TulAmmo Is It Safe? Should You Use It?

tulammo good or bad TulAmmo is it safe should you buy TulAmmo is it safe to use TulAmmo hi it’s AlaskaGranny I recently noticed
a new type of ammo well it’s been around for a long time but I was not aware of
it it’s called TulAmmo or Tula Ammo it’s actually made in Russia and it’s all
centerfire ammunition for popular pistol and rifle such as nine millimeters 40 45
caliber 223 308 guns like that so I thought well it’s inexpensive people
seem to like it so I was wondering what’s up with theTulAmmo so I started
doing my research most of it is steel shot and they do have a little bit of
brass called Brass Maxx but I’ve been able to find any of that but when I was
doing my research I decided it’s not a kind of ammo that I choose to buy if you
do the research on it you will find out that it is not as high quality and
that’s why it’s inexpensive shooters have been reporting failure to discharge
jamming in your guns do you really want to take a risk of a live round being
jammed in your gun it’s reported that the brass doesn’t eject properly and that
the bullets don’t seat properly in the firearm you can even have trouble with
your slides locking if you look at why people say they’re having problems with
thisTulAmmo is because it is not made up to the same exact standards that you
find in other American-made ammunition or higher quality ammunition it has
distorted crimps some of it is deformed and it’s actually slightly under
sized of what the ammunition that your gun requires the quality control is not up to
snuff of what we would expect in the best ammo for our fine firearms sometimes
it could be oversized sometimes that could just jam when you’re putting it in
and I don’t think you want to take any kind of risk like that just save a few
dollars to not have your guns function properly or to risk damaging them
permanently lead bullets are a fraction of a size smaller smaller than normal rounds
can damage your barrel and not be as accurate do you really want to take the
risk of damaging your fine firearms with inexpensive ammo just to save a few
dollars and if it’s an ammo that you’re thinking about stockpiling I would be
concerned about that if in a real emergency situation if you needed to
depend on your firearm do you want to find that you used ammo that wasn’t as
reliable and your gun became irreversibly damaged right out of the
starting gate so while it looks like a great idea because it’s expensive and
it’s readily available I’m going to stick with buying ammo than I’m used to to
make sure that no matter what my ammo is going to work for me properly it will be reliable accurate and I
don’t have to worry about it degrading or damaging my firearm learn more at
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41 thoughts on “TulAmmo Is It Safe? Should You Use It?

  • Excellent information! I have been advising against TulAmmo for years. Now, I'll just play your video for those who doubt me. Thanks for the validation! You are a wealth of information and inspiration! I sincerely appreciate all that you do!

  • tula is only really relevant in AK-47s. most firearms require stricter standards and there is a problem with how the steel cased ammo expands when fired. as far an AK-47 goes, they shoot anything, and this stuff works in an AK. the obly issue you get in an AK-47 is the steel won't expand like brass so you get more fouling coming back into the action, again, not an issue in an AK like it would be in 99% of guns. Best reserved for cheap AK ammo

  • Good info…Some swear by it but I think they are thinking with the wallets…I have shot the 9mm Brass Max and have had no problems yet but I am still weary about it…

  • Tula ammo is fine to shoot, I've been shooting it for years and not had one issue from a variety of systems. Yes it is true the ammo isn't as accurate. The information your relaying is old info, if you do enough research on the web, you will find majority of real shooters train with this ammo

  • I've been shooting TulAmmo for a few years now, and I've never had a single problem of any kind. I love it!

  • Sorry fired thousands of rounds of Tula never had one misfire yet or jam, though I do shoot firearms that are Russian designs. SKS and Mosin Nagant, perhaps they tolerate a bit more than Western firearms.

  • You nailed this one. I use this stuff in my old surplus rifles only because I run out of reloads sometimes. I would not bet my life or my families lives on this cheap crap.
    Keep the videos coming. We enjoy them immensely.

  • howdy darlin first I agree with you I have shot tulammo in my AR 15 and I found that it takes 3 times longer to clean my gun shooting tulammo vs federal or American eagle ammunition.
    Tulammo wolf ammo and brass max all very dirty ammunition.
    Needless to say I only shoot American made ammo now in all my guns.

  • I've never had an issue with it.    Peoples issues seem to be issues with their firearms. I just don't like it because it's steel case.

  • I think people will have better success with the 7.62X39 Tula. It's Russian training ammo. It works with the AK. That's all I would shoot Tula out of.

  • IMO Tulammo in russian calibers perfect for eastern bloc rifles. AK's for example have loose tolerances themselve by design. however 5.56/233 and 9mm is once again cheap and readily available. personally i wouldnt shoot steel through an AR or western pistol, ever. but tulammo does serve a purpose in eastern based weapons.(Mosin,sks, ak,saigas, etc.)

  • First of all… I feed my AK ammo steel case.. they love it! Out of a 1,000 rounds fired, I've had one jam, failure to extract. That's not a bad ratio. It's cheap and dirty and fun to shoot… Get yourself an AK and feed it this dirty stuff… AR's are a bit more finicky, and yes I feed those with brass or Wolf brass..

    Steel case rocks! Brass ammo twice the price…

  • Son in law had a few failure's to fire. Good strike by the firing pin but then nothing. Ok if you are plinking at the range but not so hot for self defense or hunting when the shot has to count. 7.62 x 39.. Ammo's ok if you aren't picky. Just my opinion. Nice video AlaskaGranny.

  • Granny, this ammo is OK for practice/target practice. For anything else like hunting or self defense, then you would need a quality ammunition. If you can fire a few boxes through your AR and you're having no problems, then it's OK to continue using it for practice.

  • keep a clean weapon at all times and upgrade your extractor spring and they are good to go I save all my brass rounds and practice with tulammo. it's fine been shooting tula for years in my M4.

  • nice video thxs… i had an issue with my new lcr9 and tula ammo. check it out and please let me know what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD7JL-iK5_4&feature=youtu.be

  • She has no experience with Tul Ammo. It runs great. Super reliable. Steel is more cost effective than brass. It is that simple. If your firearm can not process cheaper ammo, then you need a better firearm. I don't mean better by a higher cost point either. I simply mean a gun that is reliable with all ammo, at any price point. Please ignore her comments on steel case ammo.

  • Yes it is not that consistent as US made ammo, that is in terms of charges. The biggest problem has been "hard" primers. This has led to a number of failure to fire scenarios. Most of the time a replacement stiffer hammer spring will solve the issue. I've used it for years and have never had the kind of chronic problems hat folks complain about. It is great for plinking and range fun.

  • I have shot thousands of rounds of this ammo in all of my Glock handguns, my 30 Cal Carbine, AR-15, and AK-47. I have NEVER had any problems with this ammo at all. I shoot at least 300 rounds of this ammo in my Glock handguns every month. If you will do your homework lady, you will find out that the Glock 17 was produced with steel case ammo. You don't have any idea what you are talking about. Have you ever even shot that rifle?

  • never shot the ammo but makes a video bad mouthing it lmao. if u run a wet bore IE put little oil in ur AR chamber and upgrade to BCM extractor kit that will end any issue u may have had.

  • I've shot nearly 500 rnds through my AR and never had any problems. Shoot it and then do a video review. It's just an awesome priced plinking ammo. works for me.

  • "I recently found a new kind of ammo, that's been around for ever…" What the fuck? I have still not had a malfunctioning Tula Ammo round since I seen this video last. It still works perfectly.

  • I shoot it for targets and hunting . It works great , accurate ( 2inch group at 100 yards )
    It would take over 10,000 rounds to do damage .

  • Combloc guns like Mosin, SKS and AK family, were designed to eat as much steel cased ammo that the factories could produce. I have never had an issue with my WASR 10/63 from 1973 with Tulammo. In fact, I have found its 154grain Softpoints in 7.62×39 to be exceptionally accurate. I can shoot those heavier loads more accurately from my AK with a PKA-V red dot than my AR15 with Federal 5.56! The only issues I have had with Tula is fail to fire on a rare occasion with their 9mm zinc FMJ. I have shot their .223 from my DSA AR with a LMT bolt, and have not noticed any damage to it eaither. I may think twice about running it in my CZ Shadow 2, but my Canik eats their 9mm all day long.

  • I don't usually have problems with it, but today I had one jam in my Savage 10 Stealth .308 after firing. Had to come home and knock the casing out with a cleaning rod. Think I'll stay away from it now. I have too much invested in my guns.

  • Mine is over sized and always jams when putting it in. Never force it, although some situations require it. Seems to follow through better when easing it in with a bit of care, helps decrease throat erosion, but always goes off when needed.

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