USFK has no qualms about countering N. Korea′s artillery threats despite relocat

North Korea′s artillery threats will be
effectively countered by the United States Forces Korea′s 2nd Infantry Division,
despite its relocation next year. Connie Kim fills us in on how the additional
rotational rocket battalion and South Korea′s well-equipped infrastructure will help in
such efforts. The United States Forces Korea′s 2nd Infantry
Division will have no issues with countering North Korea′s artillery threats.
Commanding General Theodore Martin made the remarks when asked about relocating the U.S.
2nd Army Infantry Division to Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do province, 70 kilometers southeast
from its current location. An additional rotational rocket battalion
was added to the unit early this year to better buffer against North Korea′s long-range
rocket threats, boosting its combat capability. ″So the rotational battalion just added
to the division structure gives us increase capability both in M270A1 rocket launchers
but also the ability of the radars to detect incoming missiles. We are very well-provided
with precision guided munitions.″ Martin also reassured the relocation will
not affect the unit′s training capabilities as equipment will be transferred by rail to
current training areas. ″It does not matter where I am based,
because of the wonderful infrastructure that the Republic of Korea has to allow us to rapidly
move North or South by rail or road.″ Out of some 28-thousand-500 American troops
stationed in South Korea, about 12-thousand troops are deployed to the U.S. 2nd Army Infantry
Division. Connie Kim, Arirang News.

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