University Innovation Alliance Vision

America's success in an increasingly competitive world economy depends upon our ability to solve two major problems first our educational system is not producing the results our country needs the United States economy faces a shortage of 16 million college graduates by the year 2025 for the first time in US history younger adults are less well educated than their parents we know talent and drive are well distributed across our population but high-income students are seven times more likely to get a college degree than our low-income students our universities have to do better at nurturing that talent because we cannot meet our educational goals until we find ways for all students to succeed the second problem is the universities exist in a competitive environment this can work against us by keeping valuable ideas and strategies from spreading we have hotspots of innovative Student Success initiatives around the country too often these good ideas are staying where they're born there are nearly 700 public universities in the US and rolling almost 7 million undergraduate students we need to spread proven innovations and scale them up from place to place only then can we graduate a higher number of students including low-income students with quality degrees solving these two major problems was the motivation for our 11 large public research universities to come together to form the university innovation Alliance will share practical and cost efficient solutions proven to help students succeed and spread them across our institutions and the nation we're going to work together to help thousands more students each year achieve a college degree if we can do this we can create a brighter future for students from all economic backgrounds and we can regain America's global competitiveness for generations to come

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