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Hey there, I’m DPadGamer, and this video was made possible thanks to a long time viewer, and Patron of the channel, Vaati Plays. Thanks, man. You are awesome. Now, I think we’ll just get into it. It’s time for easter eggs in Freedom Planet. In this game, you’ll find yourself rushing from stage to stage as fast as you can. What you usually don’t see however, are the characters idle animations. So here you go! Hey, come on! What’s wrong? Do you want to get a bad time? Why are we stopping? I’m bored! What do you think you’re doing? What should I do? Is someone staring at me? Um… heh.. If you don’t know, the PC version of this game currently has a beta that you can join, which allows you to play as a fourth character, Torque. He doesn’t have an idle animation, But he does have a special animation that will play during the weapon select screen. To see it, just hold up when you press A on ready. *scream* On the topic file select screens, when choosing a file to play, you’ll see the face of one of three characters. Lilac, Carol, or Mia (Milla*). If there are multiple files with the same character, you can see all four variations of each character. On the character select screen for time attack, rapidly moving the cursor around will cause the screen to shake, which the characters will actually react to. *shaking intensifies* Here’s something odd. Deep in the game’s folders, are lists of audio files for a conversation between Lilac and Carol, talking about how the copy of the game that you are currently playing is pirated. This doesn’t actually show up, even if you do pirate the game, so I’ll share it with you now. Lilac: Hey, we want to talk to you about something real quick. Torque’s radar says that this game might have been pirated. Carol: Yarr, matey! Lilac: But it’s okay, you’re not in trouble. In fact, we’re going to let you continue playing the game without restricting any of it’s features. Carol: What? How are we going to make enough money for the next game? Lilac: Well, It’s up to them. If you like Freedom Planet, and want to see more games like it in the future, please help us by donating! Visit FreedomPlanet.galaxytrail.com/donate (Link doesn’t exist) to get started! Carol: And you can donate as much as you want! 1 dollar… 10 dollars… a million dollars… Lilac: Heh, Carol! Well anyway, we’re not going to bother you about it anymore for this save file. Just think about it! Your purchase matters, and as always, thanks for playing! Lastly, my favorite thing in this game are the bloopers. If you hold Down + C on PC, Or Down + X on Wii U, during the cutscenes, some dialogue may change, showing off unique animations to boot. It’s really awesome, so enjoy! *gasp* Carol: Where are you going? Lilac: I have to make sure they’re okay! Carol: Can’t you be Little Miss Heropants some other time? Lilac: CAROL YOU STUPID FURBALL GO TAKE YOUR FLEABATH SOME OTHER TIME I GOTTA GO CHECK ON THOSE CIVILIANS CAUSE WE WON’T BE ABLE TO GET THROUGH THE PLOT IF I DON’T! Carol: Fine, I’ll go by myself. Yippee… woohoo… Lilac: You wish. Torque: Well, it’s already happening. Major Zao is sending troops in disguise to the ancient temple. I have to warn them! Lilac: Carol and I are pretty fast. We could run righ- eehhhh… *spits* I’m sorry!! haha.. Lilac: You can blame Carol for that. She sleeps for like half a day. Carol: *yawn* Totally worth it! Lilac: Well anyway, I got a big call from that big panda guy I told y- What? *bursts out in laughter* Big call! Because the panda is big!! *continues to laugh* Well anyway, I got a call from that big panda guy I told you about. Lilac: Where is it? Spade: I’ve already finished the job. It’s time for my brother to play his hand. Torque: Your brother? Spade: Prince Dail of S- Prince D- *sigh* This is hard to be cool and suave while being informative at the same time. God D*** my coolness! Lilac: Prince Dail of Shuigang. Torque: Really! Lilac: So Torque has nothing to do with this. We forced him to help us against his will. Magister: I see. We shall establish a timtams currency exchange program. Lilac: Huh? Magister: WE SHALL ESTABLISH. A TIMTAMS. CURRENCY EXCHANGE PROGRAM. Lilac: No, no, it’s okay. I was just surprised, is all. Go ahead. Magister: Since you have displayed integrity in revealing this farce, I will release your friend… But this does not change your own fate. Magister: Once again, you have deceived us. Do you realize what this means? Lilac: If it makes any difference your excellency… I’m deeply sorry. Magister: It means that I have been foolish. We examined the fragment your commander gave us. Lilac: Does that mean y-that you’ll help? Does that mean that you’ll help? Thanks as always for watching! I really appreciate it. I’m not going to compel you to do anything in this outro, So have a nice day!

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