Trump saw on 9/11/2001: bombs were used in WTC

Donald you’re probably the
best-known builder particularly of great buildings in the city. There’s a
great deal of question about whether or not the damage and and the ultimate
destruction of the buildings was caused by the airplanes by architectural defect
or possibly by bombs or more aftershocks you have any thoughts on that?
It wasn’t architectural defect. The World Trade Center was always known as a
very very strong building. Don’t forget that took a big bomb in the basement (1993). Now, the basement is the most vulnerable place because that’s your foundation and
it withstood that and I got to see that area about three or four days after took
place because one of my structural engineers actually took me for a tour
because he did the building and I said “I can’t believe it!” The building was
standing solid and half of the columns were blown out This was an unbelievably powerful
building. If you don’t know anything about structure. It was one of the first
buildings that was built from the outside. The steel, the reason the World
Trade Center had such narrow windows is that in between all the windows you had
the steel on the outside, the steel on the outside of the building. That’s why when I first looked – and you have these big heavy i-beams when I first looked at it I couldn’t
believe it because there was a hole in the steel and this is steel that was you
remember the width of the windows of the World Trade Center folks. I think you
know if you were ever up there they were quite narrow and in between was this
heavy steel. I said how could a plane, even a plane even a 767 or 747 or whatever it
might have been, how could it possibly go through this steel? I happen to think that
they had not only a plane but they had bombs that exploded almost simultaneously
because I just can’t imagine anything being able to go through that wall. Most buildings are built with the steel on the inside around the elevator shaft This one was built from the outside
which is the strongest structure you can have and it was almost just like a can of soup. You know, Donald we were looking at
pictures all morning long of that plane coming into building number two and when you see that approach the far side and all of a sudden within a matter of
milliseconds the explosion pops out the other side.
Right. I just think that there was a plane with
more than just fuel. I think obviously they were very big planes. They going very
rapidly because I was also watching where the plane seemed to be not only
going fast, it seems to be coming down into the building. So it is getting the
speed from going down hill, so to speak. It just seemed to me that to do that
kind of destruction is even more than a big plane because you’re talking about
talking about steel, the heaviest caliber steel that is used on the building. These
buildings were rock-solid and you know It’s just an amazing amazing thing. This country is different today and
it’s going to be different than it ever was for many years to come. Very profound statement
and very true

100 thoughts on “Trump saw on 9/11/2001: bombs were used in WTC

  • There was shit loads of molten aluminum so ive always thought it would have been thermite because it burns at over 4000°F and it creates alot of molten aluminum and alsi other metals

  • Video was uploaded and his voice in it was probably two years ago. They go way out of their way to make him the savior why didn't this come out 18 years ago??????

  • When you have got nearly half a million pounds hitting something at over 500 mph. There ain't no steel on earth that will survive it. Believe me. Because the force is concentrated into the area of the front sillouhette of the aircraft, that is, in fact, more powerful in that concentrated area, than the effect of a nuclear bomb going off one mile away.

  • That ANYONE is still so gullible as to believe this pathologically lying windbag, you need to check your senses. With almost every breath Trump has lied. He dupes you before your eyes, and he’s not even any good at it. His lies are so embarrassingly obvious, I have to think some of you are deluded. At least fall for someone who is good at it. Trump is a low-class amateur, lol.

  • you have no idea how grateful I am for you posting this. I saw the original interview but it's been removed from youtube and now I can not find it for the life of me. Thank you thank you thank you thank you THANKKKKK YOUUUUUUU.

  • He doesn't have a clue what he's talking about with 0:45 – no, there were no columns "blown out". The attack occurred in the underground carpark, and there was damage there, but it did no structural damage to the buildings themselves despite quite severe damage to the elevator shafts and stairwells. Just like every other time, speaking out of his arse. I can't believe that anyone still believes this guy.

    Edit: And what's more, a bomb would have done minimal other damage to the buildings. It would just have been insult to injury. The majority of the damage was done by the sheer force of heavy jet planes moving at pretty close to max speed destroying the central columns of the buildings, which damaged the floors, causing them to rest on each other, at weights much higher than they were built to withstand.

  • material scientists and physicists say jet fuel can melt the supports, non scients and tinfoil hatters say they are lying, geeeeee fucking whiz you must be pretty clever to see through the lies made by geniuses, or is that what you want to believe to feel smarter

  • Its true it was an inside jon but our govt did it for the right reasons. If they didnt we would of never had an excuse of been in afghanistan and iraq to boost our economy via their natural resources

  • Drones are so prolific now, but uheard of back then. In retrospect, those planes could have easily been Drone operated.

  • Honey R Siegal Stober; Nancy Pelosi breach of fiduciary duty and trust not impeaching Donald Trump. Someone check out her real estate ventures. History Reichstaged fires denied by Hitler years before Nazi Germany akin to doublespeak Don on 911 and the current dicktatorship Trump Org substituting for the United States. For evidence of the money behind our current disaster see Discussion from my channel feed here click

  • He's with the rest of Bowhaven until the true end of Wicky Ricky but I dare say he's always been on his own head.

  • Also See Experiments with I Beam cutting thermite experiments with every day materials.
    See the Great Thermite Debate

  • Larry siverstein said shall we blow it let it happen means dynomite explosives he knew too he got what how many millions for deaths of 3000.unsuspecting people he blew them up or gave the ok Larry silverstein

  • Well! All this time later we still can not absorb how our world was changed on 9/11. Believe it was bin Laden. Possibly others in the US associated with him. Think it was so horrible we can't be told all
    the details. My world changed and so did everyone else's.

  • People do not realize how much energy a moving plane has. It is a heavy, it is moving fast, probably with full tanks, with max speed and diving. You need solid non interrupted (both horizontally and vertically) 6 feet of heavily reinforced and plated concrete to really stop it by just a material. In fact if all energy would be absorbed so quickly, and the hit was high, the structure would flex and break at the base. This didn't happen because most of material spread around and in time, and a lot of it was ejected on another side.

  • Ah yes, Trump is an engineer and physicist, and has a fantastic understanding of dynamic loads from an aeroplane at high speed….

    Those buildings were built in the 1970's, and we all know American made goods in the 1970's were far from good quality. The cars were lemons for a start, and they too were made out of steel.

  • How come – Trump and his “enginers “ – were at this building —
    Before it was bombed ?
    And then claimed the bombs could have been placed by LVI that was removing asbestos —
    How come Trump – is explaining after touring the WTC – with his “enginers” that the building was structurally sound – oh — so a remote controlled airplane when hitting the WTC wouldn’t – distroy the building – are we close to why Trump and his “enginers “ took the tour – and what other buildings did this controlled airplane – hit ??
    trump called this new owner regarding insurance – the next day after the incident —
    all the investigators called what TRUMP– SPYS —

  • Anybody notice how every single word we now say is checked… AND IF THE COMPUTER THINKS ITS AGAINST THEIR RULES, IT “ERRORS OUT”

  • This is just fucked up if the USA government did this to their own people its because we can't trust our own government after that point I just can believe what kind son of a bitch can sell their own people like that

  • Trump should have been our President in 2001. He is the greatest President ever and I wish he was President forever

  • Maybe 911 wouldn't have happened if Donald Trump had been President in 2001. I Love ❤ Donald Trump my President.

  • And no one thinks with the Airport security back before 911 crack down; no one thinks that those hijackers had bombs with them.

  • neocon commie joos did 911, israeli mossad arrested on 911 dressed as arabs, mossad art students took selfies installing tons of bombs in wtc. mooslums had nothing to do with it. israeli rabbi dov zakhaim stole trillions from pentagon and ran israeli company that sold airliner robot drone systems to pentagon. operation northwoods was the falseflag confession to 911 by pentagon n cia, signed by jooish 4star general lemnitzer. my dad the lawyer won $6B class action for victims of 911 against iran after mossad in israel told them to sue iran not bin ladens saudi royals or bushes, then hilary clinton rockefeller n hussein obama gave davy crockett battlefield tactical nukes n $150B cash to isis al qaeda n iran in violation of court order instead of pay victims of 911. my job in u.s. air force was explosive controlled demolition of active u.s. military bases in populated areas using 100 nukes. i got colonel donn de grandpre to say united airlines flight 93 was shot down by f16 topgun pilot major rick gibney based at langley virginia, he was awarded by congress n governor for saving congress, he was the only soldier awarded for heroism on 911, then promoted to colonel to command airbase for predator reaper drones at area 51 nevada. on 911 i already had a class action lawsuit filed against kosher billion dollar company miller industries n waste management that got controlled demolition contract for wtc after 911, that had dozens of contractors convicted by rico act for membership in gambino n genovese mafia families robbing wtc, that ran cartheft chopshop rackets worldwide including bombing u.s. soldiers in iraq. my tv show broadcast all 24 hours of charlie sheens 911 scholars symposium press conference in hollywood that ended his marriage n damaged his career n sobriety, i won hollywood awards for my 1st 911 documentary, i got featured on history channels 911 documentary, i got a shoutout from SNL for my 2nd million dollar documentary interview of a wtc architect who proved 911 was an explosive controlled demolition.

  • he is talking out is ass again. he is a complete idiot. folks he got to where he is with daddy's money, not his smarts .total idiot

  • Trump needs to expose this properly with the Cheney, bush, Clinton criminals landing in gitmo for a bit of water boarding.

  • Honey R Siegal; Trump should be added to this lawsuit,_Companys,_Attorneys Funding of 911 using me as Surety with fraudulent judgment WFB

  • Trump is our last hope for truth and rebirth of America and the free world. He is fighting the globalists for us. He is a true American Patriot and if he succeeds, will be a legend of biblical proportions for years to come.

  • Trump knows the truth about how those buildings came down. He knew it the day it happened. He is the President of the United States and has been for almost two and half years and hasn't done a fucking thing about it. All he does is keep spouting bullshit about radical Islamic extremists. He know the truth but he will never go near it because of his Zionist handlers.

  • They should bring this up in 2019 like the hollywood access tape.. wonder what Trump an public think and feel today

  • Forgot to mention the group of sketchy looking "artists" that occupied an entire floor (floor 91 N tower) of one of the WTC buildings. The "B" thing. Later renamed themselves "Gelatin".

  • If an aluminum plane flies into a building, that is mainly made of concrete and steel, with high speed, the plane would probably be crushed, broken into pieces or even turned into literal dust. No way that fucking plane flew into the WTC like in all of these videos….

  • No plane hit any tower (technically impossible – Trump virtually admits it here) – no Trump at Ground Zero on 9/11 (green screen)

  • Donald Trump, Ehud Barak in Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book

  • Building Seven went down without being hit by a plane.
    Apparently an FBI building.
    Robert Mueller was made head of the FBI one week prior to 9/11.

  • I heard there was Gelatin too.
    Planted by Israeli art students…
    So, the gelatin was for the 1st explosion, and the Thermite was for the control demolition then, seems quite possible. Nope?

  • Coincidence ? I Think Not. The George bush Government has a lot to answer for, or , WW3 … What makes the most sense ?

  • sure seems strange how much respect they showed him then now he's one of the Greatest Pres if not the Greatest look how they treat him. disrespectful pieces of s##t


  • Trump was right on that day the world has not been the same since that day not just USA 🇺🇸 the start of pure evil

  • Or maybe there wasn’t a bomb and the roof of the building and the other 10 floors collapsed and destroyed the other floors be logical

  • Trumpp was gong to expose the truth but he was infiltrated by the Zionists and it was end game. Once agan these vermin had covered up the entire story. Aluminium hitting a solid steel outer core will, at an alleged 500mph, disintergate on impact.

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