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and joining me now is GW Brussels bureau chief max Hoffman and max I understand that you've actually heard more on this story haven't you yeah well we had the official press conference by the EU Commission who of course was asked a couple of questions not only by IDW on that story they didn't say much I'm afraid to say here they acknowledged that there was and this is how they the wording is that there was a recent change in the way the diplomatic precedents list is implemented by the United States protocol and that just means you know which ambassador takes precedence over another ambassador so that is implicitly confirming that there was a change and then they also said that they are still currently discussing with the relevant services in the administration possible implications for the EU delegation in Washington so not much there just a hint that yes there is something actually ongoing and max what was the mood there I mean how has all of this gone down in Brussels well most of people this morning didn't really know anything about that even some of the relevant embassies you would think that were familiar with that take for example the US mission to the European Union we called them of course and they just said yeah we're looking into that that's code often for we just don't know and it wouldn't be a surprise that the different services around the world aren't really in the loop what their administration is doing there but those that knew about it told us that they weren't really surprised by this behavior by the Trump administration because we have seen and that's what some acknowledged as well much worse that was the wording from the Trump administration when it comes to diplomacy in the past than this yeah in fact some of it seeing it has just the latest in a series of slaps in the face from the United States given that max where can be you US relations go from here you know the main battlefield at the moment isn't really diplomacy or diplomatic relationships that's really the least of the worries of the European Union right right now the the main battlefield are the trade ties is trade apparently also especially I'm sorry the threat that there might be some extra tires slapped on two car production in the European Union and those exports going to the to the USA that's of course very important to car country number one in the European Union Germany and the trade representative of the EU Commission is set to visit actually the United States Washington DC to negotiate this so that's where they're putting all their efforts and the mall at the moment and like I said when it comes to diplomacy many here in Brussels have given up on the Trump administration in this specific field for a long time max Hoffman in Brussels thank you max you

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  • The EU is not a country and shouldn’t be treated as such. The EU countries can’t COMPETE against the US individually so they have to band together (like a street gang) in a pathetic attempt to counter a superior US economy and military strength. As a “GANG,” the EU still falls behind the US in economic growth, innovation, production (except for sausages, cheese, and pastries), AI, IT, and pure unadulterated, raw, knockout, military power. MAGA !!!

  • Well they have stabbed the US in the back on numerous issues . Now to also kick the UN right out of the USA .

  • Trade wars have nasty ways to bete back unexpectedly and being extremely costly for decades to come, sectors of economy are often lost or their export diminished.

  • It’s really a divide & conquer strategy. Without EU as a counterweight, the US can pretty much arm twist all the smaller countries individually to do her bidding..

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  • Well the EU has stabbed the USA in the back on several International strategic and sanction issues so it's high time they get what they deserve . The EU is so entangled with Russia and China they can not be trusted .

  • The EU should punish the USA. The EU is by far stronger and that US goverment needs a harsh and brutal lesson. The EU shall destroy that fascist administration by sanctions. Trump is a fascist.

  • Media, EU is as politicians
    And that's a democratic problem
    As journalism is link to promotion weinstein
    And crimes, associations, as elite culture
    In spin, adversity, campaigns, storytellers
    Hidden promotion, or denied rights

    So EU. Dropped all. Respect in September's 2012
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    And bengazi filmmaking, as zentropa involvement
    Fbi was, alerted, were EU. Still cover up,

  • The EU is a poop hole that tramples the rights of people that yearn to be sovereign. Brussels is the new Third Reich.

  • Why so much love for Trump after hearing that he only replaced the swamp rather than drain it?

    Have people actually paid any attention at all to the number of his associates who have turned on him since winning the election? None are irrelvant to his actual character, even if they might be irrelevant to the Russia probe (which still doesn't seem to be going well for him)

  • As if the USA have ever been diplomatic….

    Murder a bunch of Muslims in wars not condoned by the people? Not something Europe is acutually accusable of, is it polarised Trumptards? 😉

  • All globalists should be hung ,starting with soy boy ,head of every gay parade he can make it to,justine trudeau

  • The EU isn't a country, why does it act like one? But look how the EU has acted with Trump, the EU is pushing global socialist views which is opposite of what the US stands for.

  • Our President that we elected has shook the world….they say our Prez slapped them in the face ? Wrong ..Americans slapped them in their face..Americans go our own way!! For now and Forever! We dont want unelected foreigners telling US how to run our country …

  • Good actual countries should have or evidence over an organization that has no business being anything other than an economic federation.

  • Absolutely PRICELESS!!! Trump taking no sh1t from the EU CLIQUE!! Finally getting their comeuppance and not a day too soon!!! And …..not even bothering to tell the CLIQUE and totally disrespecting them…. HILARIOUS!! Take that Midget Macron and Frau Merkel…..

  • The Eu is not a state it’s a political dictatorship trying to destroy nation states just like they are trying to destroy America 👍🏻🇬🇧🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸👍🏻🍺🇬🇧

  • The leader of the EU is not elected by the people, he has no status and should be treated as such. The whole of Europe seem to have forgotten that they would be speaking either German or Russian were it not for the UK and the USA.

  • Thank you USA we are being shafted by our government and the EU. MAGA MBGA Long live President Trump and Tucker Carlson.

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