Unexpected Resale Treasures at the Local Goodwill | Starbucks Coffee Mug Score!

hey sissy you want this genome with cataracts but a creepy erotic I never mind that's maybe a bad idea we'll leave him here my family calls it my superpower it's my ability to see value in things that other people might overlook sometimes I go picking with my boyfriend sometimes it's my best friend Sue and sometimes it's my kids but at the end of the day it's all about having fun and hopefully just maybe making a profit all right well I've got Juliet with me today she just disappeared oh she's back but she's got a mask with her she's not really Juliet she's a tiger oh we're at the goodwill today we're about to head in and hopefully find some stuff that we can buy and turn around for a profit so here we go maybe we can find um well I kind of like this caddy so I think I'm gonna take this with me for $5.00 and if I don't end up selling it I'm probably gonna end up using it because I do like that I just spotted these absolutely gorgeous chairs they've got these seats embroidered seats and unfortunately they are marks $50 a piece so they're not coming home with me but if they weren't $50 apiece if they were like actual goodwill prices they would probably come home with me 150 dollars a piece I think not if we're talking like $15 a piece then absolutely what do you see magic dragons you love dragons oh my gosh no this is probably not very old and it actually has a chip in the back but I am obsessed with foxes and I think this is going to come home with me chip in the back or not there's a chip there oh yeah you're right sissy oh gosh I love it though but it's ten dollars they've gotta merge for $10 and there's two chips on it I just don't even know about that how could they do that I just found this little guy and now he is chipped but he's awfully old there is some chipping here on the lip but they only want a dollar for it and I feel like I can deal with some tripping because that's a really nice piece so this is going to come with me for a dollar also these mugs are really nice mugs they're marked Johnson I don't know who that is but I like them I picked up this bag which I believed to be handmade there's like a crocheted butterfly I'll give you guys a closer look at that in my haul video I just noticed this light down here I'm thinking about that I don't know if I really want to commit cuz it's a pain in the butt to ship we're going to keep looking at the mugs but I just don't know I'm not seeing a whole lot here today so see is watching cake-decorating she's gonna start baking I think in her easy-bake oven I just spotted something over there we're gonna skip this aisle and we're gonna go this way that looks from a distance like it's possibly a Lladro but from a distance it could also be a repro and it looks close a close-up like this it is BH it was probably not a this that's kind of cute Holland's mold of course it is I should have known all right let's go this way I'm always looking at the artwork and I'm not only just looking at the artwork I'm looking at the frames I'm looking at how this stuff is framed okay so check this out if I can juggle it with one hand and one hand on the camera I just spotted this and it's very weird it's like painted on glass the design itself the Frog is on the glass but then there's foil behind it but look at how its framed it's old it's vintage it's cool it's like folk art I like it and I'm gonna pay two dollars for it because it's cool so that is coming with me this is cool look at the frogs dizzy toad oh it might be a toad but he's in the water so I think he's probably a frog maybe maybe you're right it's very cool though and I like the way it's framed so let's come in with us okay well you guys know how much I just I can't stand buying milk glass for resale blood I made an exception today and I'm feeling like maybe I might regret it oh you want to show them here Fox says he found a fox she's like her mom she loves foxes I found this and this is the exception today is this built glass milk bottle I don't know if it's old I don't know if it's like a Cracker Barrel thing it looks like there's some adhesive here that me we had it as sticker on it at one point but I like the look of it so it is coming home with us you have to go to the bathroom of course you do you always sue okay let's go I think the bathrooms right over there all right so anyway this is what we've got so far I think this is all we're gonna end up with today but I gotta get sis to the bathroom we're gonna check out the purses and then we're gonna get out of here right sis okay all right so this purse kind of piqued my interest I do believe it's a designer purse I don't know the knockoffs from the good ones of this specific type of purse it does say made in Italy unfortunately there is a tear in it and it looks like something's wrong here because it's like I don't know I don't know what's going on with this purse I'm gonna regret leaving it here Bravo but you guys may be like oh that purse is worth so much money but again it's not in the best of shape um yeah nothing else really standing out that's kind of fun too but anyway let's keep going oh you're watching painting on mommy's phone okay all right let's get back to looking at the home goods the stuff that I'm good at Matt purses like these beautiful things just joking um those aren't really my thing I have know nothing about those oh my goodness oh look we've got a butterfly it's not as fun as our copy one we got the other week and it's in pretty bad shape so I'm gonna leave that there this is fun unfortunately it's broken oh my god is this in Enid Collins oh my god is that Anita Collins it's not marked it's not marked it sure as heck looks like an Enid Collins doesn't it it does that's coming with me that is coming with me for those of you who don't know what Union Collins is it's a box purse it's a designer box purse and I don't know maybe it's just a wannabe Union Collins but for two dollars I will take a wannabe Union Collins thank you all right well Juliette and I had pretty good luck at the last goodwill we are now at a different goodwill and I'm hoping we're gonna have better luck because I wasn't you know we did okay it wasn't the best ever but Joey it got a sloth she's pretty cool I don't know if that's a sloth or a lemur sissy Oh what's this lot she's telling me it's like um anyway we're gonna go in here we're gonna see what we can find hopefully we've made some stuff to flip for profit but we're gonna see what we can get all right so drew was just telling me today how he needs a table so I grabbed this I know I thought you put it out and my boyfriend was just telling me he needs a table so I'm like look there's a table it's like a sign I'm so we got the table and also it's kitty here this is cute isn't it sissy you like it's just cute isn't it maybe you got a good pic here should we put it in the cart all right let's put it in the cart maybe right here next to the table very carefully so it doesn't get broken hey Juliet I found something for you you know thank you I think we should have it look at him looks like his beard was supposed to be longer but somebody painted it sorry hey sissy I love you I love you she says you take me home with you oh don't we would make just laws protecting you he is creepy as new okay one of the things I'm always telling you guys to look for when I'm looking for mugs is Starbucks mug there are some very very valuable Starbucks mugs out there and it just so happens that Juliet and I just came across some City Starbucks mugs now these aren't the super valuable ones these are actually maybe worth like 25 to 30 bucks apiece but we've got Memphis Atlanta and Detroit so and these are yes you've found a very cool colander that is awesome so they're actually marked a dollar apiece so I did I did look over the shelves to see if there was any more cities but these are the only three I could find very pleased with that that pretty much made my day so you guys know I love my coffee I love my Starbucks and you especially love my you are here Starbucks mugs so there we go we just made our entire day hey sissy you want this a genome with cataracts you think he's cute really nicely you don't he's only four dollars we could put him in the garden yeah but a creepy erotic I never mind that's maybe a bad idea we'll leave him here no I do like this Syracuse China so I think I'm gonna grab this for $2 and I actually just caught my eye I like the the style of it this coffee mug it says Pennsylvania of course the bottoms is made in China so what you know let's get this Pennsylvania coffee mug that's made in China what do you think sissy shouldn't say made in Pennsylvania on the bottom don't you think I think we outsource it to China but it's okay we'll get the Pennsylvania made in China mug we love mugs today's a mug day okay so we had a little bit better luck there at the second goodwill with those Starbucks mug very last minute I was pretty thrilled with those I always look at the mugs and I always look for those Starbucks mugs I never find them and then they were just sitting there at the end of the aisle three of them I'm sorry I'm pretty pretty pleased with those but we had a good day we had fun right sissy and yeah she's not an American flag don't see those every day you know um so we had a really good day don't forget that tomorrow I will be posting my whole video where I talk about everything we bought what we paid for it how much it's worth how much I'm gonna sell it for a my Etsy shop but yeah we had a great day I think we had fun and we're gonna head off now and get Ashton to lacrosse so we will catch you guys next time you forgot me oh she wants me to show you her mask again how beautiful it is is to make sure you tell her in the comments how pretty it is right sis okay all right we'll catch you guys next time bye don't forget to Like and subscribe and if you spot it's something that you just can't live without don't worry I've put a link to her Etsy store down in the description

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