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The topic Universal Background Checks. We
hear this a lot by those on the liberal left. Their argument is that it will make a difference
against crime. They are wrong. They want every transfer, which hasn’t been properly defined,
to have background checks done. First we need to talk about transfers. If someone lets me
borrow their rifle, is that considered a transfer? If someone lends me a shotgun to go skeet
and trap shooting is that a transfer? If I get invited to the shooting range and rent
a gun, is that a transfer? If the liberal left can’t seem to even answer what a transfer
involves then why even try to push the agenda. The next issue is the cost of the background
check itself. It costs time and money for a firearm dealer to run a background check.
Is the government going to reimburse private sales for having a background check performed?
The answer is no. They won’t. Then we have the biggest problem with the liberal left
agenda. Criminals will not submit to a background check. If someone were selling a gun, and
asked to have the purchaser submit to a background check, the criminal would not be interested
and will find someone who stole a gun or find another way to get access to a gun. Criminals
don’t pass background checks, but they still are able to purchase firearms. In 2013, and
this information is on the FBI website, 21 million background checks were performed.
There were 88 thousand denials. That’s less than half of one percent. That means that
99.58 percent of checks were not denied. In 2014, also from the FBI website, 21 million
background checks were performed, and there were 91 thousand denials. There were 99.56
percent that were not denied. So the background checks performed were over 99 percent law
abiding citizens. In 2012, of the 80 thousand denials only 44 were prosecuted. That’s
a horrible prosecution rate. 99.94 percent were not prosecuted. Why keep adding laws
if we can’t prosecute those who have been denied. We can’t add the two years and say
179,000 total criminals because someone might have tried a year later to see if they would
pass or not, but for the 90 thousand denials, where were the 90 thousand prosecutions? A
new law, or using the phrase universal will not make background checks a difference. It
would be equivalent of having a speed limit sign. The speed limit is 70 mph. If people
are still speeding another sign pops up stating Mustang speed limit of 70. Then add another
sign Corvette speed limit 70. Then F150 speed limit 70. The speed limit law already exists.
The solution would be to study why there is an issue and prosecute. That doesn’t happen
here. The knee-jerk reaction and nonsense is always adding new laws. The liberal left,
especially those in power, don’t know how to think. They have flawed thinking. Enforcing
the laws is where they should start. Prosecute the denials. You want lower crime, start prosecuting.
That’s an easy start. I worked for Dick’s Sporting Goods, not the best company but that
is another video. I worked in the hunting fishing department. I was the one who called
the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System NICS. Of all of the calls I made,
I don’t remember having one denial. We were never told what to do if there was a denial.
Should we have called the police? The ATF? The FBI? We were told not to sell the firearm
to them if they were denied, I don’t remember them saying what else to do. Criminals will
not submit to a background check. They will find another way to get a gun, or steal a
gun. Let’s Talk Common Sense.
If you have a broken system, adding new laws will not work. A broken system is less than
one half of one percent of prosecution. A broken system means not going after the denials
of background checks. The liberal left should be pushing for the 90 thousand prosecutions.
The liberal left has a flawed agenda. Or does the liberal left prefer to have crime? Maybe
that is the problem. The liberal left prefers crime to be rampant to push for more over
reach. They even use flawed opinion poll data. Saying 82% of gun owner’s support this is
flawed. You would have to opine every single gun owner before you use the data. I have
a poll that 100% believe you are a liar, and 100% believe the liberal left is violating
the Constitution by infringing on the 2nd Amendment rights of the people to keep and
bear arms. Universal Background checks infringe on the law abiding citizens. Look at the data.
Universal Background checks would do nothing to stop crime. Universal background checks
will only, I repeat, only affect law abiding citizens. If you think universal background
checks will work, look at the data, the prosecution rate. Review the FBI data. Think of how many
criminals obtain their firearms. It’s not from a store, further proving that universal
background checks would not and do not work. Thank you.

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