Unitarian Universalist Covenant: What Do We Promise One Another?

humans have been asking questions about faith and commitment throughout history in Jewish and Christian traditions commitment was understood as covenant God made promises to humankind and humankind to God in covenant people promise to keep God's commandments and God abides by the promises he makes but covenant is very difficult to keep covenants were made broken and renewed our Puritan forebears in covenant or religion struggled in their time to understand how they might live a moral life and build a godly Commonwealth but they failed to ask who is our neighbor they failed to ask do I love if I love only my own religious triumphalism in religion and their greed for land led to violence and the slaughter it led to the enslavement of native peoples of this Hemisphere and those of Africa their covenant was inadequate because without including love for God's creation and its peoples it produced a covenant in community turned in on its own our covenant a must strive to be inclusive and transformative so that we might nurture a world of creativity and peace what responsibilities do we have to us and to whom you you James Luther Adams thought there was something greater to which we could commit our loyalty to something he called an ultimate human concern what is your ultimate concern to what do you owe your loyalty and commitment as we grow our personal understanding strengthen deepen our community and practice spiritual justice makers we ask what do we promise one another how willing and capable are we of commitments that ask us to live our high aspirations what promises do we make to our faith what sacrifices are we willing to make to create and sustain communities of welcome hope and service with what promises do we make to the world how do we become the people who others can count on to stand on the side of love what do we promise one another you

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