Ubuntu Touch: Be Part of the Revolution

We live in a world that is rapidly taking away
one of our core values: ‘freedom of choice’. Freedom does not exist without real choice. This especially applies for the part that is quickly becoming
more and more central in our lives: our mobile devices. These are not designed with our best interests in mind,
but yet they are so essential in the way that we now conduct our lives. The mobile market is dominated by a few
big companies, who – in return for our data – (how, where and what we communicate),
let us use their services and make us dependent. These companies control the complete chain,
from manufacturers to employees, from telecom providers to subcontractors,
from developers to end-users. One way or another, it will affect you. We firmly believe in an open, transparent and secure world. Where you can choose which mobile platform you want
to use, independent of the hardware you buy. Where you can choose how and which data you want
to share with whom, without making concessions. In a world where there is freedom of choice at every level, manufacturers should have the choice
to pick their components without any limitations, developers shouldn’t have to worry about censorship
or the powerful agendas of monopolies and users must always be in charge of their online identity. We want to make available a new option for everyone, a beautiful, free and open source mobile operating system. We believe that the timing is right, with the dominance of the mobile market
combined with it’s lack of choice for the end user. The complete chain is ready to join forces and
shift back towards freedom of choice. Now is the time to get involved. By working together we can start a revolution
that will result in a healthy regime change which puts the control back in the people’s hands. We need your help to achieve this. Join our growing community of volunteers and
passionate people across the world and support the Foundation. Help in whatever way you can
and be part of this exciting revolution! The choice is yours.
Ubuntu Touch

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu Touch: Be Part of the Revolution

  • As long as it is problematic to just go and build it for a normal phone (even if there are some custom android ROMs), I hardly imagine it being popular

  • "Ubports" is awful branding. That's the biggest hurdle. Just rebrand with something user friendly (example: "Linux Mobile", "Linux Pocket") then push hard with companies being blacklisted by the US China trade wars.

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