Unshaken Courage – A September 11th Tribute | Part 3

We have a situation with American,
they’re in a possible hijack. What going on Betty? Terrorism is real. Our number one’s been stabbed and our
five’s been stabbed. Evil Exists. What? It’s a 737. Hit what? The world
trade center. I don’t know, Changed me forever. And your first day of national syndication
was September 10th of 2001 September 10 2001 the day before nine 11 and where
I do my radio show from is New York city. Uh, day two. I couldn’t
get into New York city. All, all points of entry were closed
down. A best friend from third grade, John Gomez calls and he goes, are you
watching this? I said, watching what? I just dropped my son off at nursery
school, you know, and I went home. Obviously I knew instantly
I said, this is I, I knew what it was. I know
what I was most afraid of, especially after the second attack. I’ve, I’ve studied enough history and I’ve
talked to enough people that understand caliphates and radical Islamists.
This particular case, it’s Al-Qaida. They try and hit you multiple
times in the same day. And you could see around the
New York area, all these planes, very low altitudes, they’re all flying in. They’re all in the same flight pattern.
Sometimes on a really clear day, if you’re at a high point, you
could see them lined up, you know, with the obvious separation and I just
wonder if God help us that one day do we wake up and there’s a shoulder
surface to air. Missile is fired, terrorism is real, evil exists. I Wrote a book about evil and I wrote, it’s called deliver us from
evil defeating, you know, despots and fanatics like
this in the last century, 100 million human souls were lost and
we’ve dealt with in that hundred year period, fascism, communism,
a Naz-ism Imperial, Japan, the killing fields, Cambodia, Pol Pot and but all told
based on the history, 100 million souls were killed in the
name of governments in the name of some ism. The ism that we deal with now
is radical Islamic terrorism. Notice I’m not saying Islam,
I’m saying radical Islamists. Those that believe in the caliphate, the caliphate basically is
you will convert or we will
kill you, convert or die. You know, radio and TV is
supposed to be informative, fun, entertaining. I dunno,
changed me forever. This is, this is not a game to me and
I don’t think I’m important, but I think protecting freedom is
important. I think preventing evil, stopping evil when you can
is important. You know, you want to win a war prepare for war, and that’s what I want for- I do not
want one more American to die because we are naive to the point.
Evil exists. I watched it, I witnessed it. I saw it. I lived it. My father lived in four years in
the Pacific and he fought that war, hoping his son would
never have to go fight. We don’t want our kids going to fight. We must agree on the next generation
of weaponry and fight evil from here. That’s how we save lives.

6 thoughts on “Unshaken Courage – A September 11th Tribute | Part 3

  • I can never watch any of what happened on September 11th without my heart breaking 💔😢 in some ways now more then on the date of the actual events. But we must neither forget nor change history or there is that chance it will be repeated. Which Hannity was sort of saying. The US, the world, was never the same afterwards and remembering will not allow us to be in denial of evil. We learned a lot from this tragedy, especially about safety being key in every aspect and area of life, and not being vulnerable as we proceed.
    Looking forward to seeing more of Hannity’s discussion.
    Thank you for this and not allowing people to forget and helping them remember this tragedy and what was learned.

  • Nine Live thank you for keeping this alive and informing a generation that was too young to understand what happened that day. We must never forget the pain and suffering. We must NEVER forget those who died and are still battling for life. And we must never forget those that risk life to help. God Bless you guys and ladies at Nine Line I hope your company gowns beyond expectations. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Strong work 9 line. I was on my reserve 2 weeks, at pearl harbor when evil struck on 9/11. When I got home I changed everything in my life. Quit a job that payed very well and went Fire Dept. Because of what I saw Firemen do on 9/11. Along with the training to help people, I have acquired training to do the opposite. Evil exists all around us. I will never be a sheep that hopes the wolves don't come for me or mine. Never forget, Never forgive, Never give in. PS- Tower 7 did not collapse from fire conditions……….

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