Tucker Carlson Stops War With Iran! Dems Upset.

so Trump didn't attack Iran now a lot of people wanted to attack it this is from the New York Times Trump urged to launch an attack Trump listened to the skeptics who said it would be a costly mistake he heard from the generals and his diplomats lawmakers weighed in and so did his advisers but among the voices that rang powerfully for president Trump was that of one of his favorite Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson we made a joke on this show that hey maybe Trump watched Tucker Carlson who made a joke that's exactly what happened and Tucker Carlson who likes to say he's not a powerful person just stopped a war whoa guess who didn't stop that war Jake Tapper Anderson Cooper Rachel Maddow Chris Hayes guess who stopped a war Tucker Carlson why because for some fucking reason Tucker Carlson is the only one in establishment news who's allowed to tell the truth about our Wars isn't that weird but he's doing it Rachel Maddow is not doing it Chris fuckin'-a ain't gonna do it Jake Tapper is certainly not gonna do it Anderson Cooper ain't gonna do it unless you can print it on a t-shirt here is Tucker Carlson doing it and stopping a war oh my god while national security advisers were urging a military strike against Iran mr. Carlson in recent days had told mr. Trump that responding to torrents provocation provocations with force was crazy it's also crazy for the times to use the term Tehran's provocation yes what does that mean Taron basically responding to American provocation that's what that means yes you mean Iran around shooting down a drone that's flying in their country yeah terrorists by the way they they warned the drone they were on America twice about the drone being in their airspace and they just kept flying and then they finally yeah however much way however much weight that advice may or may not have had the sentiment certainly reinforced the doubts that mr. Trump himself harbored as he navigated his way through one of the most consequential foreign policy decisions of his presidency belligerent and confrontational as he is in public persona in his public persona mr. Trump has at times pulled back from the use of force convinced that America has wasted too many lives and too much money in pointless Middle East Wars and weary of repeating what he considers the mistakes of his predecessors it's amazing that the New York Times even printed that it's amazing they even for an adept that much as mr. Karlson and other skeptics have argued a strike against Iran could easily spiral into a full-fledged war without easy victory that mr. Trump was told what that mr. Trump was told was everything he ran against and so that's true and guess who's get has the air of the President and non-interventionist Tucker Carlson thank god Trump doesn't watch MSNBC or CNN or CBS News or ABC News because they're all beating the drum for war right now thank God here's to watch Brian Williams that's for goddamn sure here is Adam Schiff now Adam Schiff is lamenting that that you know the problem with Trump is that we can't go to war now cuz people in Middle East don't trust him he says the evidence of Iran's attack on the ships is strong so that's a guy lying it is not strong it's the exact opposite of that in fact it's obvious that that was made up propaganda so Adam Schiff is a war propagandist he's a lying war propagandist he's a shill he's not a truth teller he doesn't have integrity and he is the moral superior of no one Adam Schiff is the moral superior of fucking no one in fact he's one of the worst type of people in the world he'll lie to people who vote for him about a war that's who Adam Schiff is just like most of the Democrats and that's why we have Trump that's why we have Trump so he lies he says the evidence of Iran's attack on the ships is strong that's a lie we should be leading an international effort to protect the season reduce the risk of conflict that's also a lie instead Trump policies have left us isolated and the region unstable that is also a lie the maximum pressure campaign has failed maximally no you have failed Adam Schiff and here's what Adam Schiff has to say you want to hear me retreat this is exactly what you were talking about write an errand what's this is there any question in your mind that it is Iran and it's Revolutionary Guard those behind these tacks there's no question that Iran is behind the tax I think the evident so what would you say if you were interviewing him and he said that well I mean you'd have to ask him what his evidence is in the same way that you'd have to ask him which people really failed to do when he said that he had seen more than circumstantial evidence of collusion right he never produced it never produced it he still hasn't we're still waiting for it you know and then we could also ask him well you know is perhaps the fact that you've gotten more than $70,000 from Raytheon of the course of your political career to the point where Raytheon even hosted fundraisers for you at Beyonce concerts where you can see Beyonce with Adam Schiff sponsored by Raytheon it has that money and other money from weapons manufacturers has that contributed to your consistently pro-war stance of the course it was career hearing everywhere so he's doing this an interview on CBS News CBS News their expert on the war is a guy in Admiral what was his name sandy you texted it to me right that link sandy Winnefeld so they're there expert at CBS News is a retired Admiral named sand sandy Winnefeld and I'm like I got a feeling when an admiral retires he just doesn't stop getting income and we found out oh he just got won an election to the board of Raytheon guess who didn't tell you that their military expert was on the board of Raytheon CBS motherfuckin news didn't tell you that they did not tell you that the guy that they brought on to give you the straight dope about the war in Iran is a war profiteer who stands to make millions and billions of dollars on a war with Iran they don't tell you that that's why people get their news from YouTube that's why people have to go to the gray zone project to watch pushback that's why because CBS news is part of the problem they're fake news people are worried about fake news the worst fake news in the world appears on CBS News and the front page of the New York Times and The Washington Post no nobody ever went to war over a fucking YouTube video so let's listen to what else some more shit now if this guy says and you tell me if you want me to stop at any point this is very strong and compelling in fact I think this was a class a screw-up by Iran to insert a mine on the ship it didn't detonate they had to go back and retrieve it I could imagine there are some Iranian heads rolling for that botched operation but nonetheless the problem is that we are struggling even in the midst of this solid evidence to persuade our allies to join us in any kind of a response and it shows just how isolated the United States has become our allies warned the United States I think our intelligence agencies warned policymakers that this kind of Iranian reaction was likely a result of a policy of withdrawing from the nuclear agreement and so what we see is a split of the u.s. from our allies and we see Russia and China coming together and having Iran's back this is I think the worst of all situations and the maximalist of pressure campaign has maximally failed and only heightened the risk of conflict for my colleague senator cotton to advocate that we attack Iran and provoke a war that there's no congressional authorization necessary I think is exactly the wrong answer on that levels that's opposition he said he's opposed to cotton because he wants to go to war without congressional authorization that's it so if only Trump could ask for congressional authorization well maybe we'll give it to him yeah and then he talks about we're not working with our allies it's it's exactly like John Kerry's failed presidential campaign against George Bush when they've launched the Iraq war this katish this this murderous catastrophe which Kerry voted and carries opposition to Trump to Bush is that you know you're not working closing up with our allies you don't have a plan you haven't given our soldiers the right equipment it's it's that it's that cut it's like that's our positions people who assume the legitimacy of using force in bombing countries that were provoking and by the way and and and and criticizing our way of going about that not questioning the the the underlying right that we assert to attack people and and he mentions you know that this results from Trump's withdrawal of the Iran from the Iran deal which I'm glad he's acknowledging but then the follow-up there is okay so then why why haven't the Democrats been forcefully advocating and making that an issue why haven't there been protests trying to get the u.s. back in the Iran deal because this was Obama's thing you know and it was actually it was a very positive development now there are some cynical reasons behind it in terms of Obama tried to collapse Iran's economy with awful sanctions it didn't work and because of that we got the Iran deal but still it's still you know it was a good thing that had happened and it reduced tensions and it helped you know reduce the suffering of the Iranian people or it had the potential to but Schiff isn't talking about restoring that he's he's just talking about you know the these superficial tactical issues with how Trump is going about it yeah yeah he's upset that well that we where we're losing credibility in the region and yeah that's what that's the term they like to use Trump is losing credibility in there we're losing credibility in the region in a way for embeds lost credibility here in California yes why do I want him in California well here's here's also the very women I'm so sorry the whole point is why I thought Democrats were freaked out about Donald Trump that's having control of the military what I thought they were freaking out I thought the whole thing is you want that guy able to touch you know push that button and get us into a nuclear holocaust do you want that they're okay with it turns out they are attorneys they're all paid by the same people donor that Raytheon just talk to us first just go ahead mr. Trump go ahead and bomb them but just talk to us yeah come on so Adam Schiff who's Adam Schiff who's been running around for three years saying that Donald Trump is a Russian asset that Donald Trump is being controlled by Vladimir Putin and is a traitor to our own country he's okay with him running our military yeah he's okay with that well if he comes and asks us we'll let him go so that's how you know these and that's that's what a guy looks like when he's fucking lying you into a war that's the look Adam Schiff has on his face when he's trying to lie you into a war see that look that's Adam Schiff flying you into a war that's the look he gets and that's how I can tell he's lying us into a war but oh he's got his war life face on that's Adam Schiff that's exactly what he looks like when he's lying you into a war and that's why we have Trump because both parties are bought by the same goddamn people and I know a lot of people uh don't like it in the Democratic Party I'm very unpopular with the Democratic Party and I wear that as a badge of honor and I'm not gonna sheepdog progressives into a party that actively cheats them and works against them that is fucking fool's errand and anybody doing that should stop what do you think about that what do you think about that well you know listen I think the Democratic Party is fundamentally corrupt and I don't you know I don't want to make you know absolute conclusions that it's impossible to be redeemed although I think it's probably the case but yeah you don't think it's gonna happen I don't think if I bet I don't think I don't think that ignorant and it will quit and did the Democratic Party and just go join the Republicans like they're supposed to yeah I mean no that's the problem people like nurten and debbie Wasserman Schultz Court these are Republicans in any other era yeah I do think that they are the you know the the primary obstacles to actually a just and humane world because they're the ones standing in the way of of creating a real left that could actually challenge the far right and you know win back all the people who've been duped by Trump and his gang into thinking that they're gonna take on you know powerful interests when they're really not they're serving powerful interests but the problem is you have Democrats who are like Adam Schiff who are presented as the alternative well they're never gonna win anybody over because they're basically they're ultimately as you say pursuing the same policies just in a friend your way and in a more dishonest way really because they pretend to be progressive and liberals and this really puts them in a quandary because they have to still look on their face as they're opposing Trump yeah as they still support a war with Iran exactly that's very hard for them to do and I love Chuck Schumer said well well I'm afraid he's gonna Bunder us into a war as opposed to the well played out planned Wars you guys did in Iraq and Libya I mean unlike those you fuckin yeah in Afghanistan which we're still there for no reason whatsoever nobody could tell you why we're no one can tell you why we're in Afghanistan well you know what I think is also interesting is that people forget that there are real sociopaths and Psychopaths in governments mm-hmm right they don't really like you can bitch and complain about your boss at work or maybe family members but it seems like people forget that you might see a movie with a sociopath and you're like oh my god or a pathological psychopath they're in positions of power in our country yeah and that's why we're here mostly president and vice-president mostly that's where they reside the sociopaths are usually the head of banks on Wall Street the head of fossil fuel companies and ahead of our political organizations if you don't think naira Tannen is a sociopath then you need to go look up that word again because I showed you how she advocated for stealing the oil of Libya so that we people don't get upset and maybe won't want to do our necks for and more like Syria that's was that was her that's what she said and Julian Assange revealed that and so that's why she wants him in prison and if you want a journalist in prison for revealing the crimes of the powerful then you're a fascist and that's what Neera tanden is she's a fascist and she wants to invade other countries steal their natural resources and she wants to put the people in prison who want to tell people about that that's called a fascist and so she's one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington DC she's the head of the Center for American Progress which is one of the most powerful and well moneyed think tanks in the entire country that's near attend and she knows the owner of she got the guy who's the president of Google they're on first name basis they could shut me down anytime they want and near a tenant has come at me publicly on Twitter saying that she wants to shut us down so that's that's the world we're living in so that that's why we there is no Democratic Party there's a demo party but it's not a Democratic Party we have two Republican parties and then we have people like me who keep trying to tell people we have two Republican parties and they keep saying why don't you make fun of the Republicans I am I am making fun of the Republicans they just call themselves Democrats boom yeah and we'll be fuckin right back so there's more than it so here's so watch out there so here's how the hill here's how the hill covered this right so the hill says us finds itself isolated in the Iran conflict imagine that well why wouldn't do everyone want to go along with another fucking war in the Middle East that we want to do why wouldn't they it's cuz it Trump I bet yeah Trump goddamn truck here it is as as for the tanker attacks one need not be a trump supporter or a hardline Iran critic to believe that Tehran was behind them this is the hill for one thing such attacks would signal a return to Iran's maritime mischief maritime myth yes mister axis of evil maritime mischief a maritime mischief of decades earlier which prompted the US Navy to destroy half of Iran's fleet in 1988 they leave off that part where they we took down a an airliner passenger airliner passenger airline and we're also supporting Saddam Hussein as he was gassing Iranians and and the Kurds yeah yeah yeah yeah but again like basically every time one of these pieces invokes a historical claim like that it's false it's just false but everything it was such a propagandize culture that all these things that are taking to be that all these things that that pain is in a benign light or in a positive letter just taken to be truth it's just truth like you don't question that right and in then and the problem is there's only a few there's so few of us who who are challenging propaganda so you know like you see claims like this and it takes a research effort to go back and correct everything and that's that's how but they get away with it because they just lie and they assert that they can just repeat historical lies by virtue of the fact that it serves it of the ruling class you know so this is this is how to me this is what Orwell talked about when they would go and rewrite the past and the history books so that's what this is yeah so they don't literally take out a history book and rewrite it but when you go and they present in history its whitewashed yeah and so this is the history that the establishment is presenting you Iran has been up to mischief all the time maritime vision that's and they leave out that's only fun like I wonder and and that was that was after we you know after we'd overthrown their democratically elected president and put in a puppet which was an oppressive guy named the Shah and they got so sick of him what happened oh they got a right wing right wing theocratic to be their leader oh isn't that seems like when that's what happens when people are desperate they're vulnerable to right-wing despot demagogues theocracies that's how we got Trump people are desperate in 2008 people voted for our open change in 2016 they did the same goddamn thing for another even House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff Affairs Trump critic acknowledged the overwhelming evidence that Iran is to blame see so everybody agrees everybody even Adam Schiff says so and there's Adam Schiff today a group of us met with the President of Iran we urged him to deescalate tensions and avoid miscalculation Iran wants to drive a wedge between the US and our allies we should Iran's the bad guy still Reds a bad guy or as the bad guy we got to stand with Trump should we stand with Trump is that what you're saying Adam I also reminded him there's no congressional authorization for war with Iran even the way he writes his tweets are so annoying no smug these programs yeah of course again we so the issue here is that Iran wants to drive a wedge like what is he talking about Iran just wants to not be suffocated and it wants us to respect the nuclear deal that it pulled out of and and to stop trying to make life miserable for its people leave it alone and again there's no congressional authorization yeah okay great Adam Thanks Thank You Adam yes so that that's like when he says that that's like a bone to his Democratic base like we still have the power over Trump that's what that is yeah so here's the New York Times here's what they say president Trump's last-minute decision to pull back from a retaliatory strike on Iran underscored a lack of appealing options to counter to rands new clear program what the again threat to rands the problem and we got to do something how can you not do anything you have to do something that's what they're saying right exactly because respecting your don't agree agreement you entered into that would totally restrict Iran's nuclear program that's not an appealing option it's not appealing to respect your own agreements right but what else is there you know geez like well can I do I don't know I guess I got a bomb and by the way there is no nuclear program I mean they they right they under the deal they're allowed to do some enrichment but in terms of a new power for power because that's what countries do yeah and you know they had this they were like negotiated for many years to work out the scheme for that and everybody was on board you know Russia took part everybody's that and then but and it you know but and when they talk about a nuclear program they often conflate that and try to make that to try to suggest that Iran has a nuclear weapons program which they don't we say that US intelligence concluded a long time ago that Iran has a nuclear weapons program because you know they they calculated that there's no point for them trying to get one and they you know it wasn't worth their energy they haven't even been working on one they don't even have a nuclear weapons program but again it's assumed that they that they want one and it's assumed that we have the right to just withdraw from a deal that restricted a possible nuclear program in the future and then you know mole bombing because we don't have any other appealing options well look i love the the headline here if you can't read it I'll read it to you it says facing intensifying confrontation with Iran Trump has few appealing options facing intensifying conference you mean the u.s. is ramping up military action with Iran where are we doing that in fucking Iran they're not here in the Gulf of Mexico Iran's not over here man we're over there so this is called this is called radicalizing people for war YouTube doesn't radicalize people for war the New York Times radicalizes people for war this is how you do it so now everybody's afraid of fake news and people getting radicalized by the write on YouTube there was no YouTube video that ever led us into a fucking war you know what does the New York Times front page every goddamn time here's another one the New York Times Republicans lost no time comparing president Trump's decision to call off a missile strike on Iran to Barack Obama's shelving a strike against Syria in 2013 but the comparison overlooks important differences now this Rob Rock was right but Trump shouldn't have called this one off this is fucked up I mean this is Iran I mean they did something to us and now we're gonna lose our street cred what the fuck we gotta kill some motherfuckers or else we're gonna lose credibility in the region and if you wanted to come join the Crips will take you that's what this is you know it's funny there too is they mentioned Clinton in 98 backing off of bombing Iraq okay yeah he did but then he bonded like you know not the long after that right you know so maybe the New York Times will get their bombing just like Clinton did it's just it's just amazing how they can twist just like Chomsky says the facts are in there but you got to hold it sideways and up to the light and shake it a little because the way they present it always radicalizes people for war and New York Times will never lose their YouTube channel or their social or Twitter account or their Facebook page no they can radicalize people for war all day long and they do not making it up it's right there we don't radicalize people for war but we're dangerous hey we just added st. 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  • LOl this is funny that you think that fox news buffoon decides foreign policy if so then we are all in very big trouble..the fact you are part of the problem in this country

  • Adding to my comment below. You clearly rail against Hillary and how corrupt she was and then turn tight around and rail against Trump. We had a choice in the last election and the American people voted for Trump. What exactly don't you understand?Your putting words in Trump's mouth concerning going to war with Iran.

  • No president or Congressperson will take on their contributors. A socialist or a real liberal or Democrat or a Republican or a nazi. They all obey their masters.
    Nobody we can vote for can or even wants to confront the money men.
    It's funny people actually think they have a chance to change things with voting. Silliness.

  • It's so funny listening to you guys talk, it sounds so much like the conversations the alt right has. Like if you sat down with Mike enoch and matt striker, you would probably be able to find a lot of common ground when it comes to anti war sentiment. There is potential for some real common ground there in america

  • The tanker on fire was Japanese Trump is essentially asking; what is Japan going to do about it? This is the correct question and Shift doesn't like it so he says our allies are losing trust in the US, why, because Trump is not willing to fight Japans battle? Good for you r the Donald.

  • This is why I thought Trump would be better than Clinton. We will not be starting anymore wars under Trump because people like Carlson will be there to always talk him down, and they know just how to carefully choose their words, partially to frame it well for Trump and manipulate his emotions, and Carlson is a master act at that, thank god!! I love Tucker Carlson, because war is the number one issue, and we are on the brink in several countries.

  • First he's in the background then he's in the front, both eyes are looking like he's on a rabbit hunt. Nobody can see through him, not even the chief of police. Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace. Bob Dylan.

  • Yeah n Obama gave Billions Billions! In cash to Iran, also the moneys Regan Froze during the from the Kidnaped dibacal during Carter admin Obama gave that w F ing Interest! N WTF did that do?! A big old 🖕 Fuck You n step forward Hillary's Uranium 1 deal who do think got some. Get Some! Get Some! Hmm? DEEP STATE nothing less than a International Crime Syndicate makes the Italian MOB look like sand box play. Fuck this!

  • Shifty shiff if he was so patriotic how about that slight Problem w the Southern Boarder. They are so obvious Communist. Anything to be contra Trump. If Trump did bomb Iran They be against that. Their so full of Fucking Shit! You have to HAVE TO BE BRAIN DEAD FOLLOWING THE LEFT.

  • Rachel Madcow is a Child w a show makes no sense she rides on (((( EMOTIONS))))
    Scary people who have shows that can influence. Scary.

  • hey jimmy I love your show., but one thing: you always say "if even stupid tucker carlson gets it right" every week, but don't you thinlk some body who always gets it right (for years now) might actually be smart?


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