VA Home Loan Program: Why Should Realtors Work with VA?

[upbeat music]>>Text: Mark Connors,
VA Home Loan Guaranty Service>>Speaking: We like to work very closely with NAR, or the National Association of Realtors(TM). We have this tremendous benefit that is available to Servicemembers that have earned the benefit. However, if it were not for Realtors(TM), we wouldn’t be able to provide this benefit to the Veterans. Now, as our director likes to say as far as a VA home loan program goes, ‘This is not your grandfather’s VA home loan program,’ and so what is meant by that is that there are a lot of myths; and we’re working hard to overcome the myths — — and in large part that the myths came about out of reality. It used to be that it would take longer to close a VA loan than it would be to close a non-VA loan. However, those times are gone and the national average to close a VA loan is no longer than it is for a non-VA product. One of the things that NAR recently introduced is a new certification. It is the Servicemembers’ relocation professional certification, and this certification requires Realtors(TM) to get up to speed on those special circumstances that are faced by active duty military members that are getting out of the service. Additionally, there’s a great, great untapped market out there for Realtors(TM). We’re facing a military drawdown. A lot of the men and women in service, they’re going to be getting out and they’re going to be starting their civilian lives. One of the things that they’re going to want to do is purchase a home; they want to live the American dream. The 100 percent financing that the VA home loan program offers, it offers the ability for your clients to get into homes where other clients that have not qualified for the benefit are not able to get into; and as I mentioned, without the Realtors(TM), we would not be able to provide our benefit to the Veterans so we rely on the Realtors(TM) and we want to do our best and we’re continually reaching out to try to educate the Realtors(TM) that this VA today, the home loan program, is completely different than it was; as our director says, ‘It’s not your grandfather’s home loan program anymore.’>>Text: TO LEARN MORE ABOUT

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