Utrecht University: Curiosity-driven, relevant to society

my degree program gave me a lot of freedom to develop my talents in and outside my studies I was involved in an international exchange program and got to develop my talents on a number of committees councils and boards of associations our educational system shows our students the way towards route research only critical and analytical insight brings you to the top the university enabled me to develop a broader view on the world in as crucial pairs around my 20 it was magnificent to be at the very center of all Nobel Prize festivities but the real joy and satisfaction for a scientist comes the very moment you realize that you discover something new from day one I was taught by researchers from my own field of expertise and they encouraged me to do my own research the University has made distinctive choices in its research choices which clear societal relevance and a high international profile the University of us has three primary tasks and next to research and education the third one has all to do with society what you test and contribute to society in economic sense to use its knowledge but also in a broad societal sense in order to stimulate the debate on controversial difficult and relevant topics University is traditionally the spot where different scientific disciplines are practiced this is where researchers have ample opportunity to consult colleagues in different fields and collaborate with them if so desired and during my studies I became acquainted with the business industry through various career events and a large number of lectures were given by practicing professionals you

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