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hey Kirsten Joy Weiss here and today I
have a very special episode that I did with NRA all-access where they
interviewed me we created an awesome episode full of signature trick shots
new guns old guns a little bit about my back history and why I do this channel
my mission here which is to spread the positive reality of shooting and the
freedom that it protects and a whole lot of fun in between so I hope that you
enjoy this episode and thanks for watching this week on NRA all-access we meet a
competitive shooter turned trick shooter and learn how her challenging
performances stretch beyond the range Kirsten Weiss is a decorated shooter
Kirsten’s talents gained her quick notoriety from social media to
television network and she shares how these experiences enable her to share the
positive side of firearms to a mainstream audience I think one of the
most fun things about what I do is my audience interacting with people putting
stuff up on Facebook and hearing their stories is one of the most rewarding
things I could possibly ask for from what I’m doing I’m going to
actually lay on this mat and go upside down and shoot a rifle at a target
downrange I think a lot of people would be surprised but I really I wasn’t on
the range every single day because of what I do a lot of people assume that
I’m training all the time and I started when I was 5 and my parents just were
like guns guns guns but no that’s not the case what the reality is was that my
first experience was actually with 30.6 rifle with my dad and my mom and my dad
the only instruction I really got was just raise the trigger and also to lean
into the recoil because as most shooters know 30.6 has a sizable recoil and if
you don’t handle it well it’s going to mess up your shoulder and it was kind of
a life lesson too because when when something hurts in life you have to lean
into it I think and same with guns and I can do a lot of life lessons with guns
they’re all right first try what do you know oh my gosh
that’s too much fun I need to come up with a name for that I think
then spreading the positive reality of shooting the fun challenge and joy of
shooting is so important to me because I really wanted to be a positive example
so when the media says guns are a bad thing and nobody does anything good with
guns they can say well what about her and what about her audience what about
people that follow her she’s an example and so are they I started a competitive
shooting about 16 and it was actually because my mom was working on a banquet
with a friend of hers well this shot is a new shot we’re going
to try we have a balloon downrange and it’s quite windy it’s moving around the
balloon so that’s going to make it hard but to make it harder I’m actually going
to do a yoga pose and shoot a p38 pistol which is a world war 2 pistol so it’s
kind of the grandfather of all of our modern pistols which is really neat and
after school they met at a club and while they were talking I shot and when I
came out my mom was like hey do you like it it’s like yeah I like this and it was
cool because the coaches at the time said that I was one of the most natural
shooters they ever had and they really encouraged my parents to
support me in trying to get scholarships for college I had no idea what this
sport was about I didn’t even know that you can go to World Championships
olympics all sorts of stuff I just liked it during the course of my career I’ve had
a lot of success and I’ve gone to World Cups
World Championships in Zagreb Croatia World Cups over in Munich
Germany I’ve won national championships and also
got onto the Olympic shortlist so it’s been a good career and a lot of people
don’t think of shooting as a sport but it absolutely is and I would even go so
far as to say it’s an art form here we go
quick gun and safety that’s what’s so fun about what I do is that I get to
shoot historical guns all sorts of guns and really test their limits and fun
ways but I had a lot of – I mean – I had sabotage during Olympic career which is kind
of hard for me to talk about at this point in my career because it was very
hurtful it was a team member possibly in that year possibly even a coach so
gunsmiths confirmed and the olympic gunsmiths confirmed that there’s no
natural way it could have happened and after that cycle I just I took some time
off and I went abroad I went and I lived overseas I lived in Peru Thailand Samoa
all sorts of places and I trained under Grand Master’s of a lot of ancient arts
over there and found that a lot of other arts and a lot of other endeavors apply
to shooting as well so it was hard at the time but I look at it as a blessing
so when I took time off I came back stronger than ever and I shot in my
first match shot better scores than I ever had I shot national team scores I
was just right back in the game it was like riding a bicycle I got into trick shooting because I
wanted to share my love of shooting with others and I thought that’s the best way
to do it visually and I never really did official trick shots in my career but
sometimes I get really sick of paper and so I would just do something put
something down range and just challenge myself even further than what our
competition targets were the main reason why I got into what I’m doing now with
the YouTube videos and things like that is because when I came back from
overseas I don’t know if it was just because I had been away from America for
so long but when I came back I realized there was this gun debate going on and
it was even stronger than it ever had been in my opinion and I got frustrated
because it was all centered around this emotion of fear I wanted to share the
widely practiced but little known story and I wanted to share that with others
and hopefully inspire others to do the same I would say the most death-defying one
was the helicopter because we were up there and it was a very small helicopter
I got like a briefing of about half a day on shooting from a helicopter
gun safety and I took it very seriously but then we rigged a strike plate to
the top of a car and we had a pyrotechnician it was all very safe that
was pretty exciting on my channel I have a video about how I
turned down America’s Got Talent it was a very hard decision there’s like
16 million people that actually view that show per episode and so it was a
big crossroads in my career as a representative for the positive reality
of shooting I had to make a decision because they actually fast-tracked me to
the actual show so I don’t even have to audition or anything like that which was
really cool but then their lawyers got in contact with them and they said yeah
yeah we like what you do but could you maybe not emphasize the gun part could
you maybe just shoot like a cross bow or something so I thought about it and I
bring a lot of people to my channel and bring a lot of press to my site but it
also kind of sends a message that guns are way too dangerous to have around
people and I didn’t like that that was juxtaposed against what I do
ah alright it looks like it’s split right in two that was definitely a blast
I just decided to say no it just kind of shows the fear that’s out there and the
misunderstanding really and I didn’t want to have that be a mixed message to
what I’m doing so it was really hard decision but I had to make it So
satisfying there’s nothing more satisfying than splitting a card clean
and got little souvenir I think that it’s important for young
girls to have somebody that they can look up to I feel some responsibility to
show young shooters coming up especially females that you can respect yourself
and shoot a gun as well you know I just want to keep doing
what I’m doing and create value for the people who are watching me and inspire
them to do the same thank you so much for watching this episode I hope that
you understand a little bit more about what the mission behind this channel
it’s to spread the fun challenge and joy of shooting that positive reality of
shooting and the freedom that it protects if you can align with that sort
of message and you want to be a part of this community make sure that you
subscribe to my channel again thank you so much for watching aim true and happy

100 thoughts on “Unique Trick Shots & Interview With Gunslinger Kirsten Joy Weiss | Freedom & Guns

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