24 thoughts on “Tyrant's Halo Anniversary Legendary Walkthrough – Truth & Reconciliation

  • This is good for entertainment value but if you really want to learn how to play the game check out Hokiebird428

  • I want to get the legend achievement but uh… if I could put on bandana then I still would deserve the achievement. Also if I had it on I would just spam grandes until everything died.

  • You probably know this by now tyrant, but the hunters appear in the gravity room on heroic as well as legendary 😁

  • Yeah infinite ammo really helps huh? Fucking stupid… yeah I could turn that shit on and beat it too. Don't call it a walkthrough. Call it a "how to beat the game with intimate ammo"

  • I'm pissed last night I died probably a hundred times just getting into the damn ship and ditched my sniper rifle because I ran out of bullets and didn't know that there was more ammo for it right next to the damn gravity lift. Now I'm stuck dying over and over in the first damn room on legendary without the damn sniper rifle with endless waves of enemies. The only way I can get my sniper rifle back has to go and redo the other freaking level all over again. Seems every person who beat this level always has the sniper rifle the entire time I don't have the energy to go and do it all over again I almost had a stroke with the amount of Rage I had in that stupid first level. Sigh

  • Can this be done without the sniper rifle? Every walkthrough seems to use it. If I'd known the room on the ship can't be done without it I'd have kept hold of it but all I have is the plasma pistol and plasma rifle.

  • What if the Prophet of Truth is on this ship? Well it's named the Truth & Reconciliation. But I'd imagine a Prophet would be on a bigger ship. But if he was on that ship, BLOW THE FUCK OUT OF IT

  • RIP …. I brought a needler into that fight at 13:03 along with a sniper rifle ….. I'm only doing this on Heroic and the game spawns me exactly when the first elite comes out.

  • WTF has the world come to. I seen a comment saying something along the lines of Im a real gamer cause I beat Halo on legendary without infinite ammo. Really? So what. Im doing it with infinite ammo to get the lay of the land before I try my true legendary run. Last time I looked in the mirror it didnt make me feel like less of a man. Its a fucking videogame. Yall so called true gamers take too much pride in some shit that in the grand scheme of things doesnt matter. Its sad when this generation takes more pride over playing a damn game than real life stuff.

  • So many stupid fucks in the comments. If there's a skull that turns on infinite ammo then people are gonna use it. I'm fine with people bitching about the scarab skull in Halo 2 Anniversary because that skull is just frickin ridiculous.

  • I prefer doing it without shitty Skulls.I don't think anyone can do it without dying ,While playing it for the first time without watching these Walkthroughs.

  • Unlimited ammo……and you call this a walkthrough? I'm not doing that shit, I'll beat it on Legendary like a true player thank you very much 😂👍

  • Normally your walkthroughs are great, but this is definitely not one of them. Bandana skull, really? Why bother doing a legendary run if you're going to use cheap skulls that also disable achievements? What's the point anymore?

  • Problem is, bandana skull disables achievements. And if you aren't going to hear that glorious 'kerplunk' sound….what's the point?

  • I became a master with the plasma pistol after this level. Great walkthrough. Although having finite ammo makes it much more difficult, seeing you clear out enemies and rooms helped me beat this mission in 3 hours. Thanks!

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