U.S., China Discuss Xi-Trump Talks as Trade War Simmers

aha both sides ready for compromise so what we know so far is we just heard from the US Trade Representative's office and Robert light Heiser and his counterpart Lee a host Oak by phone today and right now they're really just at the stage of agreeing about what the two leaders will actually talk about during their meeting the scope of their meeting what we do know from the US side is that there's really no expectation that Trump and XI are gonna come up with a deal by the end of their meeting together their summit at the g20 but what they will probably decide on is a path forward and if they don't then we're in real trouble Sarah you remember last year when the president lifted a ban on ZTE because of Xi Jinping's request could there be a similar move this time around there seems to be a lot of similarities with this meeting and and of course the one that took place in December between Trump and Qi the last time they met when they agreed on a temporary truce to their tariff war of course those talks have broken down now and here we find ourselves meeting again and at this time now we see another major Chinese telecoms company hawawa hit by sanctions and Trump musing that he could maybe go easier on Hawaii as part of a trade deal you know we hear from his officials who are part of the the talks that are part of the directly part of the negotiations who say they're two separate tracks hawawa is a is a Justice Department issue is a issue of you know if being added to an entity list that means us suppliers can't sell to it and the trade negotiations are something entirely separate but Trump of course has conflated those two issues and so we'll have to see if President Xi asks for some reprieve for hawawa during those talks and whether Trump granted Sarah in terms of Huawei is the genie out of the bottle in some regards because it's grown a bit beyond the US borders many of the five eyes Alliance now have measures in place against Huawei some members of Congress may not be so keen on concessions when it comes to our ways so how can president Trump climbed down from that pretty high rhetorical position that he built absolutely I mean the the issue of Hawaii being a security threat has been on the minds as you said congresspeople of a lot of security watchers here in Washington for a long time and so if Trump does of course back down from some of these restrictions on Hawaii he could get a lot of pushback from people in his own Republican party from from other lawmakers and so you know he isn't a bit of a tight spot right now I think these are long-standing concerns against Hawaii you know allegations like they spy on America or that if we allow them to sort of invest in our infrastructure here in the States it could be compromised these are long-standing concerns and ones the Defense Department in the military brought up and there's other restrictions on Hawaii selling for instance to to government and so it would be hard to imagine how Trump could justify it but then again we saw him you know back down from the ZTE sanctions last year in exchange for them you know shaking up their management and agreeing to a bit more monitoring from the US side and to pay a big fine so there is a president for for backing down of course

47 thoughts on “U.S., China Discuss Xi-Trump Talks as Trade War Simmers

  • Trump should look at the world trade history after world war 2, America is about capitalism but Trump does not want China taking a slice of the cake, The US has become a very large rich economy over the years after the deals which aided the US, now every country has gained ground especially China, so Trump sees a trade war to stall China's growth, I believe Trumps is leading the US economy on a path to decline.

  • FedEx also finds itself in the middle of a trade dispute between the U.S. and China. On Monday, the company sued the Commerce Department , seeking to stop it from enforcing export rules that restrict shipments to, among others, Chinese telecommunications-equipment maker Huawei Technologies. Huawei was recently added to a list of companies barred from receiving U.S. technology without a special license from the Commerce Department.

    In the fiscal fourth quarter, which ended May 31, FedEx reported a loss of $1.97 billion, compared with profit of $1.13 billion a year earlier.

  • First, Trump says relocate your factories from China to Vietnam, then he says Vietnam is taking advantage of us too. Come on, it’s so obvious that the guy is unhinged. Nancy was right when she asked his family members or friends to do something for him. Sad. But Nancy, if you think he is so far gone, why don’t you do something about it in the Congress?

  • “If you don’t show up, I will hit you with additional tariffs.”. Trump has said this in public to Xi Jinping. For a President of the United States, a great country founded on the principles of democracy and equality, to say something like that to the leader of another country, what do you expect Xi to say? I think we know. Xi would say “fuxk you!”

  • Russia agree to what US says. They unilaterally tore the warsaw pact, switch to democracy, apply for Nato. Russia invites Harvard professionals to draw up plans for their economic reform policy. It seems so happy back then. What happened next? What do US and west do to them? Check out the stories on the greatest betrayal of the century.

  • US knows whatever China do, US will have to destroy China economy. All these facade by the media that everything will be all right once trade deal is signed. After this, there will be another episode. We, the world suffer

  • China are are biggest threat western world they have undermined the rest of world such as dog trade market, also they are seeking military action to take claims to land for natural resources such as South China Sea and they have chronic trade practices that benefits chinese business and force western country’s to submit intellectual property theft, stop trading because you will be working for 00.35p hour like the rest of 1.4billion people in China ( say No COMMUNISM ) also they have ambitions such as MADE CHINA 2025 and 1 belt 1 road initiative…………less trade more tarrifs= more jobs and higher wages stand up not down


  • Fuck you Americans. You cause problems all over the world. Your country is so evil you will probably die in your own country at the next school/church/work mass shooting. Fuck you obese pigs.

  • China will wait just exactly as long as it takes, which is of course, far longer than the U.S. has.
    Fill the rest in yourself.

  • we will always buy stuff from china, I buy my balance boards from their. If I buy them here they still come from china, It cuts out the middle man which is just like paying a tariff anyway.

  • Sanctions and tariffs are the wrong thing to do. Raising the EXCISE TAX sky high is the correct thing to do. This tax is paid to IRS from retailers selling foreign goods coming in to our country, and is paid by those people who buy forgin goods. Supporting merica means shopping and buying merican products

  • For gods sake stop calling it a trade war. It’s called righting a wrong. Chinese cheating. It would be no war China has zero leverage

  • Chinna is bad. We need to do something about them. We should force them to not harm anyone anymore or there will be consequences.

  • take it easy americunts, you guys are strong enough to live without 1.4 billion market, build your iPhones and cars outside of China, and sell to India, North Korea, Africa etc.

  • Imagine having such a boring, miserable life that you have to freak out about a news reporter wearing casual clothing.

  • Bloomberg FAKE news. Why talk so much? If orange man got guts, just implement the additional US 300billions trade tariffs on China.

  • Isn't Bloomberg just another propaganda machine of the Demonrats ? Why is this popping up in my suggestions. Project Veritas caught Google trying to influence the election. Looks like they're full.steam.

  • Hu-Awei…!!
    Hua, Wei…
    Hua Mulan!!!
    Hua Milan!!!
    Star Lord!!!
    The Guardians of the Galaxy!!
    Vol. X!!!

  • I say this. Let the Trump administration continue their trade wars. Pass the increased tariff to the US customers. If they don't want to buy there are other markets. If the US people are unhappy that suddenly many goods have jumped 30% let them take it up with their president–they voted him in.

  • There wont be an agreement. Most thinking people already fully appreciate that It's not in the West's long term interest for an agreement to be reached. It is in the West's interest to reduce power and influence of China relative to other smaller more passive nations, which means diverting trade away from China towards smaller more manageable nations over the mid to longer term. It makes absolutely no long term sense for the West, to boost the global power and influence and aggression of China. Thus an agreement on trade would not make any sense whatsoever.

  • Press conference of Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, Xi will meet with first BRIC leaders (Russia, Brazil, India), and then African leaders, and then leaders of OTHER NATIONS. Either the Xi-Trump talk is perceived so symbolic and fruitless or it is not going to happen at all. All Chinese sources are saying Beijing expects the situation to further escalate.

  • good mind who make shot over golden towears for people minds think put money on gold but i think this trade war will finish succesfully

  • Keep hoping. Neither sides are willing to step back. At least, Xi was courteous enough to respond to Trump's proposal for talks. Trump has an election coming. Xi has a worldwide connection to develop. To each his own.

  • Trump's hawky negotiation team must be living in their illusion thinking they can mess around China's sovereignty. Auditing Chinese companies' financials? You must be crazy to think that up~
    No deal down the road.

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