Ukraine’s opposition threatens violence in Kiev unless snap elections called

turning to Ukraine now which appears to be descending into chaos opposition leaders there have issued an ultimatum to the president following talks that fail to answer their demands and amid anti-government protests that turned deadly on Wednesday Shin Semin has more Ukrainian opposition leaders have issued an ultimatum to President Viktor Yanukovych call elections within 24 hours or prepare for the worst following the first death in a crisis that’s rocked the country for two months the opposition leaders emerged from talks with the President on Wednesday aimed at crawling the escalating violence in Kiev saying the talks have failed with leader Vitali Klitschko calling on supporters to prepare for a police offensive the opposition also wants the government dismissed and harsh new anti-protest law scrapped the protest turned deadly Wednesday as Ukrainian riot police clashed with protesters in kiev these were the first fatality since protests began in November after Yanukovych walked away from a planned treaty with the European Union in favor of closer economic ties with Russia protesters gathered an independent square but things escalated quickly when riot police began dismantling the main protest camp there two men were shot died in the violence that followed with hundreds of protesters injured the European Union has threatened to take action against Ukraine over its crackdown on the anti-government protests European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the EU was shocked by the fatalities and would have to rethink its relationship with Ukraine with possible consequences Shin Semin Arirang news

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