Tucker: Trump criticized for not being war-hungry

23 thoughts on “Tucker: Trump criticized for not being war-hungry

  • why didn't they push for war with iran when obama was in office and iran hacked a drone and landed it inside their country in 2011?

  • "uhhh duhhh….huh uuuummm uffff they are great great people uuuh where am I? I mean we have amazing men and women in the militry Hawks they're all Hawks sqwak oh did I mention we will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it ….uuuhhh duuh duuuuuhh yeah they shot our drone with the weapons we sold them" – Donald the Cheetoh Puff

  • One more time human without inteligent thinking. Just good or bad. Been are mediocre and stupids.

  • Booker T, and Kamela and Bernie sitting on stage singing about how to make war, Bathrooms, and abortions great.

    We'll pay off student loan, give money to terrorists states, arm our enemies and welcome all into our borders. That is the best plan they have?

  • So surprised to hear that woman politician say ugly things, She’s a war monger for sure! She isn’t a gentle lady!

  • while i am happy to see tucker i find it disturbing that i get fox notifications when i am not even subbed but do not get notifications from the nationalists who i am subbed to

  • Kamal Harris is a mad woman.. she needs to be locked up she’s insane , vicious, vindictive & totally irresponsible. To not be impressed with Trumps cool headed approach to what was really just a consequence of Iran being over zealous. Saved possibly thousands of lives. Is he praised for that …. For preventing a possible war over an expensive toy being destroyed … Not from warmongering & bitter , dementia riddled haters . The so called champions of the oppressed , need to stand down.. Booker ,Warren ,Harris , & Omar Hate America . They should be ashamed.

  • To the sane people here who simply want to witness the madness that is the Trump-supporting community:

    Any news that doesn't agree with republican views = fake news.

    This is a man who literally asked you to not believe what you see with your eyes and what he says is the truth. That's the very definition of Orwellian state.

  • Fire John Bolton schill for defense contractors and black ops.Warmonger definition has his picture of Bolton on its 'warmonger'wiki

  • As an independent it’s very easy to see that Trump f’d up backing out of the Iran deal. But thank God he didn’t start another pointless costly war over a drone being shot down that shouldn’t have been there

  • I F'ing Love Trump, Man! Bwaha hahaha ha!….and…breaking news outta the White House….Donald J. Trump declares War on War!!! Anyone who wants war will be met with Peace. Nothing but Peace, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Donald will be there ALL WEEK!!! Also Breaking……from the Whitehouse Oval Office……News Alert!!! Trump has learned to TROLL leftist Democrats through mind control….Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America no longer has to use a device to send Twitter messages to Troll the competition….Merely thinking with light rubbing to sides of temples allow thoughts to travel through the ether and causes radical leftists, liberals and house democrats to completely lose their minds!!!! Stay tuned!….

  • From a black, anarcho left wing antifascist USMC combat veteran who believes peace is the most important political issue… I love you man. Thank you for telling the truth.

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