Upside – Goodbye Chase Bank #NoDAPL

Dear JP Morgan Chase
In light of recent human rights violations and in recognition of JPMorgan Chase’s funding involvement with the North Dakota Keystone pipeline i would like to close all of my bank accounts. I should have done this after the economic crash of 2008 which show the extent to which this Bank is committed to profits over people’s lives. I just returned from Standing Rock North Dakota where unarmed nonviolent indigenous led water protectors are demanding their basic human rights to protect their land and their water resources from imminent oil pollution by the pipeline. They are being met with water cannons in sub-zero temperatures as well as being shot with tear gas rubber bullets and pepper spray One woman will likely lose her arm from a concussion grenade. I can verify from my own experience amidst this police brutality that all of the water protectors are unarmed and adamantly adhering to the principles of non-violence. This is a human rights atrocity, a violation of state, federal and international law, and the US Constitution’s rights to freedom of speech life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Chase bank’s involvement also highlights an investment in fossil fuels despite the broader global issue of climate change. I refuse to support further investment in this toxic and destructive industry especially as we now have sufficient renewable energy technologies to power the globe without any of it I recognize that my small account balances are not significant to a big bank so I’m also sharing this withdrawal publicly and encouraging my network to close their accounts in kind. Please reconsider your investment strategy and prioritize clean energy that respects indigenous peoples rights and basic human decency.
Sincerely, Justin bench

9 thoughts on “Upside – Goodbye Chase Bank #NoDAPL

  • YESSS justin!
    I am collecting bankexits from all over the world and added your video 🙂

  • Why even keep your money in the bank? You are not going to make interest on your money. Any interest you make is taxed……Cash your checks, take your money home. They use your money to invest in the stock market. This is the reason money is now mostly digital. If you think banks make their "profits" from your monthly fees, then you deserve to be robbed by the banks.

  • Who are you going to bank with now? Wells Fargo essentially committed fraud. I was in the midst of choosing one or the other solely on the quality of life services like taking pictures of my checks and easily accessing account history.

  • LOL!!!!  DAPL is not Keystone (which was finished a long time ago) nor Keystone XL (which does not even go through North Dakota).  By closing your account all you have accomplished is removed yourself from the profits the bank makes from its investments (which DAPL is only one) which are then shared with depositors as interest.  But you also deserve some thanks for opening up an opportunity for someone else to get the benefit.  Hey, if you were there; what is the purpose of a protest in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, where the only people to see it are the police and the protestors?  There will be no lawsuits or charges for human rights violations because all the protestors had to do was move back to the south end of the backwater bridge and they could have protested all night with no interference from police (as per the agreement made with camp leaders).  You didn't listen to the elders (very disrespectful)!  As far as "renewable" energy being able to replace fossil fuels:  how is your electric car running with no tires or plastic items?  Sorry, but your shirt doesn't look 100% cotton either.

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