Two Luxury RV Systems (1306). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.129

Now isn’t that a beautiful coach? Good
morning everyone! Welcome to Marathon Mondays with Mal. This is the brand-new
and fresh off of the production floor Marathon Coach #1306. It’s a double
slide H3 2020 Marathon with bunks. So I am actually gonna step in front. Hope
everyone had a good weekend. Hello there I am. Anyway everybody, we’re gonna go
look at a few different things that Marathon puts in the coaches that help
you, the owner. The TechLink system so you can check all of your tanks, so you
can check your generator, so you can check the temperatures. But we’re also
going to show the Freedom Plus sewer hose system, which is very cool and very
exclusive to Marathon. Other than that, I’m not gonna show you a lot of 1306. I
love this coach, it just got finished. I love the floor, take a look at the floor.
Though I’m not going to show you a lot because what I want you to do is I want
you to reach out to me if you’re looking to get into a coach. This is actually an
H3 double slide bunk coach. If you’re looking to get into a brand new Marathon,
right now is the best time. Right now is the best time to get a hold of me:
[email protected] Let’s get you down the road in a Marathon… whether it
be new or pre-owned. Let’s do this. Speaking of “doing this,” we’re gonna head
outside. I’m gonna… this is the “teaser,” so you’re gonna… I’m gonna leave you wanting
more. Let’s head on outside. And I am going to show you the TechLink screen. We’re out here in Camp Marathon, and got
the guts blown right now, so I’ll be able to shut the doors and be able to show
you all that. But great storage in an H3. If you missed our storage bay difference show
between the X3 and the H3, go back a couple of weeks and you can see that, But
yeah I’m gonna drop these doors so you can see the side of the newly finished 1306. I’m actually going to grab this iPad — see how easy it is for me to shut these
doors? — and that will give you a good idea right there of just how pretty this
coach is. I see Mr. Gordon is asking about lithium
batteries. The answer is always yes, Marathon can do it. So when you’re ready to custom do a coach, let us know. Take a look at that, isn’t that pretty?
Got the awning lights on…. Now, the first thing I want to talk to
you about today is the the TechLink system which is exclusive to Marathon.
This is one of the things that you can find throughout the coach from your dash to
your bay out here. You saw me grab this iPad right off the charger or also in
the bedroom of the coach. There’s also one in the salon… excuse me. So you’ve got
four different locations, but also if you’ve got an iPhone, you can get it set
up to your iPhone. Now the TechLink system provides you with lots of
information. I’m gonna hold it here and hopefully that glare doesn’t affect you
too much, Armand. Right there, you can check our house batteries. Now just with
the push of a button, tanks and temperatures there. Right there you see
the fresh is at 30%, gray and black are at zero, the temperature in the bays,
outside at 63 here in Coburg, Oregon. Storage bay is 71, the water bay is 74,
audio/visual bay, of course, because there’s a lot of audio-visual, it’s gonna
be a little bit more. Your inverters. Provides you with the information that
you need so you can check to make sure your voltage is correct. Generator status —
generator’s turned off right now, so it’ll give you all of the information when
your generator is on and then look at this: generator start and stop. Literally,
I can start it just by hitting this button. I’m not going to do it. You’re
gonna have to trust me. So you can provide… you can provide yourself with
all kinds of information right there on the TechLink screen of your Crestron
system. You know what? I got an idea, you guys.
Let’s go in here. Let’s go in here. I don’t want there to be too much glare
since we were outside. All right. Somebody weigh in… can we see that better? Oh yeah, we can see that better. Let’s go to the front again. House batteries, look at that.
Provides you with the information tanks and temps. Fresh, gray & black, temperature
in the bays, outside here in Coburg, right there, audio-visual bay, shore inverters, gonna give you all the voltage and amps that’s happening right now in the coach.
The generators status… the generator status right now is nothing, because the
generator is turned off. Generators start and stop when I go to manual right there.
If I hold that button down, it will start. I can also stop it right here from this
TechLink screen. That means I can also do it from my phone. Isn’t that great? That
provides it with a lot of information. I’m a big fan of that. And that’s something that Marathon has
constantly went over and made sure that it provides the proper and enough
information to you, the owner of the coach, so that you can do what you need
to do right there from the screen, whether it be here in the salon, because
there’s one right here in the salon, there’s one in the bedroom, this one is
from the bay outside, and there’s also one on the dash. So the TechLink screen,
it’s pretty sweet. Speaking of “sweet,” we’re gonna head on
outside and I’m going to show you I’ll follow you out, Armand, go ahead and you
can go on out. Look at Armand, trying to find it… trying to find… that door thing is never
easy. So we’re gonna walk around the back side here of the coach, so you can get a
good view of how pretty this one is. I like this. Nothing here, and it fades right in to
the feature with the texturing. Another thing I like on the exterior is
an offset Marathon coach logo. I think that looks pretty classy.
I like the chrome on the back, too. Stainless, if you will. Here we are on the
driver’s side. Driver’s side has the two slide outs pulled out.
1306 is that H3 double-slide bunk coach. By the way, bath and a half in this one.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re interested in getting into a
coach I’m gonna show you a pretty paint job. You want to see a pretty paint job,
take a look at that. That’s a two-year-old Marathon, isn’t that something? Always
been one of my favorites. Look at how that red and black and white plays off
of the stainless. All right, you guys. So Freedom Plus, it’s pretty simple. A lot of
you already know about the Freedom Plus system. It’s a sewer hose. It’s a sewer
hose designed and exclusive by Marathon so that you don’t have to touch the hose
as much. You still have to touch it to put it into the ground, to put it in to
where it’s supposed to go. Here’s how you do it, and here’s how it works.
For those of you who haven’t seen it, this will be new for you. What you’re
gonna do is you’re gonna turn on your power. You’re gonna drop your door. That’s
where your short cord and your… what am I trying to say… your plumb– your plumbing…
your your sewer hose. Thank you. Sewer hose comes out of… I just said thank you
to myself, because I came up… Miki, you like that? Okay, so the sewer hose is
going to literally shoot out across the parking lot at Armand right now. That way, you don’t have to reach up and
grab it. All you have to do is grab it here, disconnect it, put it into where
it’s supposed to go, and you’re done. You don’t have to reach up… reach up. Helps not
have to touch it as much. Now, got gloves inside here for you. We also have the
towels, the soap, so that you can actually — right here at this plumbing bay — clean up.
So you don’t have to go back in. You don’t have to touch your entry door with
dirty hands. Now you’ve disconnected it, you’re ready to go. You’re ready to head
on out, it’s just that simple. And it’s just this fast. Hose in, drop
door up, power off. Make sure everything is in where it’s supposed to go, drop the
door. Freedom Plus really is one of those
things that Marathon spent a lot of time R&Ding. They developed it over several years
and it’s actually a really, really good system to keep you, the owner of your
coach, limited to how much you have to really hold on to that sewer hose and
touch that sewer hose. I think it’s very convenient and you also don’t have to
reach up and try to find it… just shoots it out for you, whether you want
to shoot at two feet or 10 feet, it really helps you not have to look and
search for where that sewer hose is. Anyway, that’s really about it. I really
appreciate you guys watching. Miki before we get out of here, is there
anything that we want to talk about? 1306 is pretty nice, I think everybody
will agree on that one. [Miki] We have some great show ideas and some unrelated
questions to tackle later. [Mal] A great show idea, I love it. Thank you so much to all
of you for weighing in on great shows. It’s been a good summer here
at Marathon, and we’re gonna continue every Monday, bringing you content. I
really like doing it, and I really appreciate all of you doing it. We’re
gonna try and do as much new content for you, we’re gonna try and you know, bring
you new coaches every once in awhile. I didn’t show you all of 1306 on purpose,
because I want you to reach out to me at [email protected] or if
you’re already working with a Marathon salesman, reach out to them. If you’re… if
you are talking to Randy and Dawn, talk to them. If you’re talking to Kasey Hess, reach
out to them. If you already know Jim Cogley , send him an email.
Tell them you’re interested in 1306. If you’re dealing with me, I really like
that. My main thing here is to sell you a coach, whether it be new or pre-owned.
Let’s get you on the road. Aside from that, I’m really looking forward to the
series of 1318. H3 quad slide. It’s in paint right now. Next week, we’re gonna go
down to the paint department, see what those guys are doing on 1318. We’re gonna
follow 1318 all the way through. Also remember 1143 is out there doing a
remodel. I’m really excited about that. So we’re gonna check in on those coaches
over the next couple weeks, but your ideas that you’re sending me are
fantastic. I really appreciate it. Don’t think because I didn’t send you a
message right away that I think that it’s a bad idea… it’s just that we’ve got
a few things that we’ve got on the table and that doesn’t mean that we can’t have
a bigger table to eat from. Everybody have a good week. It’s beautiful
here in Coburg. It’s a little overcast, but that’s the way I like it.
Don’t forget to reach out to me. Don’t forget to be yourself and do good things.
We can all be better. Take care.

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