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  • This is still going around, only the name and voice were different. There was also more of a lag in the response which made it sound even more like a robocall compared to this video when they called me. I went on to ask "what color was George Washington's white horse"? After yet another lag, the response was "hmmmm… I'm not sure."

  • i get this all the time and the same voice, but all he says is "is scott there?" and then explains what this is

  • i got called from Police Officer Defense Alliance asked for donation is it scam ??? i would like to do that if not scam !

  • I just received a call from the "Police Officers Support Alliance." It took me a couple of minutes to realize the guy wasn't reading from a script, it was a computer voice feeding back what it thought were the proper responses. I did a little snooping and learned that the address listed on their website, including the suite number, was the same as the one used by Junk King, a trash removal firm, supposedly in D.C. This is one of those rent-an-office operations that allows a company to establish a presence in a market without actually investing in it. You can see the sales pitch here: https://www.loopnet.com/listing/1300-i-st-nw-washington-dc/4431417/ At another website, I learned that the donation address defaults to a box number at a UPS store. This has all the earmarks of a scam.
    Interestingly enough, there is no "Forth Meyer Drive" in Arlington, the address given at the "American Police Officers Alliance" website. This is supposed to be Fort Myer Drive, and it's a hotel offering the identical type of lease arrangements used by the POSA: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/18491088/1655-N-Fort-Myer-Dr-Arlington-VA/ Another (or the same) scam.

  • Same call, sounds like the same guy, except it's "United Police Officers Association". I researched, and none of their information adds up at all.

  • while it may seem fun to mess with these people, for one it isnt a robot however it may be a recording and a person may operate a computer based on responses. for 2 the person in the records dept is a real person that is doing a job to feed her family, she didnt call you on purpose, she has no control over how it all works, nor does she have control over the practices of the company or the actual charity she is paid to do a job and most of the time its low wages in an area where there isnt many other jobs to choose from. Alot of charities rely on professional fundraisers without them they wouldnt get no where near the money they do get. And not all are scams some are I know. But the BEST WAY TO HANDLE THESE CALLS IS NOT BY YOUR RECORDINGS BECAUSE 99% OF THE TIME THE CALL WILL GET RESCHEDULED, all you have to do is tell the agent to place you on the DNC list any time one calls and telling one will not stop all calls there are 100s of charities and callers out there. Dont use your goofy recordings, dont tell them "oh they arent here" dont tell them "oh i cant do nothing now" because none of that will make the calls stop there is only one way and that is to say verbatum "PLACE ME ON YOUR DNC LIST" THAT IS THE ONLY WAY OR YOU WILL CONTINUE TO GET THESE CALLS YOU HATE SO MUCH. But back to the wasting time part, that person didnt pick your name to call, that person prolly dont care about you or the org they are calling for, they are being paid to do a job and in most cases its about the best job available in the town they live in trust me telemarketing sucks it isnt a career by choice for most, and the orginizations are the ones who agree to have companies handle their funddrives so if you really want to make a difference begin by telling them to place you on the DNC list and then take it up with the orginzations not the people calling you. Now for the obvious ones with a thick accent talking about IRS i cant speak for them this comment is specifically about the police/veteran/and fire groups that call. thanks and i hope that this is helpful

  • These phony unsolicited pseudo police calls for money are a nuisance. I am on the 'no call list' and they still get through . They need to be stopped. I am sick of receiving their calls.

  • I just got this call before I googled it, the minute I heard "police" I hung up immediately 😂.. funny how it doesn't show up on my call record as well although it wasn't a private number..🤔

  • Still active as of August of 2018. Same exact voice. Is this a computer making this voice? How can the exact same dude be calling all of these people? Said his name was Jim Miller. Caller ID was "Old Town" Idaho.

  • Just got a call from a guy with the same wording and voice. I asked if they had a website. He started saying a website and I said I was looking it up online. Then he/it hung up on me.
    The phone number was 765-705-8769. Trying to call the number back produces a recording saying, "Hello, thank you for calling. unfortunately we are unable to take your call at this time. All of our agents are currently assisting others or it is after our business hours. Please try calling back again at another time." It says nothing about the "American Police Officers Alliance" or anything. Stupid scammers.

  • Here in Alaska… just got that call. Knew it was a scam. No real info, straight to "how much you wanna give"? LMBO

    I asked him, "what police department does this benefit"? He said, "it's national".


  • Literally just got this call. Seemed fishy so I said no. I don't normally donate over the phone. Too shady.

  • Just got the same call. Mine was worded a little differently near the end. Funny how my father is a police officer in the area and is just retiring around the time of this call.
    Scammers don’t learn and need to be punished for their stupidity.

  • Anyone who donates to these cops are paying my rapist to rape me. Cops and judges are corrupt and sadistic, Speak out against Blue ISIS

  • Total scam. Makes me angry because my mother recently passed and I found three such organizations she had pledged to — thinking she was helping local police. They called while I was at her home. Asked for her. I said, "she is deceased." The robot kept going. Unbelievable.

  • I just got the same call from 706-608-6894. Same name, voice, cadence, and words. The call quality was spotty. Google brought me here.

  • I received the same call, from the same "John." He had exactly the same intonation and the same words as in this recording, which clearly tells me the calling system is automated and that "John's" voice was recorded long ago. For what it's worth, the number used to call me was (765) 442-3018, although I'm certain this system uses tools to mask its true source.

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