UNPOPULAR OPINION: Losing Actually Turns You into a WINNER | Brisbane 2019 Keynote

I love fucking losing. (man laughing) I do, laugh-y guy. (audience laughing) You’re part of the generation that was protected from losing. You need to break the fuck out of it. (men cheering) You got more perspective. (intense music) I just wanna be happy,
don’t you wanna be happy? (audience cheering) Thank you, Brissie. How are you guys? (audience cheering) Awesome. Thank you so much, Josh Withers. I saw your tweets, I’m
sorry, I got love for you. Anyway, please sit, let’s get into this. So I asked them to flip the format so instead of 40-minute keynote, 20 Q&A, I’ve decided to go
20-minute keynote, 40 Q&A. The mics are lined up
in the corners there. I highly recommend you get
up now and start lining up so that you get your question, because 80% of the people
didn’t get their question in Sydney, so if you want a
Q&A, that’s where those are. Please try not to block the people. So real quick, I’ve been thinking a lot about a couple of things and
doing an interview today, something kind of populated in my mind that really stood out
that I wanna start with, which is I’ve come to realize that so much is working for me because on paper, so much did
not work for me as a child. You know, when you’re born
in a different country and you move and you immigrate, there’s always gonna be
struggles within that and so I was born in the Soviet Union. We came to the U.S. when I was three and I lived in a studio apartment with multiple family members. It was not glamorous. I had to learn the language and at four and five years
old got picked on quite a bit for not being able to speak English. I was an all-time atrocious student which meant my teachers and
the parents of my best friends basically shit on me and told
me I wouldn’t be successful. I was not ridiculously
physically gifted for athletics so I wasn’t dominating in sports, and so when I think about
what makes me happy, forget about financially successful because to be very frank,
something that I’ve decided I’m gonna spend the next
80 years of my life on is I genuinely think as a society, we have to redefine success and dramatically start downplaying money and start playing up happiness. I am, (audience cheering)
(audience applauding) I appreciate that and I
really mean it, by the way. No question to me, one of the reasons I think I’m a successful entrepreneur is ’cause I love the game, not the trophies that come
from winning the game, and I think that a lot of
people are chasing money because they wanna buy shit to conceal insecurities and unhappiness because we’re so worried about
judgment from everybody else or to prove to everybody
else we’re winning. And it’s completely fucked and we need to completely transform it, and I’m thinking a lot about that. But on that note, all that losing as a kid made me not fear it. The enormous reason, I’m gonna rant for another 16, 50 seconds and tell you to produce an
ungodly amount of content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
Instagram, YouTube, podcast. I will rant and I will
push and I will prod and I’ll come up with
four classic analogies and two new ones ’cause I love improv and I’m gonna basically try to
will down your fucking throat the thought that you
need to put out pictures, video, and written word on the internet, on this device, at scale, because the fact that we get to be humans during this internet era where
you get to post shit for free and get free distribution, and yes, eventually the organic reach
of the algorithm goes down and everybody fucking cries about it, but let me remind all of
you, it’s fucking free. I will sit here and pound
that message down your throat. I will talk about self-awareness, how you have to be good and
figure out what you’re good at. Are you comfortable in
front of a camera, no? No big deal, AudioClip it. Great, you’re not good at that, write. I don’t care how you do it. I definitely don’t think you
should do it like I do it. I do it my way but if you
are not producing content around your business or whatever
you’re trying to achieve by being here, you are in a place where you will continue to lose leverage while the person that does produce content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, they will
continue to gain leverage. It’s as simple as that. Everything that has happened in society around the human race over
the last forever years has been predicated on communication. Everything that you’re
talking about in your life, parenting, politics,
business, entertainment, is completely predicated on contextual contemporary communication. And I have really nothing else to say. I could literally fucking
leave the stage right now and feel good, I mean that. I couldn’t be more passionate
around getting everybody to understand that wherever
we go with the Q&A right now, it’s all gonna lead to one thing which is do you understand yourself and what you’re trying to achieve? Are you in a place where you
actually started the process of not worrying about what your parents or your friends or your
spouse thinks about you? And once you get into that good place, you will not fear to post content on. I do not fear posting content of me taking a Saturday
and garage-sale-ing and buying something for
$4 and selling it for $8 and having enormous joy in that even though hundreds of
comments on YouTube are, well, you lost money
’cause of fuel and time. I don’t give a fuck, Larry. (audience laughing) I do not fear about
putting out the content that I will put over the next month about everybody should
invest in sports cards because I think I’m right and I don’t care if you think I’m stupid
or it’s a waste of time. You can only start communicating and getting results for your
business when you believe. The amount of people sitting in this room that actually don’t believe in the shit they sell is devastating. You’re selling it ’cause you want money. You know how many people
right now are a cannabis and cryptocurrency expert
and five minutes ago, they were a social media
expert and a week ago, they were a fucking real estate expert? You’re fucking chasing and I don’t think that’s a good strategy. There is nothing passive
about building wealth. There is no fucking system. There’s no fucking shortcut. It’s a fucking marathon. I fucking worked every day for 15 years before I put out a piece
of content in my life. You’re not getting there quick. Nobody’s fucking inventing
Uber in this fucking room. We need to quantify what’s happening here and what’s happening here is we are ridiculously lucky
to be living right now, ’cause our grandparents
didn’t have the ability to have the internet in their pocket. This computer that I’m holding
in my hands is more powerful than the computer that Ronald Reagan had running America in the ’80s. That is insanity. We have completely not
contextualized the opportunity. The other thing that we have
not contextualized is time. If there’s been any
breakthrough in my mind over the last half decade, it’s, oh, shit. My ability to contextualize
time slightly better than the masses is why I’m so happy. Of course I can be patient when
I think 43 is young as fuck. You know how many people
are sitting here at 28, fucking nervous as shit, thinking
they missed their moment? We need to contextualize time. When you start thinking
in long terms, I mean, how many people under 40 in
this room, raise your hand. (sighs) When you realize
that you’re gonna live two more full lives, full lives, two more, what you’ve just lived up to this moment, that you’re gonna do
that two more full times, all of a sudden not
getting results tomorrow feels a little bit more palpable. We lack patience. We lack patience which
leads to shit behavior ’cause you’re looking for a quick score. It’s the same old shit. Business is no different than fitness. Business is no different than fitness. You wanna get more fit? Eat healthy and work out. But nobody wants to fucking do it ’cause fucking chocolate
and sleeping in is fun. (audience laughing) And celery and fucking
treadmills suck shit. (audience laughing) The reason so many people
don’t like my content is I’ve got no fucking quick move for you. I don’t have it. I have no interest in selling you anything or giving you some fucking
trick or fucking pandering and showing you how good I
have it so you want it like me. Here’s what I know about entrepreneurship. It’s lonely as fuck. This game is lonely. You know what entrepreneurship is? You’re on at all times. I’ve got fucking five offices globally and right now there might be
a leak in the Singapore office and that’s my fucking problem, right? It takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of work and it
takes a long, long, long time. We are now in the era where
entrepreneurship is cool. For everybody who is 35 and older, we grew up when it wasn’t cool. For everybody who’s 25 and younger, people like me seem cool now. We were fucking dorks in the ’80s. (audience laughing) And you have to understand that’s fine, but what that makes me
fearful of is the following. Unless you love your game,
somebody else who loves it more is gonna work harder and
smarter and beat you. Please understand that
self-awareness and patience are the foundation of a
happy, successful business and they are words that are
not being talked about at all. You know why so many people here don’t have the Instagram
following they want or aspire to? It’s because every
fucking piece of content you put out is selfish, not selfless. You care about how many
likes, I’m so fucking pumped that the likes are gone in this country. It’s the single best thing. – [Audience Member] Yeah. It really is. You’re pandering to short-term metrics and putting out shit that
you’re not even happy about ’cause subconsciously you
know it will do better than the shit that you
actually wanna talk about. We’re living in really interesting times and I come here this evening
with one specific agenda which is unless you are 100%
committed to your audience and playing a ridiculous long game, you are going to become more
and more vulnerable every day because people that are
are gonna put out content. Do you know how many fucking
scam artists I fucked up by giving out all my information for free? There is no $8,000 e-book with me. And that is what is going
to happen everywhere. Whoever brings the most
value is going to win, and unless that’s your framework,
you will become vulnerable and I highly recommend you heed this call. I highly recommend it. How many people here have
more than 10 employees? Raise your hand. Really interesting subject for me I been spending a ton of time on. It’s amazing to me for
whatever reason DNA-wise how I believe that I have 1,000 employees and that means I work for 1,000 people versus they work for me. I’m watching enormous mismanagement at people with employees. How do I motivate my
employees to care like me? You don’t. You want your employees to care like you? Give them equal equity like you have. You know, I’m watching all these patterns and it’s just really exciting for me to try to get people to
understand what’s happening and what the opportunity
is, and that, my friends, is we are now finally at
maturity of the internet. People have it on their phone 24/7. We’re at scale, we’re in the mix now. This is real life, this is secondary. You don’t like it, sorry, but
that is how it’s playing out and unless you are good at this, you become unbelievably vulnerable. So let me sneak in some
tactics before I go into Q&A, couple of things that are just important and I know a lot of people look to me for. I never know what’s next. You know, inevitably somebody’s
gonna ask me, “Garry, “but what’s the next platform,
you’re always correct.” I don’t know, I just know what’s current and a lot of times, that
feels like I’m predicting but all I’m doing is moving
quickly in the reality. Here’s what I can tell you is going on in Australia specifically. If you are not producing an
enormous amount of content for LinkedIn, you’re missing
out on Facebook 2011. Regardless if you’re B2B or B2C, whether you sell bikinis
direct to consumer or you have a consulting firm, if you are not producing
content right now for LinkedIn, you are missing a monster opportunity. The organic reach of
just posting on LinkedIn as if it was Facebook nine
years ago is at a level that I haven’t seen since Facebook. I couldn’t recommend it more
for every single person here regardless of your business. It has gone away from
being a recruiting tool to a content microphone. Number two, influencer marketing. It continues to be one of the
most under-priced executions in the world. It’s gotten mature, there
are absolutely people with huge followings
that are now overpriced, but the long tail of influencer marketing is a remarkable arbitrage
and I highly recommend you get more educated on that environment. TikTok, TikTok is fascinating to me because I keep watching people make the same mistakes over and over. Literally the same person that shit on Instagram seven years ago
saying it was for their kids and then tried to catch up two years ago is shitting on TikTok right
now saying it’s their kids. Whether TikTok becomes
something as big as Instagram and mainstream for all ages, I’m not sure, but it is at such scale at this point and enough people over the age of 20 are going on the platform at scale that now for this entire room, if you’re a 67-year-old lawyer, I wanna know what the fuck
your TikTok strategy is. And so for me, everyone’s always
looking for, it’s amazing. They want the answer and then
when you give it to them, they wanna push against it. It’s right in your face. I highly recommend you start auditing and spend five to 10
hours on TikTok, consume. You’ll see plenty of dumb shit, plenty of lipping and dancing
and music, but be thoughtful. Search your hashtags
and see what’s in there. This takes work. I spend all my hours listening. It seems like I’m always talking. It’s ’cause I spend every second
you don’t see me listening. I watch. Those three observations
are tried and true. I will, as you know, how many people here consume my content? Thank you, I will, like you’ve seen me do, replay this exact video in nine years basically with a headline of, Brissie, I fucking told you, why didn’t you do it? This is what’s going to happen, so please heed those three
opportunities and get educated. If you, look, why the fuck are you here? Like, if you’re here for some reason, which is, I assume, you want
something good to happen after you fucking allocated this day. For me, if you’ve allocated this time, which I’m so humbled by, to
listen to this information, I’m desperate to figure out how to get you to do something with the information. To be in a place where you
want more for yourself, whatever that may be, happiness, dollars, I don’t get to judge, you do you, please do the 10 hours of work that I just asked you to do
to actually read and watch on those three executions
and do something. My friends, you can’t read about pushups. You have to do ’em. You can’t read or listen
to what I’m saying. You have to do it, and that’s what got me, over the last three years,
into this part of it. I couldn’t understand
five or six years ago when I was handing you the keys why you weren’t dropping,
driving that car, and what I ended up realizing
was it was all up here. There’s a stunning amount of fear in this room about putting out content, how you look, what you’re gonna say, what are the comments gonna say, just a crippling amount of inaction because of the fear of people’s opinions that you don’t even know. And even worse, opinions of
the people you love the most. And so for me, that has become
an incredibly important place for me to focus on, so for me, I just have no interest
in being half pregnant. I have no interest in
being stuck in the middle. There’s only two things for me, the macro, which is why are you living your life based on other people’s opinions? And then the micro, what are the tactics, the individual executions, that actually get you to what you want? The biggest thing that I would love for this room to start doing
is to start really thinking about the notion of being great
at producing written words, audio, and video, per the 10 platforms so that it’s contextual to the platform. I just pushed a lot of you to do LinkedIn. Looking at this room,
11 of you will do it. Of those 11, if you’re listening
right now, remember this. When somebody’s on LinkedIn
and going through the content, they’re in a business mindset. When they’re on Instagram, they’re in an entertainment mindset, so the way you convey your
message is extremely important. The adjectives you use,
the analogies you use, the examples you use, it has
to base on the psychology. Every one of us is in a different place when we’re on different platforms. You have to pander. You have to be contextual to that. So whatever you have to say
about what you’re doing, make sure you’re being
empathetic and strategic to how they’re thinking when they see it. That is why I do well on each platform. I strategize around the content in reverse engineering the psychology in the same way that I’m trying to do that as I’m on this stage right now. What, for an audience
that has so much content that they’ve consumed from
me, can I say right now? It’s why I took 40 minutes and switched it because you can hear this
shit every fucking day ’cause I’m consistent as fuck. But what I get to do
right now is use the Q&A to be contextual as shit. Thank you, Brissie. (audience applauding)
(audience cheering) I’m ready for questions. What’s up, bro? (man speaking faintly) Sorry.
Got it? (man speaking faintly) – [Brett] Is it on? Yeah, it’s on.
We’re on. What’s your name?
Excellent. How you doing, Gary, I’m Brett Campbell, co-founder of Claxon, we’re
a digital growth agency. I had the opportunity on Tuesday to fly down and hang
out with Grant Cardone for a couple of hours
and got to interview him and I asked him this particular question and believe it or not,
probably for the first time, he actually stopped and paused and actually had to think of an answer and I wanted to ask you the same question. So imagine Mark Zuckerberg
slides into your DMs. He says, “Hey Gary, what’s up?” You’re like, “Fucking hustling.” He’s like, “Of course you are. “I wanna ask you one thing.” And he says, “Gary, “I want you to take
over Facebook tomorrow.” Good. – [Brett] And you can post one post that every single user
on Facebook will see for the entire day, what
would that post be– How can I help you?
And why? Because I wanna help. (audience member cheers) I didn’t have to fucking think. (audience applauding)
(audience laughing) I don’t have to fucking think, fellas! When your framework is
selfless, the answer is easy. When your framework is selfish, it’s hard. – [Audience] Ooh! What up? (audience laughing) (woman speaking faintly) – [Michelle] Hi Gary, I’m Michelle. Hi Michelle. – [Michelle] I’m from
Selfie Frames Australia. It’s nice to meet you. – [Michelle] You too. I started the business
as a little side hustle basically to pay debts and tax bills. Okay.
And I stumbled across you and you gave me a kick in the arse to realize that it can
be something bigger– That’s good.
Than just paying off shit. Great. – [Michelle] So I’ve just got this whole, I’ve moved from just shitty
life, paying off bills, to holy shit, this could be a big thing. I like that. – [Michelle] With regard to
your posting your social media, how you’re saying don’t
be selfish about it– Yes. – [Michelle] I’m selling
frames that are customized for parties and stuff. Okay. – [Michelle] How am I supposed
to make that unselfish? Like, how am I supposed to help people? You help people every day
with the shit that you do, but I’m selling frames for parties. How do I– Easy, what’s amazing is think about the answer I just gave. You could just post, “Hey,
I make frames for parties, “but if you have any questions
about parties in general,” and now you may not have the answers, but you just have to start
with what else can I give you within the framework of my ecosystem? The reason I built the biggest
wine show on the internet in the mid 2000s was I
wasn’t trying to sell wine. I was trying to educate people about wine. And if I happened to sell
wine, I was thrilled. There’s nothing, by the
way, back to the last thing, there’s nothing wrong with being selfish. I’m selfish, I wanna
buy the New York Jets. The value though is the punchline. When you slow it down and
you play over 50 years, when you give more than you take, you end up with a fuckload. And so what you can do is by, you can start by asking a question. You can literally go back
to your seat right now, take the camera on
whatever you’re posting on, and say, “Hey, I’ve been telling you “about the frames, right?” – [Michelle] Yeah. What do you guys want from me? What else can I be doing for you? What questions do you have for me? And then read those questions and that will give you the
insight to how you bring value. I didn’t know that I needed to talk about parent and kid dynamics. I just read all the DMs from
the parents and the kids and that lead me to
having an understanding that there was something
there to talk about. Mm, ‘kay.
Got it? – [Michelle] Awesome, thank you so much. (audience applauding) – [Ash] Gary, Ash Cohen. How do you disagree with the status quo by raising your audience’s heart mass without seeming like a
know-it-all, a heckler, or a troll? By ending up being right. – [Ash] Correct, thank you for everything you do, mate.
You’re welcome. (audience laughing)
(audience applauding) And that’s the punchline to that answer. So many of the things I say
at first are pushed against, which I respect, when
you’re innovating, mate, and pushing against the status quo, people are gonna disagree with you. That’s the nature of it. I don’t think that I deserve to be right. I just know that if I am right, over time, it builds reputation. I get away with a lot more
today than I did 15 years ago because of being historically correct. Hey. Good day, Gary.
Good day. – [Ethan] My name’s Ethan, I’m 19. I’m a uni student at the moment and I’ve been following for years now. I love all the stuff you’re doing with your Cloud and
Dirt, your Empathy Wine, VaynerMedia–
Thank you. – [Ethan] All the stuff, I love how you, like, diversification really with your portfolio.
Thank you. – [Ethan] My question
really was, at this point, I know I’m young and patience is key. I’ve got a lot of different avenues I like that appeal to different
morals and things that I value. Okay.
How do you give that 100% to everything, ’cause I
feel like I’m giving 20% to five different things that add up to 100.
I’d probably, listen, there’s a lot of ways to do this. So the way I stay focused
is by not being focused. That’s my DNA. I need a lot of stimuli and my big game is if I’m throwing 30 balls in
the air, if eight fall, A, I don’t care about your
collective judgment, that I had eight things fail, and I still have 22 balls in the air. That’s what works for me. I have tons of people I surround myself who are only good at having one ball and they crush that ball like crazy and that’s amazing too. What I would say for you
is you can play both. You can try to go five times
20%, see what that does. You may learn during that time that you actually love number four and you decide to give that 80% and the others five. – [Ethan] Yeah, okay, well, I’m
just thinking at that point, 100, I always got the
fear of if I go 100%, I’m gonna fuck up, and then, you’ve answered the question before. You know where it’s a issue? Yeah?
You’re thinking. (Ethan and audience laughing) – [Ethan] Yeah, I overthink. Bro, everybody overthinks. Everybody’s so fucking
insecure about losing that they think, which
makes them never do, which keeps them away from losing. True, true.
Reverse it and don’t give a fuck
about what people think about your loss and shit gets real fun. I love fucking losing. (audience member laughing) I do, laugh-y guy. (Ethan and audience laughing) You’re part of a generation
that was protected from losing. You need to break the fuck out of it. Okay, thank you, Gary.
You got it. (audience applauding) Gary Vee–
It’s true, yo. – [Alex] My name’s Alex. Alex. – [Alex] And firstly I wanna
thank you ’cause in my opinion, you’re the motherfucking
man of the internet in the 21st century, bro.
Thank you, brother, thanks. – [Alex] My question to you as someone who’s a Slavic myself, I come from real old-school
wog parents, right. In my gut, I know I’m getting everything, but how do I showcase that or
keep the fear out of my mind when all they want is the
traditional get married, get a house, get kids, whereas in my mind, I just wanna figure it out and I’ve happily just quit my 10th job. I’ma keep going after
it ’til I figure it out, but man, you know what
Slavic parents are like, man. How do you balance both
but go after it all at the same time? By recognizing how sweet
it is when you succeed on your own terms, how
proud they’ll be about you. Too many kids struggle with conflict with parents in the short
term without realizing that parents always fall into
line after you’re successful, and by also having the
humility that if you’re wrong, to admit that you’re wrong
20 years from now and adjust. You know what I mean, like, listen. Everybody at some level,
whether they have good parents or bad parents, wanna
make their parents proud. It’s a fucking inherent
thing of coming out of somebody’s body, right? (audience laughing) (laughs) It is. When I say don’t listen
to anybody and go quiet, I mean everybody, especially parents, spouses, siblings, especially. But here’s the key, when
you just said, “Gary Vee, “I think you’re the motherfucking man,” where people get caught
is they get too high on compliments and too low on insults. Nothing makes me happier
than when I read my comments where one post is, “Gary Vee, “you’re just hot air, fuck you,” right, and the next one’s like,
“Gary, you’re fucking Jesus. “You walk on water,”
and I look at those two, and I’m like, “This is why I’m gonna win. “I can’t hear either of them.” Where so many of you are fucking
up is you hear the cheering but you’re crippled by the booing. You’re addicted to the cheering but you don’t wanna hear the booing. I respect both equally which
means I can’t hear either. Either you’re gonna be right
or they’re gonna be right. I feel the way you delivered your sentence that you’re gonna be right. I think you need to limit
how much you listen to them. Okay, I appreciate you, man.
You got it. I’ll see you soon.
See you soon. (audience applauding) – [Michael] Hi Gary, how are ya? You lost your voice? – [Michael] No– This is your actual fucking voice? – [Michael] It is, actually, yeah.
Fuck, all right. (audience laughing) – [Michael] It is my voice. I love it, it’s fucking rad. – [Michael] I know, I’ve been told that many times.
I’m weirdly attracted to you. (audience laughing) – [Michael] (laughs) That’s fucking scary. Go ahead. – [Michael] I’m Michael from
the Sunny Coast in Queensland. I’ve been following you for about two years.
This is not your fucking voice, bro. It is, it is.
(audience laughing) All right, all right, all right. – [Michael] Sorry, I work in H care. I work with old people. I do it as a full-time job. That’s the best fucking thing. – [Michael] I work with 100-year-olds and I find that very,
(sighs) and rewarding. I agree. – [Michael] And a lot of people
hate to talk about death, like, they’re fucking shit
scared talking about death. So I wanna start up, I wanna
start talking about death and having young people come into my field so I get more young people– I love that.
Into my field, so what sort of advice can you give me– Talk about it. That’s the advice. – [Michael] Yeah, talk about it. (audience laughing) Yeah. You said you wanted to talk about it. – [Michael] Yeah. My advice is to talk about it. – [Michael] Okay. You know, this is what I
set my opening chant with, right, which is, you’ve
been consuming my content? – [Michael] Yes, I have. I don’t think there’s any confusion that I think you should be making content. The question is why haven’t you? – [Michael] I have, yes. More. – [Michael] Okay, more, all right, more. More. More it is.
You have a podcast? Tell the truth ’cause I’ll fucking check and blow you up.
I did, I did a– You don’t have a podcast, next. – [Michael] No, no, I
do, I’ve got Twitter. No, no, Twitter’s not
a fucking podcast, bro. (audience laughing) The fuck are you talking about? – [Michael] No, I don’t have a podcast, no.
All right, thank you. You need a podcast, I think I’ve made myself perfectly clear. You post five times a day on LinkedIn, no. No, I don’t.
Good. I’m gonna fucking check so don’t bullshit. We’ll blow you up in here. How many times do you tweet a day? – [Michael] Twice. Cute. (audience laughing) Brother, the answer is content. – [Michael] Okay. You’re one video away
from striking a chord and having 20 million Australians know what you think about death. Okay, yeah.
Give yourself that chance. We need to stop playing in our own heads and we need to start playing in real life. Make content. – [Michael] Okay, mate. You got it. Thanks, Gary.
You got it, brother. (audience applauding) Gary.
Bro. Dylan.
Dylan. – [Dylan] I’ll keep a longer story short in respect of everyone else’s time. Been through the wringer,
nearly lost my marriage, did lose a business, went
back to working for someone, got the craps with that and
have built out a business since then because of I
found a certain, well, he probably found me, a guy on Facebook who tended to swear.
Okay. (laughs) And he didn’t have a lot
of patience for people. So one, I just wanted to take
this opportunity to thank you and I didn’t wanna have
the regret with that, that I didn’t do that in person. Thank you. – [Dylan] You’ve got no idea, mate. You’ve completely changed my
whole entire fucking life. Thank you so much.
(audience applauding) – [Dylan] Crazy. Thank you. – [Dylan] The question
though, I have, unfortunately, ’cause I went through
that not so great period. I had a very young family at the time and I think that period of time has actually damaged a
little bit of the psychology of my eldest son. Okay. – [Dylan] And he, he doesn’t, he doesn’t cope well at all. With anything? – [Dylan] Change is one
of the biggest things he struggles with.
Yeah. – [Dylan] If we say
we’re gonna do something and we change it midway
through it, just reels on it. Understood. – [Dylan] Have you got any advice– A, before you go any further, please don’t just jump into the thought that that period is what created that. It’s super important that you
don’t over-judge yourself. It may have, but with all
due respect, it may have not. – [Dylan] Yeah. That might just be a DNA trait from your great uncle Gilbert. – [Dylan] I’m told I was
a little bit like myself as well when I was younger. Even better, so before
you start this process of beating you the fuck up, one of the biggest things
that I’m trying to figure out and I’m super early which is
why I’m not talking about it, but before we worry about the
judgment from the outside, most people are crippled by
the judgment of themselves through themselves without realizing somebody else put that judgment in them. So before we even allow the framework that your actions did that,
I’d like to take a step back because the second you can take a little of that pressure off, it changes the way that
you can maybe deal with it. – [Dylan] Yeah. You know, also, how old is he? – [Dylan] 12. I mean, it’s early, and all you have to do is love and listen. You can’t impose what you want him to be. You need to watch carefully and react to what he actually is. If he doesn’t like change, he may not be an
entrepreneur, and guess what? That’s amazing. I have no interest in my
children being entrepreneurs. I have interest in them
loving what they do the way I love what I do, and whether that makes $4
a year or not, that’s it. And by the way, I’m not gonna give ’em any of my money either,
so if they make $4, they’re gonna fucking live on $4 a year. (audience laughing) And guess what, there’s a
lot of fuckers in this room making 40,000 a year that are way happier than the millionaires
in this fucking hall. (audience cheering)
(audience applauding) – [Dylan] Thank you,
Gary, I love you, man. You’re welcome, I love you back. – [Dylan] Cheers. – [Man] Hey, what’s going on, Gary? Life is good, bro, great shirt. – [Man] Thanks, man, made it myself. Nice. – [Man] Hey, yo, so I got three businesses at the current stage, one’s a nightclub. One’s also a touring company. Nightclub’s doing a gold year. Last three years have been golden, lineup absolutely out
the door, smash-packed, but the touring’s really good. Toured Tiger a few months
ago, sold out, it was good. I started a side hustle a couple years ago when I first met you,
Gary, and I asked you, and you actually used
that piece of content on your Instagram and other social medias, I don’t know I rang a bell to you then, but I basically asked you, I said, “My night club’s called Shades. “My touring company’s called Shades. “Everybody’s telling me, “‘Don’t call your
printing company Shades.'” You said, “Fuck them.” I did that. (laughs) It’s now called Shades Custom Printing and things are going good, man. I went from a little popup store on the side of a little
marketplace sort of thing to now having a permanent store. All three businesses have made a turnover of over $4.5 million. I just wanna say a massive thank you and also can I take a selfie so every time I go in a
Shades Custom Printing office, I’ve got a photo of you and me there just to say thank you? (audience applauding)
Come up. While he’s coming up, let me tell you what I
remember about that question and just back to trying to make
this valuable for everybody, always pay attention to
who’s giving you the advice. What I remembered about your
question, I remember it, was the people that were telling you to not call it Shades
haven’t built a business. There’s too many people here
taking advice from people that have never done it themselves. I always like to take
advice from an executer over an educator. (audience cheering)
(audience applauding) (audience laughing)
(audience cheering) You can save it. Yo. Hey Gary, I’m Henry.
How are you? How are you, Henry? Yeah, I’m good, thanks.
Great. – [Henry] So I’m one of those talkers that say I wanna make a
business and all that stuff, and I’ve been doing a
little soul-searching and you know how every
business, you wanna help people, and I do find a lot of
fulfillment when I help people and go out and do stuff for
people, but at the same time, I’m kinda perplexed right now because I’d much rather spend an afternoon playing basketball than going
to volunteer somewhere, so– That’s fine.
I’m just wondering, am I a hypocrite right now or– No, you just like fucking basketball. (audience laughing) – [Henry] So then in
terms of passion, then– You should start a basketball business. (audience laughing) I’m being serious. – [Henry] Okay. (all laughing) (audience applauding) Why do you wanna have a business? – [Henry] Well, as means to
the end, basically, but– You could work somewhere
as a means to an end. – [Henry] (sighs) Yeah. (audience laughing) You know, that’s the thing that I’m trying to really
have conversations around, this new notion that everybody needs to have a business is laughable. Nine out of 10 small businesses fail. Nine out of 10 people never
even try to do a small business. It’s hard, it’s a talent. Everybody thinks now because
of the way the internet works and entrepreneurship is cool, they’re like, “I’m gonna have a business.” That’s like everybody saying, “I’m gonna play professional basketball.” That’s nice, but my intuition is you don’t have to have a business. – [Henry] Right, but
also in terms of, like, if you say your passion is helping people but you’d much rather do something else– You can’t fucking help
people 24/7 every day. – [Henry] Yeah, right. It’s likely that playing
basketball helps you help people. – [Henry] Yeah, true, yeah,
yeah, all right, yeah. Good.
All right, thanks a lot. Very welcome. (laughs)
(audience laughs and applauds) (Gary laughs)
Hey Gary. What’s up, bro? – [Brian] I’m Brian from Brisbane, and dude, I just wanna say thank you for just being such an
inspiration to my generation and to generations to come.
Thank you. It’s fucking awesome.
Thank you, thank you bro. – [Brian] My biggest question
right now is the fact that I completely agree with
you, like, what you’re saying, 100%, do content and be
in for the long term. That’s the 80/20 rule. You do the basic, your clouds
and dirt, as you talk about. Biggest question is that not
necessarily why don’t we do it, because there’s a massive now out doing it but especially as we get more information, it’s more about how do we get shit done? How can we make the rubber hit the road and also stick to it? By liking it. Like, if you think it’s
a chore, you’re fucked. (audience member laughs) (laughs) You like that one? (audience laughing) It’s true, though. Like, if you’re doing content hardcore ’cause I told you so but you
hate it, you’re finished, which is why I keep talking
about self-awareness. This is why I’m so scared
that I’m the Pied Piper for making content ’cause
I’ve a unique personality. I wanna remind people that
there are plenty people bigger than me, more successful than me, that are very introverted and
just write incredibly well and don’t make a single
charismatic video in their lives. You have to make content
that works for you. Does that make sense? That’s why when I created, in
that interview with that kid, the “Document, Don’t Create”,
it unlocked for so many people ’cause they were crippled
by being creative ’cause they’re not creative,
but documenting was easy. It’s why I like podcasts
’cause you can have a guest on and you just have to ask questions and there, the content is being made. – [Brian] So ultimately
you just need to choose the shit sandwich you
wanna eat consistently? No, you have to find a sandwich that doesn’t taste like shit. (audience laughing) – [Brian] Fair point,
fair point, thanks, Gary. (audience applauding)
(audience cheering) – [Berkan] Oh, Gary, hi, how you going? My name is Berkan. Firstly, I fucking love you. You’re a legend.
I love you back, bro. Thank you.
And secondly, my question relates to TikTok. You kind of spoke about it a little bit towards the end there but
I was already in the line and it was too late to change my mind and not ask the question.
(Gary laughs) Go ahead.
So here goes. Strategies in terms of TikTok,
I’m a sales coach currently and I wanna start posting more on TikTok. I do Instagram and Facebook already. What do you recommend to be selfless? I would do 10 things the way
you exactly do them elsewhere and watch them not work. I would consume a shitload
of content on TikTok and see trends and then I
would mimic those trends in your interpretation. For example, one of the trends on TikTok is to actually film another
phone of your content on a different platform and talk over it. Right.
So you could literally take one phone, play your
sales video on Facebook, and then record with another
phone and talk over it and say, “Hey kids,” ’cause
you know it’s younger, “This is what I’m saying on Facebook. “The version for you to
practice now is this.” See where I’m going? – [Berkan] Yeah, 100%. You have to come up, you have to consume. The reason I always do well is I listen for hundreds of hours before I talk. It’s not obvious to you because you’re only
seeing the talking part. You don’t see the 14 hours that I put in in listening to TikTok content
on the flight here, right? It’s the same reason I’m
gonna crush sports cards. This flight here wasn’t
TikTok, it was sports cards. Eventually everyone’s gonna be like, “How were you right about soccer “and wrestling and basketball cards?” It’s because I read for
14 hours the sale prices on auctions on those categories
and then read articles and then went on Twitter and searched what people were talking about. I put in the fucking work. You don’t need me to give
you the strategy for TikTok. Go live in TikTok for 100
hours and you’ll figure it out. Cool, thank you.
You got it. (audience applauding) Gary, what’s up?
Yes, what’s good? – [Honey] My name’s Honey. Honey.
Yes. So I’ve just signed my first client doing social media marketing only a couple of weeks ago.
Congrats. – [Honey] And the first
thing I did was buy a ticket to come and see you. Okay, thank you.
And I’ve realized, I actually knew this before I got here, but I’m a very little fish. I don’t know shit and that’s
actually really exciting– Agreed.
Because I actually gave my number to someone who has a global
digitally marketing agency just an hour ago. Good for you. – [Honey] My question,
well, I just want advice. I just recently became a single mom and my son is three and just, well, on this journey, I guess,
I’m fucking terrified– Makes sense.
But I’m also very excited. That’s good.
So, just, any piece of advice while I’m– First of all, everything I
hear feels really good to me. I think it’s natural
if you’re a single mom with a three-year-old
who’s starting a business to both be excited and to be fearful, but let me promise you this. Showing your child how to live versus telling them how to live
always works out in the end, so any moment that you feel, you know, selfish or guilty that you’re
putting into the business and not the three-year-old
pays out more dividends than a lot of parents feel at the time. So I would just tell you
to not over-judge yourself during this process. Thank you so much.
You’re welcome. (audience applauding) Super true. – [Sanjay] Gary, my man, my
name’s Sanjay, how you doing? Really well, man.
That’s the way, man. Mate, I work 70 to 80-hour
weeks like a lot of people in here, but at the end of every day, I’m absolutely exhausted, no energy left, but I noticed there’s some
entrepreneurs like yourself, you guys seem to generate
more energy the more you work and the older you get, how do you do it? How do you get that energy? I fucking collapse when I walk in. Like, when I walk in at 11 or 12 p.m., I’m asleep within eight seconds. – [Sanjay] How are you bringing
all that energy all day? Where’s it coming from?
I really like what I’m doing. You know how much energy I had in school? Dick. (audience laughing) I think the more you like it, and listen, there’s also, you know, that’s like me asking you how
you have a great head of hair. At some level, some people just have DNA, like, I’ve always had
a fuckload of energy. That’s just what I was given, right, so I also think for me specifically, the combination of natural
energy that was handed to me with whatever chemical
infrastructure I have plus genuinely liking
what I do, that’s how. – [Sanjay] So you say
the passion and the love is where you get energy from? Bro, every single person that chases cash over loving the process
ends up far less happy than people think, all of ’em. That’s my answer. – [Sanjay] I’m on it, man, thank you. You got it. (audience applauding) – [Marissa] Thank you, hi, Gary. How are you? – [Marissa] I’m good, how are you? Super duper. – [Marissa] That’s good to hear. Thank you. – [Marissa] My name’s Marissa. Hi, Marissa. – [Marissa] I’m in the IT industry, so my whole family and friends
come to me for IT advice and I’m a software tester full-time and I have my part-time
web design business just because my family wanted
me to make them websites. Understood. – [Marissa] And I also have a ton of ideas but I don’t know if I should
do all of them at once or should I just focus on one idea? What sounds more fun? – [Marissa] All of them. Do that. Okay. (laughs)
Good. Thank you, Gary.
You’re welcome. (audience applauding) I really think that a
lot of people are like me and want to do all of them and people that tell you to focus on one are people that are successful at focusing at one. And I’m successful at focusing at a lot. I just think you should
see your intuition through and if you learn that I’m good at it, a lot of people suck at it. The best way to know what
to do is to pick one, do it. Obviously if you pick focusing on one, you’ll never know if you’re
good at focusing on five. If you pick focusing on
five and you fuck up, you know to go focus at one. It’s how I think about employees. Hiring is guessing. Firing is knowing. So I spend very little time hiring. The answer’s pretty much yes, and that’s where I think
I flip a lot of things in the way that people do
things that’s worked for me and I see it working for others. Hey. – [Liam] Good day, Gary, how are you? Real good, bro. My name’s Liam, it’s funny
you mentioned education before ’cause my initiative
supports young teachers. Okay, great.
And hopefully making them not like the teachers that you might have had.
I understood. – [Liam] We’re getting to a stage now where we’re dealing with bigger, more established organizations. Some are linked to the government. Makes sense. – [Liam] When I’ve been dealing with them, the opinion has been very anti-technology, very anti-social-media. Of course.
When I talked to them, there were static webpages
with no interactivity, no Instagram, no Facebook. I know the score.
But we have to work with them to get bigger, and they’re almost seeing
my opinions as like a threat or something along those lines. That’s exactly what they think. – [Liam] What would be
your advice to help deal with an industry that’s
inherently negative about social media promotion? Not be at the mercy of
it like you are now. (Liam laughs) You’ve built a model that
relies on them, right? – [Liam] Yeah. I recommend not to. Otherwise, you have to play by their rules which means you will get frustrated and quit eventually anyway. So I would reframe the model to have leverage outside of
them, not play within them. Now, that’s a fucking brain-twist for you because you’re like, “Fuck, “that means I have to start all over.” That’s what I’m actually telling you to do if you’re frustrated by it, or eat the shit sandwich
for the rest of your life because you chose to play within their fucking
old-school bullshit framework. – [Liam] Well, conversations
are kinda just beginning so I’ll go tell them that. (laughs) I mean, you know where those
conversations are gonna end. – [Liam] Yeah, yeah. Innovation is inherently
against education. Education is built on the foundation of memorizing information in a world where information is at your fingertips. That’s a problem. We don’t give a shit when
it fucks up retailers and we have new internet retailers, but we’re awfully
romantic about education. Education’s framework is
broke, the internet fucked it. That’s not something I or
you have anything to do with, but if you choose to play within it, you choose to play within it. It’s like kids that
always hit me up, like, “Gary, my parents are forcing
me to go to fucking school. “Like, I don’t fucking wanna do this. “I wanna start a business,”
I’m like, “Leave.” (audience laughing) All these kids talking shit
but they want Mommy’s money. Don’t take Mommy’s money and
fucking start a business. Eat shit for a decade and do your thing, but no, everybody wants both. You’re not gonna be
able to have both, bro. They’re not gonna move. They’ll appease you and run
you around until you quit, so– Don’t fight ’em.
What? – [Liam] Don’t fight them. You can’t fight them, they
have all the fucking leverage. What, are you gonna fight them with that awesome coat you’re wearing? (Liam laughs)
(audience laughing) You can’t fight something
that has all the leverage. You’re asking, got it? Whoever asks loses. – [Liam] Mm, okay, cheers. Cheers. (audience applauding) – [Tarrin] Hey, Gary. What’s up? – [Tarrin] Hey, my name’s Tarrin. Tarrin.
I’ve been following you pretty much since day one. Thank you.
A few weeks ago I had a dream about you. Don’t worry, it was PG.
(audience laughing) Cool. I was actually hoping it was X. Oh, that’s, that can be arranged. (all laughing) Go ahead. – [Tarrin] And basically I
bumped into you after a talk and I gave you this really
smart marketing idea. It’s similar to the 60 Second Club. Okay. – [Tarrin] And then you were like, “Whoa, that’s genius, holy crap,” and then you offered me
a job and I was like, “Oh, holy crap, it’s crazy.” And then–
Did we hug? – [Tarrin] Took a photo, yeah, yeah. Yeah, good. – [Tarrin] And then I woke
up and I saw an advertisement for this talk in Brisbane. I’m like, either Instagram
has access to my thoughts– They do.
Or God is telling me something.
God’s also telling you something. – [Tarrin] So I had to come here and I was wondering if I
could take a photo with you. You can. – [Tarrin] Okay, awesome,
and my question is, and I think it’s true for some
of the people in this room, is if you have no idea
what business to start, like a lot of the resources
online are about scaling, but I’ve done volunteer
work for the past two years, psychology and business background, and I don’t know what business to start at this point in my life, so how do we go about
finding out what we wanna do? You know, my big thing is
at this young of an age, I think people should taste shit. I think of starting a
business the way I think about finding out what
your favorite food is. I think you should just go do things that intuitively feel
potentially right, you know? You don’t know exactly but
you know there’s things you’re interested in and I
would lean into those interests, whether that’s skateboarding or cooking or education online or
sneaker flipping, like, you have interests and leaning
into those, I think, work. – [Tarrin] Right, so my
interests are basically just, I like creative things and helping people. Good.
So it’s very broad. That’s where I’m struggling.
You’re gonna have to go narrow. You’re gonna have to go more narrow. Those are feelings you have, but you have interests underneath that. You know, painting is creative. Being an entrepreneur and coming up with business ideas is creative. There’s a lot of different versions. You’re gonna have to
go to your point lower. – [Tarrin] Mm-hmm, yeah. I also like helping
people and being creative but I manifested that
into a wine business, into a client service
business, into content. You’re gonna have to go lower. – [Tarrin] Mm-hmm, okay. Cool, all right.
Awesome. Can I come up to–
Yeah, yeah, come. (audience applauding) – [Michael] Snap up, hey
Gary, Michael Lodder– How are you?
Resident of Roncore. How are you?
Shout out to my Roncore people. Anyways– There’s none here? (audience laughing) That was devastating. Sorry, love you, Gary. Here. – [Michael] Question, what are your– I’m listening.
Top five tips for students fresh after
graduating high school? Top five advice for what, brother? – [Michael] For graduating high school. Top five tips for graduating high school? – [Michael] No, sorry, fresh
after graduating high school. Got it, well, I mean, I think number one through five has to be self-awareness, so instead of giving you something generic which is what the mercy is for me when I’m putting out
content, let’s go different. What are you actually asking me? – [Michael] Well, not on script, but– Yeah, fuck your script. (audience laughing) Yeah, there we go, what are you trying to figure out?
What I’m asking is what sort of drive should I have when I’m finished high school? Where should I do, what should I go, I have no plans for after what I do. Well, what do you want? – [Michael] Something out of the box. What the fuck, like, play with me here. You’re regurgitating thesis, like, play with me here a little bit. What do you like? – [Michael] The bloke from the start, buying and selling on Amazon, I wouldn’t mind getting into that. That’s good.
Yeah. Do that.
Okay, sweet. (audience laughing) You know what I mean, though, bro? What I’m outrageously passionate about is you’re part of a generation, like, yesterday some kid in Sydney’s like, “Bro, how do I get out of the rat race?” He’s 16, I’m like, (audience laughing) I’m like, “Bro, you’re
not in the rat race.” You know, something outside
of the box, that’s theory, right, that’s jargon. To me, it’s like, go basic. If you enjoy, look, you’re
talking to somebody, last week I was in Chicago with my son and my best friend and
some of the guys on my team and we were at this
baseball card convention. It was the first time I did being a baseball card dealer in 25 years. I went to another dealer and bought a Wayne Gretzky rookie card for $200. I brought it to my table and
priced it at 260 and it sold. The high that I got on that $60 flip is five drillion times
much bigger of a high than the six figures I’ll make to give this speech over this last hour. They’re not even in the
same fucking universe. I love that, right? That’s what you need to figure out. If you’re lucky enough to
actually like buying stuff and flipping it on
Amazon, that is a business that can get you to millions
of dollars ’cause it’s so real. Go into that instead of posturing with something outside the box. Go in the fucking box and execute. – [Michael] Straight up, can
I get a photo and all, Gary? Sure. (audience applauding) Hey, Gary.
What’s up? I’m Vishir.
Vish. Big fan.
Thank you. – [Vishir] Now, this is a silly question. I’m new to this, I’m just
getting my head around things, so–
No problem. – [Vishir] Apologize
for the ignorance here. Don’t worry. – [Vishir] But, so I’ve just
started getting into content because of you, it’s only been
the last couple of months, and I’m in the real estate
and mortgage broking industry. Okay. – [Vishir] So we’ve
opened our own company. I understand. – [Vishir] And the real estate industry and mortgage broking, you know, interest rates and stuff,
it’s not really that sexy. No.
Right, so we’ve tried to make it sexy by combining it with my other passion which is drinking fine rums. I’m very excited about what you’re saying. (audience laughing) I’m being dead serious. People buy homes or give business to people they associate with. I think a lot of should be talking more about what your favorite footie team is, what kind of beverages you like, what kind of shows you
watch on Stan and Netflix. People stay so narrow and professional when all the opportunity is going broader of your actual true self. If you’re actually deeply
passionate on single barrel and esoteric rums, that is a gateway drug for you to do mortgage
and real estate business. I think it’s a great idea. – [Vishir] Okay, cool, so
that answered my question. So we’ve called our channel
Rum and Real Estate. I fucking love it, bro. You know what’s so amazing
about this interaction? You’re new but your intuition is so on. – [Vishir] Well, it’s
from you, everything– No, it’s not from me, it’s from you. (audience laughing) – [Vishir] Yeah, so no,
’cause I was wondering, ’cause we just don’t have enough data to measure whether we’re
heading in the right direction or force-feeding these–
You’ve no data ’cause you just fucking started. – [Vishir] Exactly, so– Fuck data. (Vishir laughing) Why don’t you make fucking
two years’ worth of content and then think about it? Here’s the good news. If it’s wrong, at least you
drank a fuckload of good rum. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) – [Vishir] And Gary, it would be super, I don’t wanna push my luck here but if I can take a
picture, that’d be amazing. I’m thrilled to do it. – [Vishir] Thank you. Hi, Gary.
Hey. My name’s Arge.
Arge. – [Arge] I own a recruitment
agency in Thailand. Okay. – [Arge] We’ve been going for three years. Okay.
I employ 10 people. Awesome.
It’s fucking hard work. Yes, I’ve heard. – [Arge] So my question is simple. You talk a lot about loving the process. Yes. – [Arge] How do I stay
in love with the process? Either you adjust what you do day to day or you sell the company. – [Arge] That’s the end goal, to sell it? That’s already the problem. – [Arge] Why? Because that’s why people
don’t like their businesses. They build them to flip. Okay.
I have no interest in ever selling any of my businesses. Now, it doesn’t mean I’m right or wrong. It’s why you’re struggling. You don’t love it, you want the money. Exactly.
Bad. – [Odge] Yeah. (audience laughing) I’m honest about it, it’s true. I know. (audience laughing) You could’ve lied and I still
would’ve known you were lying. Yeah.
‘Cause of the way you asked the question.
Yeah. I would argue that you’re playing a game of holding your breath,
so do what everybody does when they do a business they don’t love. Hold your breath as long as you can and then fucking sell it, or bring in a minority
partner who fucking loves it and let them operate and
let them earn from 10% to 50% over three years and
then have an infrastructure where you’re aligned but
then always be prepared for her or him to say
fuck you after six years, ’cause now they’re the only ones doing it and they don’t wanna give you
50 cents of the dollar anymore but for you, at least you extracted value over those six years and
you’re happy to sell it back to her or him at the
end of those six years. Both of those are
options, you get to pick. – [Odge] Okay, thanks. But this is why, and that’s great, but this is why I wanna talk
about this for a second. This is why I’m so passionate about people building a
business around what they love, ’cause then you can play forever. It may be a little slow when
your business is around footie or the Smurfs or root
beer ’cause it takes time, but over time, you could go
like this versus like this. And you’re dealing with
this, and that’s okay, but you have to sell, you
have to give up leverage now. You got it?
I got it. Or you’re gonna burn out. Yeah.
You got it? – [Odge] Mm, thanks, Gary. You got it, mate. (audience applauding) – [Man] Hey, Gary. Pleasure to meet you.
How are you? Nice to meet you. – [Man] My question, you talk a lot about just being yourself and being 100% aware–
Yes, I’m a fan of it. – [Man] Of what you are capable of and what you’re not capable of, but what is the objective
bad qualities, I guess? What things should you seek to improve? Like for example, I’m
naturally an introvert– That’s great.
So I’m not very good at selling but obviously–
So don’t sell. – [Man] Well then– That’s fine, you just need to
hire somebody who can sell. (audience laughing) – [Man] Fair enough. I think– Bro, whatever you’re
inherently bad at, hire. – [Man] Fair enough, when you
were starting Wine Library, you were kind of paving
your own way, obviously, for a while before you knew
it’d even be successful. Well, I was in a unique situation ’cause my dad had a liquor store and the reason I always
tell kids to be patient was I spent 22 to 34
working six days a week, Monday through Saturday, 12 hours a day, built a business from three to 60 million, and then left owning none of it and started my own life at 34, so you can imagine when a
26-year-old is worried about shit that I struggle with
being overly empathetic, so with Wine Library, my mission
was to actually give back to my parents for what they did for me by having me in the first
place and then raising me. – [Man] Did you know
that what you were doing was gonna work out? Yes, because I’d already
been good at baseball cards and lemonade and I knew
I was good at selling. – [Man] Right, yeah, okay, thank you.
But here’s an important part of the way you’re asking the question. I thought, there is no you know. I thought, where I’m very
fascinated, how old are you? – [Man] 19. This is my big fascination. I wish you knew that you
could do nothing right, literally make every wrong decision for the next 19 years of your life, live an entire nother life, and still be young as fuck to go and win. Like, debating with your own fucking head about what’s right versus
actually doing shit is the biggest reason that people fail. There’s 80-year-olds that are sitting here that are still debating. It’s one big game of insecurity, bro. – [Man] When am I wrong? When you’re dead. Fair enough.
(audience laughing) Like, that’s the beauty of the game. You don’t get to be wrong until the end. You could spend the next
40 years of your life being super wrong and then
at 59, fucking figure it out and have a 10-year run
that made you right. Life is sports. Just ’cause you’re losing at halftime, doesn’t mean it’s over. Like, I’m just so confused. You know how many 50,
60-year-olds are here thinking they’re wrapping it up when they’re gonna live
another 40 fucking years? The fuck are you wrapping up? (audience laughing) I didn’t even get started,
how many people under 30? Fuck you. (audience laughing) You haven’t even fucking
gotten to the game yet. You understand?
Yeah. The fuck are you thinking about at 19? Go do shit. Worrying about if you’re wrong, for who? What are you fucking worried
about if you’re wrong? Your dad’s fucking awesome, he’s recording the whole fucking thing. He’s not my dad. (laughs) Whatever, some weird, (audience laughing loudly) look how awesome life is, some weird bald dude is fucking
recording the whole thing. (audience laughing)
(audience applauding) You understand? Yeah.
I wanna know why the fuck you’re
worried about being wrong. For who? – [Man] I think I look
around and I guess– That’s already the
start of a bad sentence. – [Man] Yeah, I know. No, really, don’t look around. – [Man] But I wonder though,
what am I doing wrong if so many people my age are– They’re fucking full of shit, bro. They’re better at acting than you are. (audience applauding)
But if they’re actually making money, how are they faking it? Fuck money, bro. You think your buddy that
you went to high school with that’s flashing diamonds on
Instagram’s so fucking lucky? Get FOMO out of your system. Their life has nothing to do with you. The fuck does your buddy’s
life have to do with you? Nothing.
Nothing. (audience applauding) You understand?
Yeah. Do you know that when I was 26 years old, I was ringing up my friends’
bottles of champagne at the liquor store, then
putting it into a box and carrying it to their car
and putting it into their car for the party they were
going in that night? In that scene, all of you would’ve thought one person was winning
and one person was losing. You would’ve been fucking wrong. I was 26, you’re 19. Stop worrying about your buddies. Stop fucking scrolling through a feed and wishing you were something you’re not. Start focusing on what you actually are. Cool.
Cool. – [Man] Thank you, Gary. (audience applauding)
(audience cheering) – [Peter] Hey, Gary. How are you? – [Peter] Pretty good, how are you? I’m comfortably good. (audience laughing) My name’s Peter, I’m 14 years old. Good.
And I just wanted to say, you’re a fucking legend and I love you.
Thank you. (audience laughing) Thanks, Peter. – [Peter] So my question is, I run a small Shopify dropshipping Store. I like it. – [Peter] And I just wanna know, because I don’t have much
time, I’ve school on my hands. Of course. – [Peter] My mom makes me do
extracurricular activities. Fuck.
(audience laughing) – [Peter] And I just wanna
know how to get the most out of the time that I have. You know, the only thing
you can do in that framework is audit the free time
you actually have, right, and more importantly, well, how many hours are you putting into it on
a normal day or weekend? – [Peter] I try to do,
like, two hours per weekday. That’s a lot, like, honestly, I wouldn’t over-cripple yourself. You’re learning a ton, it’s great, you know, you must be laughing when I’m telling
38-year-olds they’re young. You’re fucking a fetus, you know? (audience laughing) So I think that you’re in a great spot. Let me give you a really
good piece of advice. I genuinely think the number
one thing I would tell you is to enjoy the extracurricular activities and the vacation that
you have in front of you over the next eight years
because when shit gets real, it gets real and there’s no
going back to dumb-down time. Like, I would weirdly enjoy
this, you know what I mean? Yeah.
Don’t stress that you need to build a million-dollar
dropshipping Shopify business. Learn your craft, get good, but also enjoy this part of it as well because 99.9% of this
room would go back to 14. – [Peter] Also, can I
take a photo with you? You can. (audience applauding) Two minutes. Oh ho, ho ho ho!
(man laughing) How are you? – [Julio] Good, Gary, how you doing, man? Good, your son’s awesome. – [Julio] Yeah. (laughs) Good job, Peter, nice hair. – [Julio] Gary, my name
is Julio de la Fete. I have had an incredible journey. I made a lot of money very early, able to build great things,
work with amazing people, and I knew nothing about you,
nothing, until two months ago. Okay. – [Julio] I have quite a few people here that are my friends and they said, “Jules, “you’ve gotta come and meet Gary.” Okay. So I did.
Thank you. – [Julio] Man, your philosophy is unreal. Thank you, Jules. – [Julio] The philosophy that you bring, it’s just, I can see the consistency. You started a thing saying,
“I am consistent as fuck.” I am.
I love it. Now, so, I’m in my early 50s, cool. I made a lot of money in the Old World. I have no idea of the New World. The good news is it maps very similarly. All you have to do is get
educated on commodity information. The skillsets are the same. You just have to understand
the new framework and that information is
free and it’s a commodity. – [Julio] How do I, is
there a place I can go to really fast-track that learning? Yes, first of all, fuck fast-track. – [Julio] Okay, fuck that, all right.
But there’s definitely a place, you can write it down, you ready? – [Julio] Yup. I’ll spell it. Go.
G-O O-G-L-E.
(Julio and audience laughing) – [Julio] I love you, man. It’s fucking free. Literally, no matter what you’re, right, you’ve been listening, you’re like, how, literally, go home, how do I
produce content for LinkedIn? Enter, free.
(Julio laughing) How do I do influencer marketing
for my caviar business? Enter, free. How do I do a podcast,
how do I make a podcast? How do I upload my podcast to iTunes? Enter, free. Yeah.
That’s it, man. – [Julio] Man, I want a photo as well and I wanna acknowledge my friends. They’re all sitting at the back. They’re all 30-year-olds or so, 25 to 30, and they are teaching me so much, man. That’s nice. – [Julio] Just the philosophy– That’s awesome.
That you are putting inside of these kids’ heads, keep it up, brother, yeah.
Thank you, brother. Thank you so much, Jules, come on up. (audience applauding) Hi. – [Elise] What’s up, Gary,
my name’s Elise Grace. Hey, Elise. – [Elise] Thanks so much
for coming out to Australia. Thank you. – [Elise] I’m sure a lot of people here are so, so grateful that you’ve come out. Thank you. – [Elise] I’ve been
watching you since 2016. I started a media company, shelved it ’cause I wasn’t loving it, like
you said, you gotta love it. I wanted to can it before it
grew into a beast that I hated, and more recently, I’ve started thinking that I love people, I
love talking to people. I love learning from
especially multi-millionaires and billionaires because
they’re on another level, so I started a podcast. I’ve interviewed one local entrepreneur, Philip Debeller, he’s amazing, and I would like to ask you if you’d be a guest on my podcast. Before you shoot me down ’cause
I’ve only had one interview, I wanna say that I like the– I’ll do it. Awesome. (laughs)
Good. (audience cheering)
(audience applauding) – [Elise] Thank you. You’re welcome, just email me. Great smile. – [Elise] So I’ll just finish by saying, I wanted to ask you as a little fish to show people that you
just have to ask sometimes and we’re doing it, so
that’s awesome, thank you. You’re welcome. – [Elise] Can I come and grab a snap with you before I take off? Listen, now you’re fucking pushing it. – [Elise] Okay, okay. (audience laughing) I’ll leave it ’til the podcast.
Cool, there we go. Thanks, Gary.
You’re welcome. – [Charlie] Hey Gary mate, Charlie here from craftenmedia.net. How are you?
I’m good, mate, really well, thanks, things coming out. Quick question about VR,
future of VR for businesses, opportunities and content creation, advertising within VR
world are being built– I think it’s a trillion years away. – [Charlie] Okay. There’s not a single fucking person here that goes on VR for an hour a day. It’s great in theory, it’s not even close. Who here goes home and spends
an hour in a VR headset? No one, too far away for me. Yeah.
If you wanna wait 11 years and build leverage to be the guy, then you’re young enough to do that and if that’s your
passion, you could do it, but I hate when people try
to jump on things too early ’cause they always lose. – [Charlie] Yeah. You understand?
Yeah. I’m not interested in things
that are good in theory. I’m interested in things that
people are actually doing. Yeah.
It will happen. I’m gonna fucking crush
VR, but it’s not here. Yeah, cool.
That’s my answer. I think it’s a bad idea in the short term. Yeah.
I could be wrong. I passed on Uber twice in the angel round. Cool.
Cool. – [Charlie] Can I get a quick photo, mate? You sure can. – [Charlie] Sweet. Last one.
Last one, sorry everyone, I know, it sucks being the person, right, isn’t that the fucking worse? But it’s gonna make you more
hungry like a fucking beast. (audience laughing) Hey Gary, thanks very much.
How are you? – [Austin] I’m Austin from
Blockchain Collective. Raj Kotecha from Dubai sends his love. He’s the best. – [Austin] He’s a fricking legend. Tell him I said what’s up. – [Austin] Just, I know
you’re bullish on blockchain but not so much on traditional education. Just wanted to know what’s your take on accredited education
in the blockchain space and really where there’s
actually still a skills shortage? I’m not sure, to be frank, meaning you’re talking about
accrediting over blockchain, peer-to-peer, that’s great. – [Austin] No, no, I’m talking
actual accredited education on blockchain, on applied blockchain. You know, I think there’s
a lot of opportunity, like, look, it’s gonna happen, right? Yeah, 100%.
So getting ahead of stuff like that excites me. The problem is what oftentimes,
just like developers, we had this big push in 2006, ‘7, ‘8, where everybody teaches their kids coding but then there’s so many coders at scale that the value of the education is not as high as it used to be. So I think that’s where I sit on this, what’s going to be the supply
and demand of that reality, but what I will tell you is
the blockchain technology is a foregone conclusion. – [Austin] 100%. The applications on top of it,
a lot of things make sense, you know, and I’m excited
to see how it happens. I think there’ll be a lot of people that lose a ton of money
with all the scams, with ICOs and things of that nature. 100%.
But I do think, I do think there’s something there but I think you have to be thoughtful of the things we learned
over the last decade on other technology advances. – [Austin] Yeah, I
think the last two years have been an interesting watch. Yeah, I mean, look, everyone’s
looking for a fast buck. – [Austin] Well, we developed
accredited education through ASQA, through
the regulatory body– I understand.
And I hear we’re delivering in Dubai now, and so, yeah. I think it’s cool. – [Austin] Well, listen, thanks so much, appreciate it.
Awesome, thanks. Thank you.
Thank you. (audience applauding) – [Gary] Thank you, Brissie.

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