US denies plan to quit security pact with Japan From NHK WORLD NEWS

the US State Department has denied a media report that President Trump privately mentioned pulling his country out of a security pact with Japan u.s. news agency bloomberg reported on Monday that Trump mused to confidence about withdrawing from a long-standing defense treaty with Japan it says Trump regards the Accord as too one-sided the report quoted three people a spokesperson for the State Department says there is no basis to the story and stressed the United States is committed to the us-japan defense treaty the spokesperson says the us-japan relationship has never been stronger the spokesperson adds the Ford presence in Japan including on Okinawa gives the u.s. the ability to protect national security interests in the indo-pacific the Japanese government's top spokesperson also denied the report which there is no truth in this report the White House has confirmed it conflicts with the stance of the United States in Yokosuka added the security alliance based on the treaty is the core of Japan US relations

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