23 thoughts on “Trump set to impose new Iran sanctions, warns of "obliteration" if war erupts

  • President Trump is set to impose new sanctions on Iran .★══════❥❥❥❥❥HERE► www.candycash7.com This comes after the country downed a U.S. drone and allegedly attacked oil tankers in the Middle East.

  • IRAN like China & North Korea will not budge.. No more threats, just "OBLITERATE" Iran, China and NK if you can.

  • Trump is a coward, liar, thief, big mouth, idiot, rapist, torturer, murderer, war criminal, and a narcissistic sociopath.

    What can we expect?

    Well, besides all his other corrupt and criminal acts, a nuclear war.

  • And my name is not my wifes name. heather paysen. I am using her cell phone!
    My name is TIM ! CAN YOU READ?

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  • My kidz are going in politician mans fully tired of america always on their xanax trips. Iran hasnt done anything why they trying to bully dem.

  • John Bolton should be first in-line if he really likes war. Actually all leaders pushing for war should be in the front first

  • Trump is obviously a mad man not fit to be a President ! He wants to obliterate a whole country Iran, just because he can !! Www.Allahtheking.com

  • War is failed politics. US is provoking war.

    – Trump pulled out of the nuclear agreement.
    – US slammed illegal sanctions on Iran (including medicine).
    – US is forcing Iranian oil exports (which shore up their economy) to zero
    – Iran says US violated their airspace
    – US military surrounds Iran
    – US and Saudi Arabia has oil business interests
    – Japanese owner of oil tanker states his tanker was not bombed by Iran

    Corporate establishment media haven’t learnt the lessons from their war mongering propaganda and lies of the Iraq war.

    They don’t question the government and are not objective.

  • And I don't think Trump is that stupid to put the u.s. in jeopardy if he is iam going to a cave deep in a cave to where inner earth is. Lol

  • Every body is like iran and the u.s going to war do u no wat will happen if we nuke iran ? Russia will send one over here so if we take iran out Russia will hit us nobody looking at u.s. we will get hit to the u.s. so we need to be worried about us wen we get hit wat we the u.s.will do or where would every single human in the u.s.a. go ?

  • I like how they show more people of color dealing with national crisis. We need to keep them from developing nukes. Our allies have lost faith in us Russia and China will keep trying to attack our relationship with Saudi Arabia. To collapse the US petrodollar we have no other choice but war. ✊🏿🇺🇸😞

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