stairs because he keeps toilet paper
on his shoe to dry each step as he goes. [ Cheers and applause ] So Trump has always
been unpopular. By contrast, in 2018,
Democrats won the House with the largest midterm margin
of all time, smashing the record
for the popular vote in midterm elections. In fact, that’s the reason this impeachment inquiry can
even happen in the first place. Democrats won an election, and now they have the power
to impeach the president. It’s important to remember that whenever you hear someone
call this an illegal coup or when Republicans
say stuff like this. -You have to accept that
President Trump is president. That’s the problem. They don’t accept that President
Trump won the election. And America hates a sore loser as much as any country
on the planet. This is an unfair process
being driven by sore losers. -They’re sore losers?
They won the midterms. You guys are the ones who,
whenever you lose, pass a bunch of laws
making it harder to vote. That’s why Republicans
love voter I.D. and gerrymandering so much. If they lose the next election, they’ll probably
introduce a bill mandating that all voters must
have a valid driver’s license in at least
three different states obtained at least six business
years prior to the election and the only DMV in the country
is located in an abandoned hotel on a cliff in Yosemite and it’s open from 1:00 to 4:00
a.m. on alternate Wednesdays in months beginning
with the letter “Q.” And — And they’re gonna call it
the Freedom to Vote Act. [ Laughter,
cheers and applause ] Trump’s historic unpopularity
is clear. In the polling on impeachment,
as well, a majority of Americans now say in polls that Trump
should be impeached. Now, you might expect
a president in that situation to mount a defense and try
to change public opinion. Trump instead chooses to believe
that the polls are fake. -Mr. President, according to
several recent polls, more Americans want you
to be impeached and removed from office than the
number of Americans who don’t. -You’re reading the wrong polls. -“Wall Street Journal,”
NBC, ABC, “Washington Post.” -I have the real polls.
I have the real polls. -Oh, you have the real polls. And they show that no one
wants you impeached and you’re keeping those polls
to yourself. Well, that makes sense. Trump seems like the kind of guy who would keep good news
to himself. [ As Donald Trump ] “I mean,
these polls say people love me, but bragging about it
just seems — I don’t know.
Is it, like, tacky?” [ Normal voice ]
Trump will always be a low-rent
New York City con artist. He’s like a guy with a table
outside the Nike store going, “Psst! Over here.
I got the real shoes.” And then he sells you a pair
of Air Gordons. [ Laughter ] So Trump deeply unpopular
in national polls, and most Americans say
he should be impeached. The only thing he has
going for him is that we still have a dumb, antiquated
electoral college system that lets like six states
decide the winner. And Trump’s unpopularity
is clear whenever he steps
outside the bubble of his rallies or Fox News, like last weekend when he
got booed at the World Series. Now, you might be thinking,
“If the president can’t even to go a baseball game without getting booed,
where can he go?” And apparently his advisers
were wondering the same thing because somebody thought surely
he can go to something like, say, a UFC fight
without getting booed, right? -Loud boos and some cheers
for the president. This is how he was received
at a UFC event last night at Madison Square Garden
in New York. [ Crowd booing loudly ] -Is that one of those
real polls he was talking about? Even more embarrassing
for Trump, the winner in one of
the UFC fights that night posted a photo of himself
afterward with the caption, “Bernie Sanders, you bastards.” [ Laughter ] I mean, the only way — the only way this could have
been more embarrassing — the only way it could have been
more embarrassing for Trump is if Bernie himself
won the fight. [ As Bernie Sanders ]
“Put up your dukes. In the octagon, I’m the 1%.” [ Normal voice ]
The fact is, there’s nowhere Trump won’t get booed,
save for his rallies. So the day before he got booed
at that UFC fight, Trump decided to bask in
the adoration of his crowds at a rally in Mississippi. Now, these rallies
are such fawning affairs that Trump routinely
makes up words and no one seems to bat an eye, which is exactly what happened
not once, but twice, at his rally on Friday. -First they engineered
the Russia hoax. That was a total hoax. The single greatest lies ever foistered upon
the American people. It’s all a phony deal,
this whole impeachment scam, to try to undermine
the 2020 election and to de-legitimatize
one of the greatest elections. -Ah, yes, “foistered”
and “de-legitimatize.” Usually if you hear a loved one
talking like that, the next question you ask them
is, “Do you smell burnt toast?” [ Laughter ] My favorite part
of Trump’s made-up words is how he ramps up to them
for effect with a long pause and then gets them wrong. It’s like watching one
of those dudes run up to a pool and do a cannonball
before realizing it’s frozen. Aaah! Foistered again! Putting aside the fake words, Trump’s argument
fundamentally boils down to accusing the Democrats, who won a record margin
in the midterms, of trying to undo an election, an argument he repeated later
at the rally without any made-up words. -And then they figured
they could take us out a different way,
very dishonestly, right, with the lying and the spying
and the leaking. And we are kicking their ass. -Yeah, but you’re not. You see, they just passed
a resolution on the impeachment inquiry, and they’ve spent weeks
gathering damning testimony from direct witnesses. How are you kicking their ass? Trump’s like a football player
who does an end-zone dance whenever the other team
scores a touchdown. “Patriots up 41-0, and it looks
like the Jets running back is diving into the crowd. He’s having fun.”
Also, what’s going on here? -With the lying and the spying
and the leaking. -Is he working on his Arnold Schwarzenegger
impression? [ As Arnold Schwarzenegger ]
“With the lying, the spying
and leaking, impeaching, colluding and investigating
of the crimes, things of that nature.” [ Cheers and applause ] “The leaking and the creaking
and the peeping. And the peeking.” [ Normal voice ] So now
Democrats are moving forward with the next phase
of their impeachment inquiry. Today they began
releasing transcripts of their depositions
with key witnesses. And in response,
Trump has started suggesting that those transcripts
might somehow be fake. Last night Trump attacked House Intelligence Chairman
Adam Schiff, tweeting that, “Schiff will
change the words that were said to suit the Dems’ purposes. Republicans should give
their own transcripts of the interviews to contrast with Schiff’s
manipulated propaganda. He is a proven liar, leaker,
and freak.” Calling him a freak. You look like
a dollar-store action figure called Mafia Goodfella. Trump keeps putting Republicans
in a bind because he keeps insisting
that his infamous phone call with the president of Ukraine
was not just unimpeachable, but perfect. For example, yesterday
Trump spoke to reporters and insisted yet again that
his phone call was perfect, although this time he put
a little extra flourish on it. -The whistle-blower gave
a very inaccurate report about my phone call. My phone call was perfecto. -It was perfecto. Sounds like a tourist trying
to fit in during a trip to Rome. [ Italian accent ]
“The phone call was perfecto!” And now as a reward,
some pisghetti.” [ Normal voice ]
So Trump thinks his phone call with the president of Ukraine
was perfect. Now, you’ll recall that
in that conversation, Trump tried to coerce
the president of Ukraine to investigate Democrats
like Joe Biden by telling him, “I would
like you to do us a favor.” And when he heard that, the president of Ukraine
was flustered, or as Trump would put it… -Foistered. -So as Democrats start
releasing transcripts of their depositions, the White House
is obviously desperate to do anything they can
to stop the process. Today, for example,
four White House officials refused to show up for
their scheduled hearings. -The witness list for today appears to have gone
from four people to zero. CNN has learned all four
White House officials who were scheduled to testify
today will not be showing up. In fact, most of the witnesses
scheduled to testify this week plan to stonewall. -They’re just refusing
to show up now. How long before Trump
tries that tactic? The day he gets impeached, he’ll probably be holed up
in his bedroom hiding under a pillow fort. [ As Donald Trump ] “You can’t
impeach me if you can’t find me. [ Laughter ] And this is an invisible door.” [ Normal voice ]
Trump and Republicans keep changing their defense
because they don’t have one. Democrats have now passed
a formal impeachment resolution. And they’re
releasing transcripts of damning witness testimony. Trump’s freaking out as the impeachment inquiry
moves faster and faster and… -Foistered. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

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    Source: Newsweek November 8, 2019

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  • Youtube recommended this Seth Meyers crap instead of something I actually wanted to see because they've removed everything interesting due to the fact that they only care about gays.

  • Youtube recommended this Seth Meyers crap instead of something I actually wanted to see because they've removed everything interesting due to the fact that they only care about gays.

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