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Dan here and in this video you are
going to learn the two possible paths an ENFP can take to become successful and
the one route you should never ever go down unless you love misery and
heartbreak. Now if you’re new to the channel I am Dan Johnston the author of
way too many books including some around personality psychology, the creator of
the Free Freelancer and ENFP Unleashed and here my mission is to help you
become the best version of yourself and create the most awesome life possible
for you and those you love so as you may or may not know I am an ENFP myself and
I have been working with enfps for many years now and I’ve noticed two potential
paths that what I would consider successful enfps tend to go down no of
course successful has many definitions it’s all about our own values and that’s
actually something we talk a lot about on the channel is not letting other
people to find you or what success is for you but in this case I’m using
success in terms of basically have their shit together they tend to do what they
say they’ll do they tend to be relatively happy with life not overly
stressed not overly stressed about money and generally have a relatively happy
life so the first path is going against your own grain but doing so in a very
conscious way so sometimes I’ll hear from enfps who will say hey I am an
accountant or an investor or I do some kind of sales and I know it’s not
perfect for me as a creative as an ENFP but I’m smart enough and I work hard
enough that I get it done and I can make a really good income so I’ve decided to
go down this route and find ways to make it more acceptable for me so that might
be how they approach the job or finding things outside of the job to give them
that life satisfaction fulfillment that they don’t necessarily have within their
jobs personally as you probably know this isn’t my ideal route to go down but
I also know we all have different circumstances and different obligations
with their lives and there’s also the case where you might
have an opportunity to make an insane amount of money and so maybe what some
enfps decide to do is from age 25 to 35 to go work an extremely draining
high-paying job put in ten years and then retire and chill on the beach or
something like that now overall though with this path the
key is to acknowledge your superpowers acknowledge your strengths and
acknowledge that it’s not going to be perfect for you you’re gonna have some
extreme levels of stress maybe if you’re dealing with confrontation or other
personality types that really conflict with yours but that doesn’t mean you
can’t go down this path and you can’t succeed so that’s one thing that I have
noticed with my clients and just other enfps I meet the other path to success
is just to totally embrace the whole ENFP thing embrace who you are and go
full-out with it so what that means is maybe taking a high risk opportunity
creating your own business doing something a little outrageous in the
creative fields these sorts of roots generally take three to five years to
succeed I look at my own business if I look at a lot of other people I know who
have successful businesses sometimes it happens quicker sometimes it takes
longer but generally you’re looking at three to five years to build a really
unique life based on your passions or your natural talents or something like
that that’s just how the math works out so that’s another route you can go down
where you say alright the next three to five years I’m gonna maybe struggle I
might be a bit stressed I’ll be taking big risks but I’m going to be building
my baby I’m gonna be doing the thing that I’ve always wanted to do and I have
so much passion for and it will all be worth it that’s a pretty cool route to
go down as well that’s essentially what I have done after a very brief stint
trying option number one now choosing between these two if I had to say to do
one or the other I think it’s worth it to take the risk
sacrifice for some time and build that thing that you’re really going to love
doing because we have long lives at least most of us and
there is a lot of time ahead of you so why not invest three four five years now
to create an incredible life for the rest of your life I promise I would
mention what you should absolutely not do and that’s attempt to do both of
these this is the road of death for an ENFP here’s what it looks like okay I
really want to be a cartoonist I love creating cartoons I love drawing I love
making people laugh but that’s not very realistic so I’m gonna get into
consulting and get a job at a big firm because you know I can I’m smart
whatever it is a year into that job it’s oh man I really hate this this is such a
waste of my time I hate coming in I’m not expressing my own creativity I quit
I’m gonna go do my own thing six months later oh my god I don’t have
any money people are disappointed in me I gotta get a job again go back to the
job eight months in I can’t stand going into this work all the time I can’t
stand this job okay I’m gonna quit and I’m gonna do my own thing a year later
I’m so stressed I need money I can’t do this there’s no structure I can’t handle
this on my own I’m gonna get a job and you see where this goes basically any
financial savings are down the drain because every time you quit your job to
do your own thing you burn through your savings really quick and any chance at
serious career progress is flushed away because you’re quitting every six months
every year like no really good company is gonna look at you and say wow you’re
completely unstable and have no determination come work for us on the
other side your creative journey in terms of being an awesome cartoonist you
could actually have built a great legacy doing that built a great income after
five years but you’re not because you keep quitting every six months every
year and going back and forth back and forth this is the one thing you should
never ever ever ever do so what I’m thrown out here is to be more conscious
of the choice you’re making to really look at your
life and if you want to say hey I’m going to turn my back on that creative
part of me that wants to start a business or wants to do something with
my artistic ability I’m going to decide to be a bit of a realist and I hate that
word just I know I’m gonna be a bit of a realist and I’m going to suck it up and
get a job and save up a bunch of money and buy a house or provide for my family
or whatever that’s what you’re gonna do be honest with yourself and go that
route and go all-in and commit for the next time to 20 years of your life again
would not be my path I would not really recommend it but if you’re gonna do it
don’t be ask yourself own it go down that route
or if you’re gonna do your own thing which is as you know what I’m all about
and what dreams around the world is all about if you’re going to do your own
thing then give yourself the time to succeed give yourself two to five years
acknowledge that it will be tough at the beginning now people perhaps even me
have some programs have some coaching available that can help it
go a little smoother and help you feel like you’re supported and you’re not
alone when you’re doing it but no matter what it’s going to take time there’s
going to be moments or maybe weeks of self-doubt and of struggle and of stress
and overwhelm and I know that doesn’t sound very fun but the reality is if you
stick with it you’ll become an incredible person you’ll become tougher
stronger more determined than you ever thought possible and after a couple
years you’re going to have this amazing creation whether it’s an artistic
business and entrepreneurial business some hybrid of them all it will be very
much worth it so I would encourage you to make a decision one way or the other
take your route and then go all in with it
speaking of all in go all in and subscribe to this channel click that
Bell button so you get notified of new videos and tune in soon thank you for
watching my question today is which route have you been going down
and looking at this what route are you going to choose for yourself in the
future thanks for watching catch you soon

51 thoughts on “Two Paths To Freedom I See Successful ENFPs Follow – Dreams Around The World

  • Thanks for watching. One thing I do want to add to this video, is just that it is normal and often VERY beneficial for younger ENFPs (teens, 20s) to try lots of things, start and stop, and therefore gain a lot of experience in a short time. This is part of our development and is important to being a real badass in our later years. So if you're watching this at 18 or 22, I'd say ignore either path and go take a crazy trip around the world…and don't come home and commit to any sort of path until you've spent the night in prison at least a few times in at least a few countries 🙂

  • Watching your videos makes me feel alive every time! I have been struggling to follow my heart for several years now only because I haven't been brave enough to leave all this crappy lifestyle behind to walk the actual right path which is pursuing my calling. And that is to be an artist, help minorities speak up for themselves and inspire people while being inspired back by their stories. It becomes really tough when the only person who supports your vision is yourself. My family has always pushed me to be a money making machine and get involved in a bunch of tedious, stressful and absolutely unworthy careers. Traditional jobs are stil the ones that end up bringing you that sense of security most people are looking for and that's what success means to those I love; however, I don't share this belief with them. Lately, I have noticed that I'm becoming this depressed, weak and hopeless version of myself for not expressing who I really am. We are all born gifted with our own inidividual set of talents that were installed in us to be used and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the space where we are. You're giving me back the voice that has been shut for a long time and now I feel stronger to take action and stop living in fear of failing. It's not going to be an easy route, but I have faith in myself and what I can do. The world needs people like you to save lives that are going down the drain every day. Thank you for making us want to keep breathing and fighting for our truth!

  • Very disappointing to hear, yet it seems very practical. I've been wanting to start my own YouTube channel, Temple JohnJohn and I keep saying to myself I'll start it soon. It's been over a year now and still no traction. I'm driving Uber full time and just moved out of my mom's house after my 2015 divorce. I'm ready to start my channel now and have been thinking of beginning part time. I have over 500 audio clips which I have pre made to choose from to make into videos. Since I already pit in the work making the audio clips, I just need to pick the audio clip, turn it into a video and upload it to YouTube. I'm going to start part time even though you seem to be advising to go full time with my creativity venture. I've got to pay my rent and there seems to be no other way than going part time with Temple JohnJohn. Well see who prevails.

  • Dan, you are killing it these days. Great vid. I wish I could follow the first path, but just not capable of doing soul crushing work for money. But, that leaves the much more fun and fulfilling path of doing my own thing 🤙

  • I would love to hear your thoughts (a video on, maybe?) how one supports themselves financially while going all in for their dream if they are living paycheck to paycheck as it is. Thank you! -Daniel

  • Hey Dan! I've been watching your videos for awhile now and I just want to let you know that they've inspired me so much to use my "super powers" as an enfp! About a year ago, I picked up the hobby of photography and started to get really good at it! My church had me doing pictures for our events, and I had a few people invite me to do wedding photos! It was great for awhile… but I started to lose my passion as I didn't see it really becoming anything big in the future. Well a few days ago I had someone ask my to do the graduation photos for next year. It kinda sparked my fire for photography back up! I want to give it another shot, but I'm also scared to pursue it, seeing as how many people are photographers these! I mean anyone who has a smartphone is basically, well, a photographer! Lol. I just wanted your opinion of whether or not I should jump for it. Keep on with these inspiring videos! Thanks!

  • OMG I'm such an ENFP! As you started to tell the bad route of doing both of the paths, I could see myself doing those wrong decisions in the future. This is mind-blowing. Did you just save me from my own bad decisions! Huge thank you!

  • I've been attempting the first route by trying to go to college for a career that will make me money. I prefer route 2, and so the ENFP stress has me drowning on top of having to work full-time to afford (if that's what you want to call it) school. I don't think I can take it; I'm a creative and I need to go create. My biggest dilemma is my INFP partner is disabled and I feel like I absolutely have to do everything in my power to make money for her. But perhaps me being miserable is worse for us than being broke. Perhaps we can be a creative power couple. I guess I will find out some day.

  • I think I am in the point of going back to my depressive job! I am not sure now If I chose the right second career for me…This video helped me a lot! I think I have to guve ot more time 🙂

  • I am a second time around type-I am over traditional retirement age, but I need to do something with my life, and I still need to relocate to have room to do what I need to do to be successful. So it means figuring out the how to do it aspect. And that is the tricky part. I am a non driver, so I don't need to do anything involving that, so that eliminates a lot of options, which is a big help. As always, creativity is the key. Now time to find a map.

  • Discipline, discipline, discipline. New to the ENFP world I have already sensed out that discipline is the biggest aspect in being and creating a successful ENFP journey and life. I believe you have mentioned this in your previous videos. Doing small things like making your bed in the morning, taking a cold shower, stop drinking and going out on the weekends, and just overall taking control of your actions and being more mindful, actually doing meditation. These are all the things that will ultimately help and ENFP to stick to their plans or help. I know it might sound like I'm a stickler for discipline but honestly its what drives success in any ones life. It will also help you to save money and actually have a savings account which is another plus.

  • I probably fall under 1#. I am a forklift driver. Am I good at it? No. But my leads/ managers are always patient with me because I try hard. Lol
    Luckily, my husband makes pretty good money. The goal is to have all our cars and house paid off in 5-7 years. Then we can pursue more of what we love.
    Until then, I am focused on my family, home and yard. That way I have a creative outlet.

  • Most my jobs were repetitive and I didn't like them. The one I have now I like sometimes when I'm helping people but not all the paperwork. I have yet to have a job that I can use my creativity or makes me happy.

  • Can an ENFP do both? Work a full time job and pursue their creative side job after hours and in the weekends? Then once they have built up their side job enough, then quit? Would love to hear your thoughts on this method.

  • Hey Dan, I just saw some of your videos. They are very good and it is nice to see that we are so many nice ENFP-s in this weird world;) Great job! Thank you very much.

  • I am the same I am like. I wanna go med school so I Should study hard.7 days later oh shit this is not my calling should do music 5 days later shit I have to study and the cycle never ends.

  • At 4:50 it's me 😢😂
    And so I'm searching people to build my own project. It's not simple, expecially in south Italy, but I'm tryin'. Thank you, you're so inspiring 👍

  • 😂 Omg stop telling my life. I'm 29 and am trying both for 5 years now. Ouch. This hits home. Thank you for posting.

  • Haha I exactly did the worse choice during my early years, switching every year for 4 years! Thanks for this video 😉

  • What if you can't figure out which passion to go with? As an ENFP you know we have a lot of interests and passions. How do you narrow it down to just one?
    Thanks for these videos btw! They've been helpful since I'm not the greatest at self awareness and introspection.

  • This is so me. Now I’m working in marketing, and freelancing I’m working with one client. I am looking for More marketing clients.

  • I feel like this video was a sign. Currently been in the corporate world for 7 years, and every year it gets harder and harder for me to pretend to be somebody completely opposite of who I truly am. Very inspirational video! Thanks

  • Oh my god I was screaming throughout this whole video with every example you gave – have you been secretly watching me? I've recently made the decision to take a big risk and do my own thing following my passion. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you so much!!!

  • I'm doing exactly that… Quit for 6 month to do my thing, I burned out and run out of money, went back to my old job… I like the people there, and they like me. Is a good job, almost well paid, but dying inside…

  • Great video bro. I started my own business 5 years ago. Loved it but also loved the idea of doing other things. Almost quit in year 4 but I somehow, and happily, got through it. But your right – year 5 is the year I’m actually thinking “Damn, I totally got this. This is about to get really interesting and fun!” I’m genuinely excited about my career future and agree that picking a choice and sticking with it is a solid path.

  • Hey I've just started watching your channel and I really like it! I am one of those people who do jobs that don't necessarily fit my personality type, but I get the job done! As a result I've started doing these jobs to help fund my dreams of travelling!! I'm currently working and living in Australia and this is one of the best thing I've done. I plan to start my creative journey once my travel bug is out my system and I'm ready to settle down 🙂

  • Just from personal experience: you have 3 options and you can only choose two. Job, passion, and/or relationship. If passion becomes job then you combine 2 into 1. But if not, good luck juggling all 3.

  • I was going down my own editing business but I haven’t built any career capital to succeed (also I brought over lazy habits). I’m going to be a realist and get a SDR job, save up and incrementally work on my craft on editing while also making big bucks then make the move to try again. This video is awesome

  • Hey Dan! fellow ENFP and new subscriber here. I hope this reaches your attention. My ultimate goal is to become a full time freelance content creator (editor and comic illustrator) no matter the cost and move to BC. I just landed a high paying editing contract which technically places me in the first route to success as I work on a set schedule. My plan is to save as much money as possible, build my network on the side, and once my contract is up, go full out on pursuing my dream as I will have the money to move/work freely around the world. Now based on the video, engaging both may be the touch of death.
    So here is my caveat. The job does engage my creativity and it is allowing me to exercise and expand my current skills which I could see complimenting Route 2. I have no doubts I will derive from pursuing my dream to work a 9-5, but ultimately I don't want to fall into any potential pits so I would much appreciate your opinion on my plan and if I'm doing the right thing. Also, sorry for the long read…. ENFP tendency. 😛

  • I went down the consulting route, with my own business, for a number of years. Recently quit consulting, much like you described in the video, and started developing products. Currently burning through my savings, but I am taking steps to turn down the consumption. I will actually go back once in a while, but that is because customers are willing to hire me for gigs between 2 and 26 weeks.

  • I'm exactly where you are saying that I shouldn't be at. Except I'm out of funds and not that young anymore. What do you think I should do then?

  • What a great video. What I did was both at the same time. Worked the day job in sales from 9-5 then worked in creative (cooking in a restaurant) nights and weekends. I would love to say that it’s a good move but it required tons of energy and my performance in both worlds diminished greatly. I’ve decided to stick to sales for now and will find another way to pursue creativity. Either way thanks for this video.

  • You nailed it again Dan. I did the employee rat race for 5 years (feels like a lifetime) and hated it. Wanted to quit every 6-9 months and regret the fear of not starting my own thing. I did made a good chunk of money. I decided now to go route 2 which is VERY scary and I am left in this uncertainty of what value I can bring and what I am passionate about.. it drives me crazy. But the choice of route 2 is made even if the little voice in me sometimes nudges me to do route 1

  • I've been in consulting for close to two years. I just took a week off to start a business, and I'm quitting once I start to turn a profit. It's been a week of entreprenuership and I'm already addicted.

  • I really want to do option 2. All of my good friends and co workers know that I can do it but my family doesn't. They are afraid I won't have the money to sustain myself this way. So what is the best way to sustain yourself as you're building yourself up for option 2? Because I would love to know!

  • lol I was about to choose the realist route! Honestly if I can make 5,000-10,000 a month I’d be ok for the rest of my life. I don’t need more than that.

  • Just so you know I verified Salvador Dali was an ENFP in my own time using an old interview and the C.S. Joseph type grid but I’m not one hundred percent sure. How do you know he’s an ENFP if that’s what you think?

  • I was going down route 1 and always trying to take route 2 at the same time. I made exactly the mistakes you cautioned against and I'm finally making space for route 1 🙂

  • I'm in this zone 4:44 … but for my major in university (I'm 19)
    Between Wanting to pursue my artistic side and being realestic 🙁
    Thank u for sharing this

  • What about music and singing/performing for ENFP's. I know Entertainment personalities may suit them more but I've seen many recommend acting/writing for us. I think performing would keep us on our toes and would allow a variety of options within the job 🙂 opinion?

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