United Way’s 2018 Community Giving Campaign Kickoff

There’s so much positive energy in here
and it feels absolutely wonderful. For over a hundred years, we’ve been here to serve our community helping to make sure that everyone has the opportunity for a
quality life. Today, we’re going to have over 300 very enthusiastic volunteers that are going to be helping us pack kits. We’re gonna be assembling
4,000 literacy kits, interview kits and hygiene kits for the kids, families and
adults in our community. At Ford, we’re proud that we’re almost 70 years now with the United Way, and we want to celebrate that. The campaign goals: $46 million
over the next year and 25,000 volunteer hours. We’re gonna achieve both we’re
going to do it all together. We have 300 volunteers assembled here in Detroit, in Macomb County and in Oakland County and it’s gonna be just an incredible day for
us to roll up our sleeves and get started on achieving that goal. The United Way has helped us with sustainability. We couldn’t do what we do with without the United Way and the volunteers of the United Way is
able to gather together like today. I believe you had mentioned that
you also have a program I rise? I rise – that’s our big program that is fully
funded by the United Way and what that does is it’s for at-risk families that
fall between the poverty line and the income gap. So the goal: 25,000 volunteer hours and
$46 million for the year 2019. Talk to us about what that looks like and the
difference that it would make for our community. So you’re seeing it in action right now behind us we’re packing literacy kits
for our young people as they’re getting ready for school and you know I say all
the time not everyone can give money, but everyone can give time. It doesn’t
matter how old you are; it doesn’t matter your station in life. Everyone has the
ability to give back. So just as we’re working hard to make sure we’re raising
the $46 million for our community, we also want all of our community members to get
involved and get active in the campaign and find ways that they can volunteer in
their own backyard.

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