UN Migration Pact: Europe & Ireland

known as the Global Compact for migration the UN migration pact aims to make mass migration safe orderly and regular the agreement is expected to be ratified in a UN meeting in Morocco on December 18th however there's been much political fallout over the pact with the United States Italy Slovakia Austria Australia Israel Hungary the Czech Republic and Poland among other nations all refusing to sign the document the reasons are simple the pact essentially brings the steady slow simmer of mass migration from the third world to a boil make no mistake this pact is designed to replace native populations of Western nations as quickly as possible so that any and all nationalist movements will be neutralized through changing demographics the agreement conflates refugees and asylum seekers with economic migrants making emigration to Western nations essentially a human right which would in effect be enforced by the European Court of Human Rights the ECHR is the same court that recently determined that defamation of the Prophet Mohammed is not speech that's covered under a person's free speech furthermore the pact will also make criticism of mass immigration a form of hate speech with regard to this global compact on migration and participating countries are set to sign this agreement and one basic element of this new agreement is the extension of the definition of a speech the agreement want to criminalize migration speech criticism of migration will become a criminal offence and media outlets and that also concerns you that give room to criticism of migration can be shut down the compact for migration is legalization of mass migration it's declaring migration as a human right so in fact it will become impossible to criticize miss Merkel's welcome migrants politics without being at risk to be jailed for hate speech so disagreement to our humble opinion is a coupe data of pro migrant liberal globalists and it will greatly benefit multinationals because you know countries who import the third world who become the third world and it's absolutely clear and you'll know that that in third world countries multinationals dictate the rules yep complete and total tyranny it's becoming a bit of a pattern lately isn't it brexit is sabotage migrant quotas are being forced upon EU nations articles 11 and 13 of the EU copyright directive looks set to basically censor the internet in Europe the European Union wants an army and to become an empire and now the UN migration compact will accelerate the downfall of the Western world by several decades and you're not allowed to publicly disagree with it free speech will be completely lost if you don't have control of your borders you don't have a nation but that's the point the point is to rob Westerners of their homelands it goes without saying at this point anyone who is against their nation being turned into a province of the third world will be smeared as racist a Nazi xenophobic bigoted etc and I can't help but draw your attention to the fact that Ireland has up until this point dutifully complied with every migration demand made of us with Lee over adkar celebrating 3,000 more paper Irish being granted citizenship and carry recently in several small towns throughout the country direct provision centres are being set up to house migrants in former hotels these are towns and villages that in some cases have populations of only a few hundred people at the most the media is not covering the protests and unrest that these asylum centers are generating from the local community who obviously had no say in any of this but then again since when are the anti-democratic globalists all that interested in the consent of the public especially when they'll simply ask you to vote again on a referendum in order to give them the correct answer recently FINA gelles simon calvin ii has said the following I believe that ours is being enhanced significantly but fact that so many people who are not born in other than a part of our society economy but of course we need to also ensure that we can manage universally welcomes and a bit they can integrate appropriately we estimated saying earlier over the next 20 years that population of our would certainly grow by actually people linked to that is is that half of that norm will be born in our I think that'll be a really good thing for our society but we do need to manage it carefully so we don't allow politics of migration to be to play a big part in Irish politics because I think it pulls us down a dangerous direction but the global compact on migration is controversial it's difficult because migration is very much the question this is the UN trying to get this balance right between the obligations that countries have and in the next 20 years the population of Ireland will increase by an extra million people half of which will not have been born in Ireland this is based on current immigration numbers it's hard to say how much greater that number could be if Ireland adopts the UN migration pact Ireland and the UK still haven't pulled out of the agreement so it looks likely that both governments are in favor of the plan after listening to what Simon Kovan ii has said here which any sane person should find alarming and downright disgraceful it's clear that he believes that countries like Ireland have an obligation to open their borders and that there should be no further discussion on the matter these people know that this forced mass immigration is wrong he states it's controversial he just won't get into the reasons why it's controversial the reason it's controversial is because it will radically alter the homelands of the native people against their will changing their communities and making their towns cities and suburbs very different and in some cases less safe as we've seen in other EU countries that are further down the mass immigration Road as groups and different tribes of people congregate into their own spective communities ghettoization is inevitable they're essentially forming micro nations within the nation and before too long representatives of those communities seek to enter politics to represent and advocate on behalf of their own in-group this is why Belgium now has it's very own Islamic political party a party whose aim is to create an Islamic state is hoping to win seats in Belgium's October municipal elections the islam party got two members elected in 2012 including one here in the Mahlon back area of brussels this year it will stand in 28 municipalities in all among its policies they wants to separate men and women on public transport the islam party which also wants to bring in Sharia law is focusing its efforts on conservative Muslims but it says it doesn't want to violate the Belgian Constitution voters will ultimately decide on the face of the Islam party in Belgium which is home to more than seven hundred and eighty thousand Muslims in 2014 it was revealed that Ireland grants citizenship to more foreign nationals than all other EU nations bar one that country was Luxembourg the next country in line was unsurprisingly Sweden it's important to say that demographically the indigenous Gaelic Irish people which is to say the people who are 'land is supposed to belong to are expected to become a minority in the country by 2050 but that estimate was made back in 2005 ten years before the migrant crisis began I should also point out that it's only been in the last two decades that Ireland has gone from being ethnically homogeneous to being multicultural and diverse with the native Irish people now only representing 82 percent of the total population according to figures released in August of this year two thirds of people coming into the state are foreign nationals the Irish Times article goes on to state the CSO's latest population statistics show that of the ninety thousand three hundred people who emigrated here in the 12 months to April two-thirds sixty one thousand nine hundred were foreign nationals while the remainder were irish nationals returning to live in the republic from abroad 90,000 with over 60,000 being foreign nationals extrapolating based on the current rate of annual inward migration for the usually higher birth rates of immigrants it's not hard to imagine the native Irish being a minority in Ireland by mid-century it's important to say that though nationalist political parties are emerging in Ireland and you should support them they're still very small and very much in their infancy when compared to other nationalist movements throughout Europe it doesn't help that the Irish populace at large are still very much enraptured by progressive politics and fairly unaware of what's happening in their country and why we're constantly being told that mass migration is important necessary and inevitable our overly taxed public services have led to a crisis in the healthcare sector where three-quarters of a million people are on health care waiting lists keep in mind Ireland is a small country with a population of just 4.6 million people additionally we have a housing crisis because we simply cannot house new arrivals fast enough the supply cannot meet the demand and the esri the economic Social Research Institute believes that the solution is not to curb migration but to bring in more migrants to help build more houses despite the reason for our housing crisis being the unsustainable numbers of foreign nationals coming into our tiny country unsurprisingly we also have a homeless crisis that is absolutely shocking for a western country despite being told how we're a fast-moving progressive tech-savvy rich and prosperous knowledge economy with multinationals attracted to our low corporation tax rate and skilled workers but a casual stroll from one side of Dublin city to the other will reveal a jaw-dropping reality this country has a population of 4.6 million almost 10,000 people are homeless and yet we're just expected to fling open the doors even more and engage in the same pathological altruism as nations like Sweden nearly 10,000 people just take a moment to let that sink in in Ireland 10,000 people would represent a mid-sized town despite this the taxpayer is being forced to fund direct provision centres for economic sorry asylum seekers why are new arrivals being prioritized over homeless Irish people figures from January 2018 state that five and ninety-six men women and children including 801 families are living in the 30 for direct provision centers across 17 counties in Ireland by the end of December 2017 these include 31 accommodation centers to self catering centers I should point out that since then new direct provision centres have been built all over the country including in ruski Leitrim Donegal in Wicklow town with many more being opened on a regular basis and little being publicized about the objections from local people so the better part of ten thousand people are homeless in Ireland but we're taking in more asylum seekers and housing them distributing them in rural areas across the country it goes without saying that if we redirected these same resources to our own homeless people we could reduce that ten thousand figure substantially but what am I thinking that would assume that the Irish government and the NGOs who push for more mass emigration actually cared about the native Irish people and I see no evidence of that when the plan is to replace the native population of a country why on earth where our elites lift a finger to help the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society a generation of young people have been indoctrinated into an anti Irish cultural Marxist agenda and for many the novelty and euphoria associated with being a virtue signaling progressive lefty la vie simply hasn't worn off as the worst aspects of cultural enrichment and vibrant diversity haven't fully manifested here just yes the honeymoon period is still ongoing the face of the Irish population is changing it's becoming so much more diverse and our decision-makers and their faces are not reflecting that and that's not good enough we can't have Ireland just for the Irish it has to be and has always been a very globalized country we're also not aided by our left-wing mainstream media that licks the boots of the EU whenever possible and lays on the pro-immigration propaganda the migrant Rights Center has said between three and five thousand children are living with the fear of deportation there have been calls for the government to look again at the 27th amendment which removed the automatic right of all people born in Ireland to Irish citizenship a migrant rights group says between three and five thousand children living here are undocumented we will be calling on Minister Charlie Flanagan to introduce legislation in this area so that no child and no young person lives in fear of deportation in this country and grows up undocumented here so by undocumented they mean illegal the report of course began by Sharon Navy Olin saying between 3,000 and 5,000 children are living with the fear of being deported so they're using children as a means of pushing this agenda the poor children run the risk of being deported but later in the same news package it becomes clear that these are illegal migrant children obviously brought into this country by illegal immigrant adults now apparently they want the law changed so that people breaking the law can remain in Ireland if you don't have the correct paperwork you don't have the right to simply walk into this country the reason this is brought up is because of the 2004 referendum on the 27th amendment it abolished the constitutional right for birthright citizenship 80% of Irish people voted to end the practice these activist groups are now pushing for the state to grant legal status to illegal migrants children who were born in Ireland to illegal migrant parents the state would be completely undermining the 2004 referendum results if it did that but the question I would have is who are the employers who were hiring illegal immigrant workers in the country as I said recently in my interview with Justin Burris in 1916 the idea of Ireland being for the Irish is a sentiment that would see you branded as a hero in 2018 the idea of Ireland being for the Irish will see you branded a fascist right weighing bigot and a small-minded xenophobe even our own political class now tells us that sovereignty is a backwards idea let there be no doubt about where Ireland stands we want nothing to do with a backward-looking idea of sovereignty we remain absolutely committed to the ideals of the European Union sovereignty basically meaning that the state has the right to govern itself sovereignty is the very idea of national freedom and independence something that young Irish people today seem to have forgotten was an ideal that many Irish men died fighting for while the French finance minister Bruno lemare believes that the EU is a sovereign continent which is to say the sovereign powers of all EU member states are consolidated to Brussels something I'm sure Guy Verhofstadt would approve of and that is the real problem colleagues why there is such a problem in this crisis because member states are reluctant to transfer new sovereignty and powers to the European Union and we all know that the only way out of this crisis is a new transfer of powers to the European Union and to the European institutions now I want to conclude by saying something I don't say often enough it's easy to become despondent to see darkness everywhere and to be filled with an almost daily sense of existential dread and fear for the coming future things are always darkest before the dawn now I don't claim to have all the answers I'm just like you I'm an average person just reacting to and commenting on the madness of our world I don't know the best way to combat all of the problems we are facing in our countries there are times when one wonders if it's best to simply retreat and shrink from these challenges to slip away quietly and hope for the best perhaps someone else will come along and make it all right but the truth is it's like that line from the film Logan someone has come along it's you there is no cavalry there's just us now here what we do today that matters what we do every day so please get involved politically start attending political meetings join your local nationalist parties and speak out louder especially when you're told you shouldn't there is no future for Western people if the current course continues whatever future you're building towards and saving for right now whatever your dreams and aspirations none of it will matter and none of it will be possible if we don't work to save our Nations now and you'll be called all manner of horrible things along the way mostly by people who don't even realize how indoctrinated they are I pity them to be honest many of them will eventually wake up and realize that they've been on the side of totalitarianism all along some of them won't it's important to remind ourselves that one day we will die but what will we have done with our lives we'll we have lived a pathetic lives of silent surrender and compliance gradually losing our freedom culture and homelands because we were too paralyzed by the fear of being inaccurately labeled a racist or do we live an authentic life of meaning celebrating the heritage that our ancestors fought to give us and preserving and maintaining our civilization no matter the cost to ourselves people need to understand what's at stake there is no future worth living in if it's not a free future and every day our world slouches that little bit more towards degradation and tyranny the signs are there for anyone with eyes to see doing nothing is not an option silence is consent if there is to be a future for our children and grandchildren it can only be the future we make for them the problem with noble causes against seemingly impossible odds is that they often seem futile but nothing worth doing is ever easy it's like that line from Angel if nothing we do matters then all that matters is what we do happiness freedom love these are not things we have a divine right to we have to work for them love is sacrifice love is what we do for other people for our nation and for our families so become politically active if you love your nation network in the real world with like-minded people and help to amplify this message in any medium you can porridge Pierce was an Irish nationalist and one of the leaders of the 1916 rising he was executed along with the other rebel leaders making the martyrs the sacrifice of those men galvanized the Irish people around there cause for Irish independence the following is a quote from Pierce Irish nationality is an ancient spiritual tradition and the Irish nation could not die as long as that tradition lived in the heart of one faithful man or woman but had the last repository of the Gaelic tradition the last on Concord Gale died the Irish nation was no more an e free state that might thereafter be erected in Ireland whatever it might call itself would certainly not be the historic Irish nation

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