Hello my beautiful people. Kimberly was just like dancing over there and
she got so scared when I started so funny so guess where they’re taking me
-sushi sushi I’ve actually never had sushi before
in my life because Kimberly when you were in what grade Eighth grade
-Yes When she was in eighth grade, she had a foreign
exchange student from Japan and she made us Miso soup and I had an allergic reaction to
it like literally I got like hives all over my body like it started on my stomach and
it spread all the way up to my neck and my arms and my legs and everywhere actually i
don’t know about my legs for sure my arms and my stomach and it started going up to
my neck because I remember because it was my senior year of high school and now I’m
blue click on my face and I had to wear a sweater to school because
I didn’t want anybody to see I was so dedicated I never missed school damn I had like perfect
attendance always like every year -liar you ditched one time yeah senior ditch day everybody
ditches senior ditch day hello -I didn’t you didn’t oh my god what a square okay where was I what was I saying so I think that I’m allergic
to seaweed I mean ’cause I don’t know what’s in Miso soup I guess it could be some of the
seasoning but all it its is like tofu and seaweed so I’ve had tofu I’ve never had seaweed
like by itself because I’m scared I’m allergic to it so that’s what I’m thinking I don’t
know they said that they had sushi there that like you can I don’t know they have options
I guess and you can get stuff without seaweed so we’re gonna see if they have it if they
have it then I’m gonna try it if not then I might try it anyways and see if I die so
we’ll see how this vlog turns out we are here honestly I think I’m the most worried they’re
not gonna have anything for me to eat because I’m like real hungry right now oh my god so
they have all these options but I literally have never had any of this so I have no idea
what to get like you guys are gonna have to order for me ’cause -we don’t know what to
get either I feel like I wanna try I want something spicy with avocado ’cause I like
that for sure but I don’t know like what kind of like seafood to get Oh and I asked the
waitress and she that they have soy paper they actually have two different kinds so
that means I get to eat I just don’t know what Okay so I ended up getting this one Cali
burn crab meat Delight with cucumber, avocado, tempura, crab, eel sauce, lobster sauce and
sriracha and then I got the spicy tuna roll chopped tune, masago, crunch with spicy sauce
so I got both of them spicy ’cause I really like spicy food and then the one has avocado
so wish me luck guys because I don’t know I like have only ever had raw seafood like
ceviche like Mexican food so he’s laughing at me seriously though
-he likes ceviche but it could only be fish


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