20 thoughts on “US diplomatic moves and Switzerland talks

  • Lets us all call black black and white white only this will free our land Ambazonia πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ’ž

  • Yes Dr Eric . .knew Tapa would be tired ..AGAIN YOU ARE A LEGEND .. I wish we had just 2 of you in is AMBA REV. I wished I had the courage to come out and talk like you bro… πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ really wish but security for ma whole family . .

  • Brother Eric we will never forget our president Ayuk but he should give us reasons to support his division's cus it's not a one man thing

  • Mr Eric Tataw, you cannot force Seseku down the throat of Ambazonians. The more you force, the more we reject. You were the same person telling Ambazonians not to give money to the IG and that the TV was irrelevant. Now you are saying Ambazonians don't support the IG, that's why the TV has not been supported. You said you do not support people, yet in all your outings you cunningly discredit Sako's government and promote your brother Seseku. You seem to think that all that you have done is by your power. God crushed the ADF not you. If you were not there, God would have used anyone. You are now operating in the flesh not in the spirit. Please respect the current IG. Even when God revealed that David will take over Saul as king, David NEVER disrespected Saul's government. Even when David saw the faults of Saul, he still believed that God will take care of Saul which God finally did. Ambazonians only call God's name to suit their agenda but deny to take Godly instructions. However, we will still continue to pray that God should redirect you back to His path. Dr Sako, we are praying for you and your cabinet. Stay focused for the rest of your time in office. Those who love you will tell you privately when you make a mistake and vise versa. God bless you. God bless the FRA.

  • God has giving you every thing gep up,more grace, my praying everyday God will never put hu's to shame in Jesus Christ name Amen.

  • My Brother, man or woman will not stop you or Hus, God has giving Hus the powers to move forward in Jesus Christ name and Amen.

  • Chaiiiiii, responding to everyone who said something about you. Talk and repeat over and over. At times, pple dont get any msg from yr presentation cos of over talk.

  • Chaiiii, Eric , you talk too much and keep coming to this Seseko s problem. No one has gone to that extend of how you think as regards to impeachment. Weeeeeh, Eric, Lrp has been using Seseko to spoil our struggle and our free govt being the legal structure, had the right to use a political language to close the door for lrp. This govt is still standing for them. We really wonder why you dont just want to understand. There s no wrong by that decision Sir. They can not be paying the price and we say they te out of our minds. Even Prince J.Car , your friend has hammered on this but still, you re refusing to understand. Also learn to listen to others not that, your idea must always be the best.

  • Let sisiku just be quiet in jail and stop cosine confusion on till he is free he will still be our president

  • Bayangi activist stop running away from the Nsalai law firm court summons, for your time is truely up. You have to answer for asking the hands and fingers of the innocent people of Ambazonia to be cut. When you get to jail ,you will suppoert your Sessiko Obasanjong better, nonsense.

  • Eric Tataw you're a very big hypocrite so you know. You were one of the first person to say Ayaba Cho must come out and appologise publicly for the killings in Guzang, but have forgotten so soon. Chaiiiiii I beg I tire you yaa. Makam go answer your summons for court from Nsalai law firm.

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