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these were the scenes across Gaza and the West Bank as the Bahrain conference got underway thousands of Palestinians protested and staged a general strike against a plan they say attempts to buy them off thousands of miles away in Bahrain Jared Kushner called on the Palestinians to accept his vision one he dubbed the opportunity of the century if they want peace he said the fifty billion dollar economic support plan would create a brighter future for the region for a moment imagine a new reality in the Middle East imagine a bustling commercial and tourist center in Gaza and the West Bank where international businesses come together and thrive imagine the West Bank as a blossoming economy full of entrepreneurs engineers scientists and business leaders the Palestinian in the audience was no Palestinian delegation they'd boycotted the meeting having rejected the plan from the start instead there were Arab finance ministers and international business leaders the people the United States is soliciting to foot the bill Kushner says his proposal could create a million new jobs and slash unemployment helping to bring peace to the Middle East but the Palestinians insist there can be no economic solution without a political one we are here also to send a message that we will not be deceived by the so called economic plan there can be no economic solution as a substitute or freedom and second how can we have economic development when we cannot control our borders our import our export our free market our freedom of movement Washington says the political portion of the plan will follow but until then Palestinians say Kushner's proposal is meaningless here in the West Bank Palestinians burned an empty casket it reads deal of the century born dead our correspondent Oliver salad is covering developments from Washington he has more details on Kushner's proposals and Palestinian objections jarred Kirchner's plans come as a radical change for the Middle East peace process no two-state solution but instead lots of money essentially silencing the Palestinians for a prospect of wealth and development the plan sounds reasonable fifty billion dollars in direct investments a million new jobs within the next ten years for an area that is suffering from unemployment rates of above 50% but there are questions to be answered as well number one who is going to pay for all that and without their own state Palestinians feel as second-class citizens so for them the proposal comes as a no starter from the very beginning

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  • The new Palestinian plan is mounted by rich Arab nations. Arab nations cannot continue to provide free money for Palestinian administration without repayment. Palestinian donation is 90% from American aid and another 10% from Arab nations. There is no such thing as free lunch forever, every donor country is tightening the belt.

  • The Peace Plan embraces what our Creator warned against, joining other nations, seeking riches and honors, bondage to lifelong employment, debt, insurances, interest and tourism. We have gone the wrong way so long, we think we are right.

    We enslave our people and pollute our air, land, water, food and our spirit. We offer healthcare insurance bills instead of the good health and freedom our Creator directs. We need to want to live by the wisdom of our living God who rewards us according to what we deserve, life or death.

  • Stop giving Israel American money; Jared Kushner is a perp, a weasel, and a SPY!  Israel wants to CONTROL everything in the Middle East and perhaps further, like their 'Masters', America.  Money is all they are about, no good will here.

  • I doubt if it is anything more than some attempt to appear as if he is doing something. I do not think it a serious attempt at a peaceful solution. I doubt if he thought it would fly.

  • WHY THIS IS AN ISRAEL SCAM AND A FRAUD?? FAST ANSWER HERE = "Only if we considers numbers". 50 billion dollars means 50,000 thousands millions, the population of Palestinians are approx. 5 millions means 10 thousands dollars per person. WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH 10 THOUSANDS ?? NOTHING!!!! AND This without considering the patrimony of a hole country and all the implications (there are hundreds of other bad implications and consequences to palestinians).

  • Europeans should have backed H!tler when they had the chance.
    International Jevvry objects to genocide only when it's performed upon their villainous kind.
    H!tler's failure to solve the Jevvish problem had massive negative ramifications upon the European continent.


  • Kushner knows nothing about politics why is the U.S. taxpayers even allow to pay this stooge to represent the U.S. in the middle est.

  • History had shown that the american presidents only care for peace at the end of their presidential terms , so the good news in this chaos is that the isreli lobby who select who is the next president decided to dump trump (like the rythm)

  • peace & islam doesn't go together,,, they were wild in the beginning & they are still & will stay like wild ox. dear jared don't show your compassion to these ungrateful & undeserving palestinians.

  • Trump fixing all fronts. Palestine Israel were created by UK. Palestinian politicians don't let Palestinian people down. Its like getting paid for the land you fought for and lost in War to Israel. Invest Grow Palestinian economy as Germany did after WW2. God bless America.

  • Don't do it once the money runs out and greedy men get their hands on it it'll be gone forever and you won't have nothing else

  • The Germans are running Germany. Japanese running Japan. Israelis running Israel. Why can't the Palestinians run Palestine on the West bank and Gaza?

  • Palestinian is dealing with Trump the mafia family,Washington will hijack your lands bribery high ranking officers more chaos more deads are coming.

  • This is NOT an economic problem but a political problem. US, Israel and their supporters are rogues, criminals who are hell bent to steal the land of Palestinians. Give Palestinians their land, israel must immediately vacate the occupied territories only then peace will return.

  • We can always count on the "Palestinians" to never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Israel and the Arab world are moving on, like those with brains do. No more being stained by the crybabies of the middle east, pulling on Israel's leg and being forever refugees.

    It's over.

  • There is no $50b, just an idea Arab states will fund it. Kushner knows this. His plan is designed for Palestine to reject so they are blamed for its failure. The US is no longer a peace broker here. It's now an enabler for Israel to eventually annex Palestine in all but name.

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