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hey guys Eckhart slaughter here hello and welcome to the first episode of a very new series halo starship vs. if you visited my channel before I'm sure you can figure out what this is we're gonna take two ships in the Halo universe put them head-to-head and try to predict which one would come out on top I won't be updating this series super frequently and I think you'll see halo ships appear more in my star wars starship vs series rather than individual episodes here today we're looking at two of the most powerful ships in the Halo universe the UNSC infinity and the CSO class covenants supercarrier this matchup should be very interesting one of these ships has a humongous size advantage the CSM supercarrier is 29 kilometers long at just 5.5 kilometers long the UNSC infinity is only one-fifth of the size of the CSO however the human ship is chalk loaded with four runner technology and possesses more weapons per pound than arguably any ship in the Halo universe then putting these two ships head-to-head we're gonna evaluate them in several categories firepower shielding fighter support and intangibles but it's not a race to see which ship can win more categories we're looking at the matchup overall we're going to pick the ship that is better in the end the only other thing I will say is that each ship is presumed to be commanded by equally skilled persons so we're not looking at whether the UNSC or whether the Covenant had better commanders and officers and pilots we're focusing on the ship however both vessels will have Covenant and UNSC warriors on board alright let's start with weaponry and I truly believe that this battle comes down to whether the UNSC smack cannons can really destroy and disable the CSO class super care so that's what I'm gonna be focusing a large portion of this video on and I know I've talked about the infinities weapons in previous videos but I'm gonna start fresh today and kind of rethink how I treat them so the UNSC has four super-heavy series eight max now for those who don't know max stands for a magnetic accelerator cannon and you can kind of picture it as like a giant coil gun or a giant railgun although there are some differences these cannons were extremely powerful even the mark-5 Super Mac which is a few generations older and presumably less powerful was capable of cutting through almost any covenant ship and destroying another one behind it like I said the UNSC infinity emily has more powerful cannons than even those on a supermax platform the ship was able to punch a hole through the man 'this approach while the orbital platforms carrying the super max were not able to and I think this putting a hole in the Mantis approach is actually a very impressive feat for the ship although the Mantis approach was not disabled it did have a hole large enough for Master Chief to fly through it keep in mind the Mantis approach was not only a forerunner ship but was the personal flagship of the Didact created during the reign of the forerunner empire presumably the ship was not only very powerful but also very very durable so the fact that in one of the infinities cannons was able to put a hole in it is mighty impressive and doesn't make me feel too good for the Covenant ship anyway back onto topic the UNSC infinity has four of these max two on the front and two on each side of the ship addition the infinity also had an extensive network of point defense weapons missile launchers and other anti capital ship weapons but the main feature here really is the Mac let's now look at the CSO class supercarrier as I mentioned in previous videos we don't really have exact numbers for the kind of weapons that the CSO would have had however we do know that it would have made extensive use of energy projectors these weapons are effective at long range and are able to cut apart unshielded human ships I do wonder exactly how effective these would be against the UNSC infinity a ship which supposedly has almost an infinite amount of energy to pump into its shields largely due in part the advanced forerunner technology that it uses however we do know that at the ambush had a flawed in a covenant glassing station with three shots was able to disable the infinity some have said that perhaps the ship was not ready for battle and maybe that was the case but I still think that it's worth mentioning here other than that the CSO would have used traditional anti capital ship and anti Starfighter weaponry but again the main feature here is the energy projectors so let's now talk about defensive capabilities we'll start with the CSO class supercarrier and unfortunately there's not a whole lot to say about this ship obviously it's very very large presumably it has a very powerful and extensive shielding system we also know that it's upgraded with forerunner technology although not to the same extent of the Infinity we've only actually seen one of these ships and it was destroyed by a slipspace bomb there powerful powerful weapon so I'm not gonna hold that as a knock against it I'm just gonna say that this ship is very very strong and probably the most powerful capital ship used by the Covenant the Infinity is also very very durable I mean one of the first things we see the ship do is run straight through a covenant capital ship it shields take the damage and the Infinity goes on basically about its day with no problems whatsoever the ship also has advanced forerunner energy shields it's actually the first UNSC ship to make use of shielding technology let's say the Covenant shielding technology was developed from reverse engineering forerunner artifacts the infinity on the other hand made use of technology directly captured from the shield world of Trevelyan with the help of forerunner Aragon's it's my opinion that the UNSC infinity probably has more advanced shielding however keep in mind that the CSO is like five times longer so it probably has more power available to its shields like with weaponry I'm not going to choose a winner for this category I'm just gonna move on alright so let's now talk about fighter complement and fighter support both the infinity and the Covenant super carrier would have carried an unknown amount of fighters in their hangars based on what we know about halo space battles which is that they are very quick with usually the winning ship getting one or two shots off and destroying the losing ship I don't think the fighters are going to be terribly consequential here however the Infinity does have something extra it is 10 stride in class heavy frigates which it carries in its underbelly all these ships are fairly small you shouldn't underestimate them they each have a magnetic accelerator cannon on them so that's like ten extra max coming into battle with the Infinity they also have shielding which again is fairly impressive for a ship of its size alright let's move on to intangibles and we'll talk first about the CSO supercarrier that ship seems to have some sort of active camouflaging technology as we saw during reach however given the fact that we know the Infinity specifically makes use of forerunner upgraded sensors I'm not sure whether the ship will be able to hide on the infinity side the ship uses very advanced slipspace technology far more advanced than that used by the Covenant and it can make precise slipspace jumps this could be very useful on a battle it could jump to a weak spot behind the ship perhaps towards engines are and do some serious damage the UNSC infinity also would have had hundreds of Spartan fours on board however given the fact the CSO class supercarrier is 29 kilometers long it probably had hundreds of thousands at least tens of thousands of couple of troops on board so boarding the ship isn't really possible alright so how is this battle gonna go we've got the twenty nine kilometres on CSO a massive behemoth and truly the most powerful warship of the Covenant fleet going as that ship is the most advanced modern day starship the UNSC infinity so here's how I see it play out the two ships jump into open space and meet each other head-to-head the very first thing that the UNSC infinity is going to do is launch its ten strident blast frigates this happens extremely quickly and the UNSC infinity does not need to come out of battle or leave Babel readiness to do so all this is happening both ships will be charging their main weapons the CSO supercarrier will hit the Infinity and probably a couple of strident class frigates with its main weapons strident class frigates will be destroyed infinity will take the shot but it will be in serious danger this point the Infinity will launch its two forward-facing magnetic accelerator cannons the first one will hit the Covenant shield completely overwhelming it and leaving the ship open the second one will appear straight through the CSO crippling the ship entirely at that point the Infinity will start charging its secondary weapons and any surviving strident class frigates will fire on the Covenant ship and I truly believe that this first round of Mac's will disable the shield's of the larger ship and if not destroy the ship completely at least take it out of combat effectiveness I mean we saw the Infinity was able to punch a hole on the Mantis approach this is a ship that is at least 10 times more advanced and even the CSO class supercarrier so I really just do not think that the CSO will be able to tank these shots and even if it does tank the first two it also steel with those 10 strident frigates and perhaps some tricky slipspace jumping by the Infinity also we know that for most covenant weapons they have to lower parts of their shield to fire I think that the Infinity will be able to make use of this weakness and hit the ship directly with a Mac ramp which again I think will be devastating anyways guys that is how I see this matchup going I think the Infinity wins and I think wins six times out of ten the only chance that the CSO really has if it hits the Infinity with all of its energy projectors right off the bat and if it manages to disable or this destroy the ship before it can get a couple of rounds off but I would love to hear what you guys think take a second right now to load in the upper right hand corner and let me know which ship you think would come on on top also of course let me know down in the comments did I miss something about one of these two ships do you think my analysis was spot-on let me know also of course let me know which matchups you'd like to see next and if you see a mattress that you liked in the comments make sure to give it a big thumbs up in a supporting comment anyways thank you for watching guys I hope you enjoyed this very first episode of halo starship battles or halo who would win I'm not really sure on the name yet but if you liked it give it a thumbs up share with your friends and of course if you haven't already subscribe you can also follow me on Twitter join our very active discord and if you'd like to help me improve the quality of my videos donate to my GoFundMe page at go fund me.com slash at cards ladder anyways thank you very much guys may the force be with

29 thoughts on “UNSC Infinity vs Covenant Supercarrier (CSO Supercarrier) | Halo: Who Would Win

  • Does anyone know how much personnel does the Covenant Forces have? I’ve always wondered but never really found much information about it.

  • The cso has a stealth corvette, it's small, fast, and very 'very powerful, the cso also has a ton of spirits and phantoms, that alone tells you it's backed up better than the infinity

  • The covenant CSO in reach didnt have invisibility it was cloaked with the help of the spire and that is why it appeared outof nowhere when noble team disabled one of them

  • Would not be surprised if the infinity had a forruner power source they stated that the engines were forruner and were strapped to the ship by Dr. Halsey so that drives systems would need a suitable power system that was either forruner if not then it would also probably have a reversed engineered power system in that case the CSO would have more power

  • Consider that a much smaller Covanent capital ship captured by the survivors of the first Halo game had 7 energy projectors, weapons which have a longer effective range than orbital super-MAC stations, and we can safely assume that the Super Carrier should have many more than 7. If 3 shots can take out the Infinity's shields and temporarily disable is then it really shouldn't have any chance against the Super Carrier. If you want to be extremely generous to the UNSC then this fight would be a 50/50 depending entirely on if the Infinity was able to get into range and hit the main power plant of the Super Carrier before getting cut to shreds by probably at least 2 dozen energy projectors and an unholy storm of plasma torpedoes.

  • You guys think to much i just try to enjoy that we have a bad ass ship like the infinity kind of reminds me of the enterprise of wwll the grey ghost

  • Imagine the arbiter showing up in a super carrier and saying “I’ve brought a friend” as Nobel 6 shows up.

  • looool no the CSO is tooo big. wayy tooo big. I'll bet ya anything that the back fragment 4:14 of the CSO could take the infinity

  • actually who commands the ships is the most important thing: how they react and how fast, how good shaped they kept the personell and troupes inside. and no matter what the weaponery on the cov cap ship is like planetary annihilation weapons so well the infinity would be covered in holes pretty fast but you know… humans are the heroes of the situation


  • In a pitched battle with the infinity vs the CSO, only accounting for ship specs the cso wins it, now if X factors are accounted for like spartans legendary ship captains and the such it becomes more iffy, but the cso has a massive advantage in armor, shielding, powerplant, armament, manpower, ship carrying plus cloaking, if it hit the infinity with its stout supply of energy protectors it could near one shot it

  • The infinity ran through a CRS, a tiny fucking ship compared to the Infinity. The CSO would kick the Infinities ass

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