V For Vendetta | Boring Book Review

On the 5th of November 1997, a girl named Evey Hammond rolls out on the streets of London sexually soliciting men in exchange for some cash. The same night she encountered customers who turned out to be working for a fascist government called Norsefire. These men tried to rape and ice Evey when suddenly a cloaked renegade wearing a Guy Fawkes mask jumps out of nowhere and dispatches the bitches. This man is called V and is working hard every day trying to bring down the Norsefire. Right after saving the girl V smashed his detonator and blew up the Parliament. He then takes Evey to the shadow gallery, his own version of Batcave. At the same time, a detective named Eric Finch started to move and track V’s terrorist activities. Finch is well connected to all the bitches inside the government including the head of Norsefire Adam Susan, which spends most of his time flirting with Fate, a computer that has the power to control everything. And as the plan goes by to pulverize the government V has been ghosting several individuals including Prothero an asshole radio broadcaster who is racist and sexist as fuck, a pedophile priest named Bishop Lilliman, and a guilty-ass researcher named Surridge. Finch connected the dots and apparently , these people are connected through their former work station called Larkhill. Larkhill is a resettlement camp which allegedly experiments and tortures people. Unfortunately Surridge left a diary exposing V as one of the inmates in Larkhill. In the diary it is said that V had a psychotic rbreakdown obliterated everything that he saw and left Larkhill. Four months later V went straight up to Jordan Tower, Norsefire’s media center and broadcasted a message to everyone convincing them to repel the government. After showing up with a bunch of explosives with him V escaped with fashion. In the meantime Evey was bored as fuck and left the Batcave to mingle with her old meat Gordon. However, Gordon was iced an this triggered Evey to start her own revolution, but before she does Evey was locked up. As she was in her cell, Evey finds several letters from the previous prisoner- Valerie Page. Valerie was imprisoned and killed for being gay. But even if it hurts, Valerie showed love and compassion for the world, and this idea sinks into Evey. After all those meditation in the cell, the captor shows up in tells Evey to cooperate or die. Because of the letters Evey was fired up and resisted to collaborate. In a stunning turn of events, she was freed. These whole shenanigan turns out to be V’s theatrics play as a tool to free Evey from her fear the real prison that contains her life. V told that Valerie was an actual prisoner from Larkhill and that the letters aren’t a fake. Even forgives V. While Evey was locked up earlier, V has gone full-on Mr. Robot hacking the Fate system and played mind games with Adam Susan. On the next 5th of November 1998. V blows up more government buildings such as the Post Office Tower and Jordan tower. Finch goes SMH because he knows that V’s actions will ignite a colossal revolution. So Finch traces back every move V has made and ended up in the abandoned Larkhill. Finch took LSD which made him high as fuck and treaded every step V has taken. He realized that the only person to grapple you down is yourself. The drugs also made him find the Batcave He then confronts V and glocked the shit out of him. V momentarily survived and told that he couldn’t die because PUNKS NOT DEAD. Ideas are bulletproof. Shortly after V died in Evey’s arms. His last words were: “You must discover who’s face lies behind this mask, but you must never know my face.” Meanwhile Adam iced too during a parade. Now, the whole city is collapsing on its own. Evey takes the V’s identity after soul searching for a while. She then rolls out to the public and announces that the world is them for the taking. The chance is now. Choose the next step and don’t fuck it up. After this Evey demolished the government’s main crib by blowing it up along with V’s body. At the end of the novel, Evey finds Stone and trains him as the next V. And Finch is still shaking his head while watching the whole city tearing itself apart. The central theme V for Vendetta is anarchy and freedom. “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid their people.” -Moore, V for Vendetta The novel expresses the absence of a valid government serving its people. A the end of the novel London is still in chaos and the author Alan Moore slams the readers to think about how to achieve true freedom. Moore heavily suggested to find the right place and time to take action, as freedom requires proper training and education, and without these attributes freedom is nothing but pure anarchy and violence. Symbolism is heavily implied too in the graphic novel. Too much letter V are scattered throughout the book including the character’s names and faces. V for Vendetta is a battle between Norsefire and V’s symbol. In the end, the indestrcutible mysterious and reproducible symbol wins. Before V died, he insisted on believing that symbolism is more potent than the flesh. “Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof.” -Moore, V for Vendetta The flesh will expire but ideology is immortal. Larkhill also shows how twisted the minds of the government can be once they have pure power over all. V blew up the place and iced those motherfuckers who tortured him and other inmates. V gave them a taste of their own medicine. Prothero became insane, Lilliman was iced church-style like it’s Eucharist time, and a syringe was injected to Surridge. V for Vendetta shows what would happen if the balance between the people and their government is messed up. The graphic novel presents how to ignite people and start a change even if it means to bet who they are.

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