Types of People in Elevators

yo with Cody it's your boy Rhino what's good is your boy longboat aka white chocolate wonderful and today we have a funny bit wait what are you up doing no why'd you laugh who is this huh well you you see the blond hair I mean it's kind of nice how did why are you guys doing nature well you didn't tell him can let me just kind of get in yeah okay why did you say my did you say my name no is your name Oh why did you let him do but the real rhinos here yeah this was good eatable y'all kind of ruined it what's goodie it's the real Rhino we are here with our good friend D was good Donald destroying Oliver herkiman I don't know I think maybe potentially so you got a nickname that you want to go by destroying the money Deez Nuts okay fair enough whatever we don't really be collabo at you tubers because I don't know why not why don't we we're not cool this is history right we're the most underrated youtuber so you're like you've got the first kind of come back with underrated youtubers on the platform Thank You Man amen cool this is types of people in elevators everybody's been in an elevator before if you haven't you're probably a goldfish but yeah let's just hop right into it stop all the jibber-jabber types of people in elevators let's get the person who stares at you here's your problem oh nothing so problem when you're in the elevator with an acquaintance right what's it's been a minute I know husband how's your finals going preview time and just kinda stressful and stuff but gotcha yeah cool huh cool awesome that's cool yeah she stood in need to stuff oh yeah crazier than weather is crazy it's been hot when you get in the elevator with your crush well four five five five the person who jams the closed door button and quick disclaimer guys that doesn't work the doors close when you try to close the doors before someone else gets on but they end up getting on and then they saw you trying to close the doors on them and then it's just awkward when everyone tries to avoid eye-contact literally everybody the second they get on an elevator the weirdo who tries to make small talk so what's your guys thoughts on March Madness with you guys brackets looking like Duke Zion what you guys think about the moon-landing really big earth flat or not the loud one on the phone not good nah dude are we going to Wahoo's tonight or what because I was nodded I blacked out last night so I couldn't do it okay all right well I'll just talk to you like I'm in the elevator right now so it's gonna cut out okay oh hell up when someone thinks is the ground level so they walk off the elevator and then quickly realize it's like the third or second floor so they awkwardly walk back on and pretend they didn't just do that the disgusting person who farts on the elevator yeah why it is wrong to Camarena I don't yes fr I don't I don't you dig that you get the person with the headphones the person with the headphones who's playing really weird music when we fucking come swapping on the same with the person who doesn't understand the concept of personal space when you get in the elevator with someone you follow on Instagram the person with the big bag do excuse me come on the guy that's just gonna wait for the next one how's that [Applause] alright guys we made it to the end of the video told you better cook away don't do it wait we're not done we want to give a big thank you to rob Andi for being in the video today little double collab so make sure you guys subscribe to them they got instagrams Twitter's owned by penguins everything's gonna be the link but yeah thank you guys so much for your support if you liked the video let us know and should we clap again what do you want us to do and what youtubers IANA T is collab with also the comments we take that suggestion – alright guys thank you so much and until next time peace know we're a little video we're into the yeah just like if you took it a little Oh see it so yo what's up guys so first off RINO and I are trying to make videos that are 10 minutes and longer and sadly this video didn't make that we thought it was going to so I'm gonna have to make this outro to get it to 10 minutes just goes away YouTube is right now video is over 10 minutes get putting the algorithm and get more suggestive and we only want to grow our channels so we're gonna try to make longer forms of content in the future so stay tuned for that it's gonna be quality over quantity trust me but this one specifically didn't make 10 minutes and we really wanted it to so right now let's give our shout out to the surf squad member of the day shout out to boom right there thank you so much for watching the videos if you want to be the next surf squad member of the day and get a shout out in one of our videos all you got to do is follow rhino and I on Instagram post a picture using the hashtag surf squad and tag both of us it's that simple and it's free so yeah now just enjoy this little clip of some elevator music and hope you have a great day peace

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