Tuesday Card: The Tower

Hey everybody, time for our Tuesday card.
We have the first of two Major Arcana cards in this Tarot story. As I’m always saying
Major Arcana cards are about major life lessons so they give us an opportunity
to integrate some important truths not only that can help us right now but that
can create new patterns for us for the rest of our lives.
So today’s tarot card is the Tower. Now yesterday we had the Ten of Cups and I
talked about how we might experience the Ten of Cups as just feeling really happy
and really fulfilled in our hearts, and and honoring the fact that we have
followed our hearts to this point of finding ourselves very fulfilled. Today’s card might seem to counteract that experience a little bit. The Tower
is a card that shows up when things seem to be falling apart. You can see that’s
literally happening in this card. The Tower’s being struck by
lightning, people are falling out of it, it’s on fire. But it’s interesting to
realize that the lightning strikes here are about insight. It’s
about something suddenly coming clear to us, and when it comes clear to us the
things that we once thought were givens, were solid or permanent, begin to
dissolve. Which tells us that what we were counting on as permanent weren’t
really that stable in the first place. This can be a very
disorienting and painful card. These guys are falling out of the Tower – it’s gonna
hurt when they land on the ground! But the importance of this card is to
realize that the structure that’s being destroyed wasn’t really serving you. It
was trapping you and once that structure is gone you’ll be free to move in a
completely new and different way. When things like this happen, when we
feel very disoriented or even in pain, we often go to a judgement question about
ourselves or about others. We ask, what did I do wrong,
where have I messed up, or who is trying to hurt me. And that’s the wrong
direction to look in. Instead consider that this follows the Ten of Cups from
yesterday – the Ten of Cups which reminded you that you were so effective and
amazing in following your heart that you got your heart’s dreams. Remember that you are coming from a place of strength because that’s when
the Tower shows up – not when we’re weak or we make
mistake but because we’re in a position to really benefit from it, to not get
so thrown by it that we can’t integrate the lesson. Consider that this
transition is happening because you are ready for it. You have gotten yourself
ready for it, you’ve been committed to your faith in your intuition, in
your heart, and so you’re going to be able to claim the freedom that this
disorientation is creating. Even if you can’t find it yet you’re on your way
to claiming this new freedom. So take heart! See you tomorrow for our next card. Bye!

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