Vaishali Telugu Full Movie || Aadhi, Sindhu Menon, Nandhu || Arivazhagan || Thaman

Vaishali madam, open the door! You troubled me in
college to help you, not content with it, you plucked
my answer sheet in exam to copy, what’s it now? You want me
to solve your case, right? No, you must identify the body.
– Should l? Why? l think you know her.
– Me? A girl aged about 25 years.
– Name? Vaishali.
Vaishali Balakrishnan. l had a doubt that he might
know her, so l called him. Do you know her?
– No. Did you inform her husband
who is in Bombay? l’ve informed him sir, he’d be
here by morning 10 am flight. l’m still confused if it’s murder
or suicide. We’ll get a clear picture
with post-mortem report. lsn’t she Vaishali?
– Yes. Why did then lie you don’t know her? Had she been my class mate only
would’ve agreed, but how can l now? Would it be 4 years since you met her? l thought l would meet
her someday, but didn’t expect to see her
in this condition. Sir, taking photos is done with,
can l remove the body? My dear Bharat, wittingly or unwittingly,
mistake committed by few people, would become the
reason for their death, likewise l’m responsible
not anyone else, please forgive me, with love, your Vaishali Where did you do early in the
morning without telling me? Murthy called me for a case,
so l went. He’s always like that. Okay, l’ll get you a towel.
Take bath and have breakfast. After deciding to commit suicide, Mrs.Vaishali mixed a heavy dose
of sleeping pills in her coffee, later she had a doubt
if she’d die really or not, so, she slept in the bathtub,
plugged the holes, and opened the taps. Vaishali has a paramour without
her husband’s knowledge. He came to know about it one day, she committed suicide unable to bear
that her husband knows the truth. Got any details about him? We’ve not yet got any
details about him. Even if we know,
it’s of no use to us now, sir, because she left a suicide note that
nobody else is responsible for her death. Go ahead Murthy. l’ll take up this case. 99% this case is suicide.
Why? ls he suspecting anything? Not suspicion,
Vaishali and l were in love once, for some reason we split, after seeing her in this condition,
l can’t be mute spectator like a stranger, for my satisfaction, that’s all! While studying my final year
in Nellore, my friends, the bus stop
where l board bus every day, the tea shop next to it, determined to take the
training exam next year, life is that’s all,
that’s what l used to think then. But it was till l saw Vaishali! l can’t come, mother,
bus has arrived. How much? Come fast!
– Vasu, come fast! Come fast, getting late…come fast.. Be careful bike!
– Hey bike, be careful! Come Vasu, bus it leaving, come. You saw the girl last week,
you don’t know who she is, are you mad to expect
to see her again? Come and stand here. What’s your name? Which course are you joining? Sister is asking you, right?
Will you answer her or dance? Wait, you did your intermediate
here, right?- Yes. Why are you asking silly questions?
Ask her something new. Ask if she has attained puberty. Hey boys! l’m also here,
don’t forget it. Women’s association ! Vaishali! Why did you throw away
your application? Take it. Who is she, buddy?
– Known girl. Known girl? My father’s friend’s daughter. Vaishali, you go home. Tell your
father l had inquired about him. You never told about her, buddy. Lies must be told at times only. She used to move very close
calling me as aunty, but later she changed completely, l’ve seen myself a man coming
to her flat many times. When l asked him
he said close friend. She was silent as if she
didn’t know him. Everyone in the flats knew about it, and her husband too came
to know about it. Poor woman ! What could she do?
She killed herself. You said a man visited Vaishali’s flat,
can you please describe him for me? We don’t know who he is and
l and my wife are college lecturers, We leave home morning at 8 am
and come back home at 7 pm only. As you said everyone here talked
bad about the girl, it’s true. Take car keys. Your daughter?
– Yes, studying Viscom first year. Can you tell me about Vaishali’s husband? No need to ask about Bala. l thought Vaishali too is like him… l live in the next block,
l’ve observed Vaishali’s activities, like a father l advised her
but she didn’t heed. lf l wanted Sunday Hindu paper,
l used to take it from sister. They both are decent people, sir. Do you’ve a cigarette? Generally l go off to my native place
on weekends. Where?
– Khammam, sir. Rajahmundry sir. Yours?
– Nellore sir. Bus may come at any time now,
have the tea and pay the bill. This isn’t our bus,
why are you feeling so much? Subbu’s girl friend comes in that bus.
– ls it buddy? What else then?
Everyday he buys a ticket for her too. Be careful! You may feel much
and buy a ticket for driver too. Why are you laughing?
What do you know about love? Shahjahan built a Taj Mahal
for his wife Mumtaz. What do you say for it? Even after death girls will
empty out pockets. Get down. Saw her just now! Thank you so much. Why?- For helping in college.
– That one? Who is she, buddy?
Never saw her. l got a seat in Kaveri college on merit. l wanted to inform you, so… Do you travel by this bus every day? l think our guy’s purse will get holes. Come on guys, bus has come.
– This bus? Why this bus?
– Get in buddy! Buddy, let’s catch the next bus.
– What happened? Let’s catch this bus!
– What? He’s getting into the bus! Be careful! Give your books. l forgot to ask you that day, l told my father about you, he said l don’t know who he is,
please ask his name, what’s your father’s name?
– Father’s name? You wouldn’t know. Why?
– l know you only. Do you know me? Did you tell me to be careful
because you know me? This is also like that. Your name is Vaishali,
won’t you ask me my name? Why should l ask your name? What would you do knowing the name? She knocked you out, boy. We’ll allow any new person entering
after registering name and vehicle number. But if they leave the vehicle outside,
we’ll not make an entry. He always leaves the bike
outside and comes, and says want to meet
Vaishali madam in E6 block, and l allow him to go. How does he look like? He appears like a boy
from wealthy family. Curly hair, wears ear stud,
a gold chain, he comes on a red Pulsar bike
wearing a red helmet, how can l know more than that, sir. There’s nothing new for me to tell, sir. l’ll tell you the same thing
what others had told you. That madam would’ve done
something wrong, why would people unnecessarily
talk bad about her? Forget about the gossips,
did you see anything yourself? Don’t talk unnecessarily. You said Veerappan was killed
in an encounter, aren’t we believing it?
Are we asking to see it? No sir, l said it casually,
please don’t take it seriously. There are 256 flats here,
only flats are similar not people. What one likes is hated by another. lf one likes and brings a dog,
another lodges a complaint on him. So we’re confused about
what action should we take! This is our situation,
like you asked me little earlier, people living here,
people visiting them, can we use a camera to watch how
they’re related and what their problems are? Are you fine? How come you’re here? l heard they’re offering tamarind rice
and curd rice in this temple. Then what? A friend’s brother is
getting married, so l’m here. Will you come to this temple
next week too? Please, it won’t be nice if anyone
known to me sees us. So…bye. Just a minute, this is very big temple. Large number of people visit here. Who would be here known to you?
For instance take her. 3Would she know you?
Do you know her? She’ll come, offer prayers
and leave. That’s all! Who is he, sister? l told you about my sister Divya,
that’s her. l told you about Vasu, right?
– When did you tell me? He’s Vasu. Classmate?
– No. College mate?
– No…- No, bus mate! Bus mate?- No, just friends.
Come…come l say!- Bye. Friend means, how close, sister? Adjust it. Friend means, so close? Shut up and come. Come buddy, we’re getting late,
let’s go in this bus. Come fast.
– Come fast. Just a minute, Vaishali! Watching you for 2 days,
you’re not even saying a hi! You’re ignoring me without
even smiling at me. Why? Why should l greet you?
Why should l smile seeing you? ls it right on your part to say
like that in temple? What did l say?
– You don’t know anything. What isn’t mistake to others
looks like a mistake to you? Oh that! l said because
l felt it was wrong. Will you tell anything
if you feel it’s wrong? Don’t you know how to
tell it decently? That too in the presence of Divya! What if l? lf young men come before you,
don’t you adjust dress involuntarily? This is also like that only. Can’t l tell you as a friend? 1lf you’re a friend, will you take
liberty to say anything? Agreed it’s wrong to say a friend, but l told a girl l really love
with my heart. And if you…feel l’m wrong, All our guys have boarded, right! Our master is walking to college. l think he’ll reach college by evening. All the passengers standing on
footboard please buy tickets. We just got into the bus,
why are you insisting us to buy ticket? There are checking inspectors
in the next stop. lf you don’t have a ticket,
you’d have to pay fine. ls it okay? Where? Take it. Nellore l’m not escaping by saying
its just friendship. There’s an affection beyond that. l like you but… Tell me. There’s no meaning to talk
about us and our wishes. Our union isn’t in our hands. l was brought up like that.
– You mean your parents? Think positively. No Vasu, if it’s yes now
and if we split later, l may not be able to bear it. What do you call it as? Above all a good relationship. lf it leads to our marriage,
l’d be very happy. Did l say anything wrong? l’ve started liking you more now. Please say it once again. Eyes are saying something… Can l take it as love? My heart is getting wet… There’s no one for me… l’m a loner… Hereafter you’re my everything… lt’s pouring down heavily…
Can l take it as love? The rain that has drenched
my heart… My heart is burning hot…
is it running temperature? Getting drenched in love… Earlier l was an isolated island… You’ve encircled me like a sea… l said it with silence… l’m just going away… When your half sari touches me,
a gentle rain falls on me… Your soft smiles have
become a deluge… The hair moving on your forehead
is like a drop of water on lotus… Before you adjust,
it drops down like a pearl… Enough of it, please go away…
l feel l’m going breathless… l killed my wife Vaishali. l’m responsible for her death. We were very happy just
after our marriage. l used to do everything she
liked without asking her. What so ever l may do,
it was useless. Any wife would wish her husband to spend
at least 10 minutes happily with her. l started new business and
was quite busy establishing it. lt was all over by then. So you believe what others
were saying, right? Didn’t believe sir, when others
told bad about Vaishu, l didn’t suspect like others, or feel sad keeping it to my heart,
l asked her they were lies, right? She didn’t say anything. l don’t know if she had committed
any mistake or not, in a way, l’m responsible for it. l was very happy for getting
a good daughter-in-law, but if everyone in the apartments
say bad about her, how can l not believe it? People in these flats are
your relatives, apart from them, your office colleagues, friends, do any of these people
visit your home? Friends mean….Vicky! Are you going to office now? Bala would’ve told a lot
about me, right? Please don’t believe him. There’s lot to tell about Bala
than about me. Not just business, we share many
personal matters also. Suddenly one day he came to me, said he was very sad because apartment
people were talking bad about Vaishali. l too didn’t believe it. But after seeing her with other men
few times, l had to believe it. Then l understood, who l should believe
and who l shouldn’t! When they got married, l thought Vaishali was the
best choice for him, but as days passed, as days passed l understood… You said you’d seen Vaishali outside,
can you tell me the location? Jagadamba theatre…ice cream parlour. Coffee bar…l’ve seen her in
many such places. This is my college special.. lt seems Lakshmi aunt’s daughter
too studies in this college. She knows me very well.
l felt it was her… Look Vaishu, you meet me only
while going to college or going home. You always say some aunt or uncle
would see and go away. Some day your people would know it,
let it be this day. lt’s not as you think, there’s difference between others
telling him and l myself telling him. This is the character l the most
in you, for that you needn’t… You want me to come to
watch a film with you, right? l know, you’d say everything
after marriage only. No, before marriage. After my father agrees
for our marriage. l got excited unnecessarily. Do they add eggs in ice cream? Shall l say one thing? You’d not even make an half boil egg
for me after our marriage, you’d say you need your
dad’s permission for it. Once more please. l asked can you make an half boil for me? Don’t worry about failing in exam but
make sure you don’t fail in this, sister. Shut up.
– Then, do it. Will you break it or shall l break it?
– l’ll break it. She asked if l’d be in home tomorrow
at this time, l said l’ll be there, how would l know she’d come here? Hey, please wait! Sister made something special for you.
See it yourself. lt was just a joke. Whether you say it for joke or seriously,
my sister will take it seriously. What she thinks must happen
if not she’ll not talk. Do you know how many days she
didn’t talk to after an argument? Shut up!
You eat! ls it nice? What happened? Take it. Wash your hands. lf l say anything in angry,
will you come directly to my home? But if l call you out, you refuse. Sister, come quickly.
We’re getting late. Just a minute, l’m coming. l didn’t come for that only. My father called the marriage
broker to talk about proposals. What do you want me to do? What if he shows some man’s
photo and asks if l like him? Say you like him. Why are you getting irritated? l’ll come to your home tomorrow and
meet your father. ls it enough? Come again please. l needn’t have to say that
once again to you, you first tell your father
that you like me. That’s enough ! Okay? Tonight l’ll go sleepless. Looks like you haven’t slept for days. Everyone l inquired in the apartments
have bad opinion on Vaishali. l told you already that handling of this
case by you and us has one difference. What’s it? We should’ve closed the case
last week itself. Since it’s you,
you’re losing it this week. That’s all! Still haven’t got the details
of visitors to Vaishali’s home, wrong names have been entered
in the visitor’s book, even if you come to know,
what would you do? She has accepted her mistake. As if she’s a case… l’m not saying that.
– What’s it then? Do you say it’s murder and
not a suicide? There’s one percent chance for it. How can you say it? Like the way you got this job. Didn’t you find anyone
else to pull the legs? Okay, pay the bill. You pay! l’ll wash my hand. Hey come! Close the case as soon as possible. Tap is dry! When will he switch on the motor,
when will the tank get filled? When will l wash the vessels
and start cooking? There’s an association for namesake.
Useless for everything else. They know very well to collect
monthly maintainance perfectly. No power too!
Trouble always comes in pairs! Phone too! Yes, l’m Kalyani speaking,
may l know who is it? Oh Shantha! Are you fine? You said your father-in-law is sick,
how is he now? What’s the use of my husband
becoming member of the association? l want him to become the secretary,
he never cares. He never cares to listen to me. l’ll not be in home if you come
tomorrow, l’ll hang up the phone. Nobody can say when death
would strike anyone. What do you say?
– Fate! To say it simply,
time is running bad. Who is it, Lakshmi?
Kalyani of E5? Yes, the same Kalyani, people’s curses
would’ve taken the toll. Curses won’t spare easily,
that’s why ghastly death. lt’s ordinary matter for two people to die
in one apartment complex in 3 months. But with 8 floors and 8 blocks,
with 256 flats in this apartment complex, like ear marked in the same block,
same floor, E5 and E6, two deaths living in opposite flats, it’s not an ordinary matter, let’s wait for the post-mortem report. Leaving the tap open and
leaving open a live wire, these have become important
reasons for Kalyani’s death, the unexpected incident
happening suddenly, l told you already… Did you observe one thing after
reading the complete report?- What? Position the body fell and
change of colour in short time, after examining this, generally homes
have a voltage of 230 Volts, but 4500 volts of current
passed through her. Half of the current in a transformer. You wanted surveillance men
for Vaishali’s case, right? Join the bachelor group living
in E3 next to Vaishali’s flat. With the identifications l’ve given you, if you see any suspect entering
Vaishali or Kalyani’s flat, inform me immediately. You never listen to me. Anyway what’s
your next step in Vaishali’s case? Be careful! Father! Father, you lie down ! You lie down father!
– Tell him to go out! Divya, why l’m here is for… l said l don’t want him in my house! Tell him to go out. Father wants you out,
please go, we can talk later. Father, you please lie down. Hold it. l’ll be back in 30 minutes,
wait for me near the tea shop. Why are you rushing to
meet Vaishali’s father? Father!
– What’s it dear? l told about a man yesterday,
he’s here, father. Who?
– l told you about Vasu… Ask him to sit, l’ll come in a minute. Greetings.
– Greetings. Please be seated. Tell me. My name is Vasu. Native of Guntur. My father is no more,
my mother is taking care of my studies. l love your daughter Vaishali…
– Vaishali told me. l’ll never go against
my daughter’s wish. Likewise she too will never
go against my wish. Because l’ve raised her like that. You’ve finished graduation,
what’s your future plan? My maternal and paternal uncles
are police inspectors, they’re my inspiration, l grew up in police quarters only, l used to say l’d become a police officer
when my school teachers asked me, that same interest has brought me
to civil services exam. So, you want to become
a police officer, right? ls that your ambition?
– l’ll definitely become, sir. ln another month l’ve interview
and medicals, then training and posting, next time when we meet,
l’ll be a police officer. l say what’s in my mind,
l don’t have two tongues. As far as l’m concerned, l always keep myself away from
police, courts and cases. Even to take a passport l think twice
to enter a police station. ln such a situation l’ve to think about
making a police man as my son-in-law. What are you saying sir? Won’t you go to court
if you don’t get your PF? 0Please don’t mistake me, what if anything
untoward happens in your home? Will you keep quiet? You’ll lodge a complaint but will
not give your daughter in marriage. There’s nothing wrong is what l say, some people insist on having proposals
from engineers and doctors only, l’m saying no to police, that’s all. Do you really don’t like my job or… lf you feel like that, l can’t deny it. Look Mr.Vasudev…
– You can call me as Vasu. You’re Vasudev, right?
Can l change it? Likewise l too can’t change. What’s your decision? l can’t tell you to get out. Then, take it as you don’t
have a daughter. Vaishali is waiting for you. Go…go! What brings you here? Can’t you wait for sometime for my father? l can wait any number of years for you
but not for your father. He’s my father.
– Father, that’s all! How am l to explain you? l can’t take decisions like you
in the spur of the moment. Forget about my father.
Did you think about Divya? Did you think about me? l told you never to think
about eloping to marry. You said we convince our parents.
But now… My father didn’t say he doesn’t like you. He showed he dislikes me in that way. No, not like that Vasu. Your life ambition is to
become a police officer. You can’t give it up.
l’m not asking you to give up. Likewise l too can’t give up them. What do you want me to do? After some time, please talk
to my father again. He’d agree then. What if your father never agrees? No, he’d definitely agree. What if he refuses?
Tell me. What shall we do? l don’t know what to say! But l…
– Don’t talk! You’d do as your father says, you want a no objection certificate
from your father before falling in love. When you said friendship,
relationship and love, l expected something else,
now l know it was all for safety, you guys like us till your
marriage is fixed, then, US proposal, good salary,
spend life with him happily, don’t know how you can give your
heart and body to another man? What did you say now, Vasu? Come again. Yes, you’re no different from
ordinary girl’s mentality. You…your love of me and
talking to me are totally lies. l couldn’t realise it.
lt was my mistake. That’s how you’ve understood me, right? But l’ve understood you very well. l don’t know if l marry someone else
or not, but you’ll not be in my heart. You said, my words and
my love are lies. Why do you need me anymore?
Leave me. Leave me. l’ll never utter your name also
again in my life. A heavy downpour has
broken my heart… Eyes got wet and spoilt
the dreams… Though you’re before me,
you’re still not there… The pouring rain turned into
a deluge and took away my life… Eyes are saying something…
what’s it? My heart is getting drenched… My heart is burning…
Sadness engulfing it… Hereafter you’re not there for me… A girl named Divya is waiting
for you in the reception. Please forgive me for father
being harsh on you. After my sister’s death,
my father got bedridden. He has heart problem,
and doctor has suggested surgery. Brother-in-law promised to take care
of everything if we come to Vizag. Does Bala know about Vaishali
and my love during college days? He doesn’t know. Even when police inquired, l didn’t tell
anything about you and sister. As a policeman l’m asking you, did Vaishali have any problems
with her husband after marriage? You needn’t have any such doubts. She was very happy after marriage. He used to take good care of Vaishali. But we ourselves couldn’t bear
the loss of my sister. Don’t know how he’s able to bear it? Mother, please sit outside. Uncle, please take her out. He has gone mad,
why should he kill himself? She committed the sin and she’s dead. He talks about nonsense like prestige. She didn’t care about prestige,
why should he bother about it? People may say things easily,
but l can’t take it so easily. Let bygones be bygones,
you be brave. lt’s so easy to say. What are you doing here? Vaishali is not in that family.
Her father is not well. Now Bala…?
What could be the reason for all this? Bala couldn’t bear it because
Vaishali was his wife. That’s all!
Come, let’s go. No, l’ll come later. How long can l stay there
after retirement? My daughter lives here only, right? l’ll come there if l get bored here. Good highway, l can drive down
to your place happily. After thorough examination of the body, the umbrella end pierced
into his neck sharply, in that shock he had
a cardiac arrest, but the wound appears like someone
has stabbed him strongly, and may be the attacker pushed
him into the open drain later. Not that everyone should die
in the apartment, but certain persons are
getting targeted to die, that’s the killer’s motive. What are you saying? For the present the killer’s
name is death ! But his weapon is H2O. l didn’t get you. Vaishali’s suicide, Kalyani’s accident, Krishnamoorthy’s murder, let anything may be the mode of death, the important fact that resulted in
all the three people’s death is water. You’re saying whatever you feel like,
if l ask would you say instinct like others? Every time something happens,
it’s telling me something. But l’m not able to get what’s that. There’s another angle too
for this case. According to Krishnamoorthy’s statements, he has noted Vaishali’s
activities from here, right?- Yes. There are so many flats here
and so many people, but three people have died
in a row of flats. Killer…the person responsible for the
deaths must be from these flats only. People connected to
Vaishali’s flat are… And Mister X who frequented
Vaishali’s flat. We’ve to strike out Vaishali
and Bala from the list. Now Vicky and X remain. lnvestigate Vicky further. Track all his calls for a month
before Vaishali’s death, get all the details for me, more importantly,
check if has made calls to Vaishali, don’t spare anything. Every death has a reason behind it. l’ve checked Vicky’s call list, he has called most frequently office,
home, Bala, and office staff Hema, he has made calls to them only,
there are no suspicious calls. Then out next focus
should be on X. Vaishali left a suicide note that
nobody is responsible for her death. Why are you raising so much dust
in this open and shut case? Whatever we think won’t happen in life. Certain things change in moments. l’m dealing Vaishali’s case
from that angle. Those circles appear merged from here, but if we go near,
we can see the difference clearly. lf we do mistakes now,
only then we’ll get a clear picture. Okay, come in. Why did you come here?
l told you not to come. Ever since sister died,
police are watching this place. l’m scared they may inquire you. Why should l be scared?
You’re saying as if l killed her. You don’t have anything,
l’ll be in trouble. You go away from here. Why are you asking me to leave? After meeting with an accident
and 3 months in hospital, l’ve come out today only
from Bangalore. l was unable to reach you on phone. Have you changed your number? Okay! What do you want now? l called on phone and informed,
when did he ask us to come? Sir, a man you’d described is just
leaving the apartment complex. Did you see which flat he has visited? Don’t know which flat sir,
but l’m sure it’s E block. Don’t catch him. l think we’ve found the eluding X. Sir…who are you?
Whose flat did you visit now? Are you new to the job? Yes, l’m new. Sign the entry book.
Come. Okay go.
– Come sir. They’re tracking him. How long you want me to wait? 30 minutes of the movie is over. Come. Tell me! l’m in a theatre. No, taking her to films didn’t work out,
this is new girl friend, l’ll call you after the show is over, okay? All shows today are cancelled Move…move…move sir. You’re creating an issue by linking
the apartment case with this case. You said everything will be
solved if we catch X. What has happened now?
He’s also dead. What would you say now? He slipped in water,
injured his head and died. You were there in the spot.
You’re not saying anything. ls he mad or psycho? lf 4 people die in a series in one case,
if we think like that we’re mad. Then? Who is it? Tell me. l’ll tell! The criminal we’re searching
is not alive. But it’ll not stop till few more
people are killed. Vaishali…the dead Vaishali
has killed the three people. You said something till now and
you’re saying something else now, l trust you, but how could you be
so sure it’s Vaishali? All three dead would’ve
committed some mistake. l’m sure all these three people would’ve
been a reason for Vaishali’s death. Not only that, we must know who else
are responsible for Vaishali’s death. Because l’m sure Vaishali would
kill them also. You say they committed the mistake. She too has committed a mistake, right?
Why don’t you talk about it? No. l’m sure she wouldn’t
have done anything. Why wouldn’t she?
– No. – Why no? May l? You’ve been dealing this case
from the wrong side. How many people,
how many reports, you’re not listening to anyone,
may l tell you why? Because you haven’t yet
forgotten Vaishali. You still love her blindly. That’s why you’re unable
to accept the truth. You’re not even doing your
duty honestly as a policeman. You’re right!
l haven’t yet forgotten her. Let any umber of people say anything
or whatever these reports may claim, l know my Vaishali would never
commit any mistake. She left me for saying one harsh word. l’m sure she wouldn’t have
committed any sin. My Vaishali! l told you about my friend
in Vizag, his mother. You don’t worry,
you’ll be fine after operation. We’ll take care of Divya. What did the doctor say? He said he’ll fix the date for
surgery after doing all the tests. l’m getting late to office, mother
will you take an auto to home? No problem, l’ll manage. You go. You said the security man on leave
has returned to the job. Have you inquired him? Where did you inquire him? How many times l’ve to tell you?
l know how to get the truth from him. Okay, you bring him to the station.
l’m coming there. l think brake failure, l was
watching him, he lost the control. He hit the tanker straight.
Poor man ! Like doing sorcery to men,
someone has done to our apartment, that’s why such incidents
are happening, if we invite Shastry and conduct
a Sudharshana sacrifice here, all the bad omen will get washed off.
– You shut up. Plan of this building is wrong. They didn’t follow traditional
building almanac rules. lf we’ve to follow this, we’ve to
turn the apartment 180 degrees, if not we’ve to uproot it from
here and plant is elsewhere. You know well our apartments don’t
have the value which it had last year. Let’s think practically and
do what we can possibly do. You calm down,
we’ve run out of ideas, that’s why we’ve called a
meeting with DCP and all others. What would he say?
Be alert, lock your door properly, don’t venture out too many times, and promising to be
on guard all of us, they go home and sleep. We’ve to stay here
24 hours of the day. Need more time sir.
– Shall we wait for another death here? Before that l’m going to
stay in this apartment. Divya is here. Bala has gone to Bombay.
So l told her to dine here. She’s refusing to eat.
Please ask her. Divya, mother is calling you for dinner. Come. What happened? Nothing. Sister? l spent happily with my sister
my last semester holidays here. Now without my sister here… l’m alone here… l feel like crying. Who said you’re alone? You’ve father, Bala, my mother,
we’re there for you. Enough? Come, let’s have dinner. Ghost research centre, Hyderabad ln my 4 years of service, not only l’m
visiting this place for the first time, it’s a different experience too. When l see them believe in them
as much as Gods, l’m unable to decide in
the situation l’m in. …your father didn’t leave any will
on the property matters, at least now get to know from him
where the 6 acre land he owns. You can’t say there’s nothing in it. There’s air in it. Now it has gone out. But we can’t say it has
completely vanished. lt keeps rotating this place. Life is also like that. Death doesn’t mean it’s the end. Only our body gets destroyed. But our soul will be here only. May be it’s next to you also. They too have unfulfilled desires,
wishes and ambitions. We can’t understand them easily. But to express it they choose
a thing known as Medium. As you say anything in this world
can be used as medium, right? No, when you’re hungry eat whatever
you get or eat what you like, there are two types of eating, right? Likewise souls too choose
what it likes as its medium. lf not, it’ll choose what had been
used to kill as its medium. Can it choose water as medium, sir? lt can choose any of the basic five
elements like water, air, fire… Souls have the power to convert this
natural power into their own strength. Their aim is very strong
and dedicated. But they don’t go away without
giving the reason for their return. Where’s my mother? She was having headache
so she took a tablet and slept. You go to sleep,
let’s talk tomorrow morning. Can l ask you one thing? Go ahead. Didn’t you feel like marrying someone
else after breaking away from sister? l didn’t get such feeling till now. You haven’t still forgotten sister. Why are you asking all that? Then find a good girl and marry. Look, ever since l broke off
with Vaishali, something makes me
remember her everyday, when l don’t think about her…
don’t ask unnecessary things. Don’t talk, go to sleep. Doesn’t know when to talk
about such things? Come again. l’m in a good position
not because of my father, my education, my job, or talent, l’ll see everything in life
from a new angle. Do you know why l liked you? Not because you’re beautiful
and educated, because you’re left handed, it’s not a rule that our first night
must happen in your home, in the new flat we’re going to buy, everything will be new there, what do you say? My life which started like that, though l felt life was new,
l was very happy. But l didn’t knew then life isn’t just a
day’s happiness but must be lifelong. Though we’re husband and wife,
there must be a difference, that’s my cup and this is your cup. Beauty of a peacock
spreading it’s wings… Beauty of those eyes… The moment that unites them
is beautiful… May be it has become the
basis of support… This is ecstasy of first love… Floating high into skies… They’re just sweet nothings… The vowels and consonants
sang lullaby to me… O girl, l’m not there without you… The burning lamp has become
beacon of life… The chain in the neck turned gold… lt’s touching my heart as a thread… l’ll never say my youth is safe… The blowing wind is love… lt has reached me like breath… My heart is skipping a beat… l’m losing out in ecstasy… What’s so important to talk to me? You wanted to know about
new business, right? Not just me, everyone wants new! Though hundreds of new models arrive
in market, they still want more. So, if we re-model their new car,
redesigning is our business. But l’ve a small doubt.
– What? Why use only new cars? Can’ we buy second hand cars
and redesign it? No way! You know about me, right? ln my life or in my business,
there’s no place for second hand. No, l feel it’s better to redesign
second hand cars than new ones. Though you redesign the old car,
there will always be a feeling it’s old. Though car may appear new outwardly,
machinery and parts are old, right? You’re right but will it work out? lf all are vertical,
l’ll think horizontally, that’s me! That’s success too! Coming aunty! l asked iron box. You’ve refurbished the house.
– Completed it last week only. What can we do? We wanted to
buy this flat for our daughter. We had intimated in the
association also. lt seem your father-in-law is
close friend of the secretary, that’s why he got it. Very big! 260 litres?
– Yes. This flat should’ve been my daughter’s.
You’re living now. What do you want me
to do now, aunty? What can we do?
Can l ask you to vacate it? Or can l throw you out? Okay, you carry on the cooking.
l’ll come if l want anything else. Okay? Okay aunty. Actually your concept is
still confusing… l told you l’ll explain it to you. Archana? Have you forgotten me so quickly? Many days have passed. l met last year in her marriage.
She has changed completely. Her husband was tall and fair, right? As you say she hasn’t changed
but changed the husband. He’s different from this man.
– Then, her husband? He would be fighting with computer
in his office for the pay check. What are you saying? Can’t they take divorce
if they’re unhappy? There’s no problem if one
doesn’t like her husband. She likes him along with husband,
that’s the problem. Don’t talk rotten things. You can’t understand city life
and you hate it too. lt’s days when people take life easy
one for society and one for variety. What5 do you think is wrong in it? Cinema and politics are public media, if anything goes wrong,
they hit the headlines, so we know the things,
isn’t it happening in other places? lt’s happening everywhere. Take for instance in our office Hema, so you say it’s good for my wife to
stay at home than going to office. Don’t mistake me for saying this, nobody can guaranty that mistakes
don’t happen at home, the real problem starts there only, after sending off husband
to office by 9 am, they open the door inviting another
man, that’s the culture now. Yes, we don’t care about home
in the name of business, in such a situation if any neighbour
speaks to them softly, that’s all, they’ll cozy up to him, we’ll have many tasks to perform
in home and business, but for a man who wants
to trap neighbour’s wife, that’s his only job! Don’t stand here and
talk for long time, go. lf any neighbour watches us,
that’s it! lsn’t it enough that l gave inside? lt’s more thrilling here.
– You’ll get a thrashing. Shall l tell what’s the
special next time? First you go from here. You say it’s correct.
– l don’t say like that. But it is not wrong.
lt’s not wrong till you’re caught. What l’m saying is practical.
That’s all! People like you can’t accept it. For you in life or business,
you always want something new. You say no second hand, right? For instance take me,
forget about the business, what ever l’ve got in this
life is second hand, lt can be wife too! When did you come? Any tension in office? Shall l get you a hot coffee? l went to a restaurant today
along with Vicky, l met an old classmate of my college,
Reshma, her name, while in college we loved
each other sincerely, what ever the reason may be,
our families didn’t get well, we split, l don’t know what had happened, ever since l had seen her again,
my heart is pricking me, not for losing her, for keeping it a secret
from you till now, What happened? You said it and l didn’t say it. l too was in love with another man. l didn’t have the courage to tell you. lt was true we loved each other, l don’t know if we had the maturity
in college days or not, we split unable to understand
each other properly. But the day we split,
l’ve forgotten it. That’s why l didn’t tell you. Okay, forget it. My heart is feeling light now. Will you give me? Don’t come tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Sunday. Mom and dad would be in home,
so don’t come. For now this only! What’s it sister?
– Who was in the phone? Boy friend means?
– l mean lover. Don’t mistake me for telling you this, you’re quite young, you wouldn’t know the difference
between love and infatuation, your parents are leaving you
at home and attending office, to get you good education,
try to understand it. l don’t want advises from you. l said for you to avoid getting
into any trouble in future, it’s left to you, take it or leave it. Please keep that song, l love that
song since my college days. Wait, l’ll. Please keep that song. Watch any channel you like. Go to Krishnamoorthy uncle’s
house after finishing here. She asked about you twice
since morning. lt seems you left suddenly leaving
the work half done yesterday, why? l’m asking you. What happened? l’ll not work for them from today. Did aunty say anything? No. What happened then? Tell me. Did you ask money from madam?
– Yes sir. You could’ve asked me, right? lt’s in that book, take it. That book is also for you only,
how long will you read weekly magazines? Those books are not just to see,
you’d understand what for later. l’m getting bored after you
leave to office. l’m getting bored. Are you alone here? There are many neighbours like
Krishnamoorthy, Kalyani aunty, Deepa. Leave them, l don’t like people
here and their activities. lf you don’t like, there’s TV,
books and games. How long can l spend watching
TV or reading books? They’re also bore. Can l apply for some job? No, you’re not going to work. No, we’re just two people now, l’ll work at least till we’ve
children, please. Can’t you understand if l say once?
lf l say no, l mean it. Why are you doing the
maid’s work, Vaishali? Gowri is not coming to work
for 2 days, so… They know to take salary perfectly. But never work honestly.
Moreover take leave. Just you’re paying salary, if you ask
what you shouldn’t be asking, what can a little girl do? Just because l’m from next block,
don’t l know it? l’m warning you, if you do
it again, l’ll tell aunty. Come. Hereafter we can’t meet here.
– Why? Vaishali in the next flat knows about us. l’m scared she may tell my mother. Why are you scared of such things?
l’ll take care of her. Whom do you want to meet? E6…l came for Vaishali. Vaishali has gone to the hospital. Who are you to her?
– Just say close friend. She can understand.
– l’ll inform her. l’ll prescribe diet and other
medicines to be taken. Avoid long journeys from next month, follow the regular exercise schedule. Can’t you say thanks to the doctor? l’ll definitely say she said
correctly 3 months and 10 days. l must say at least for that. Stop sir. You didn’t care to register last time,
how can you go this time also? Okay, wait. This time it was too long.
– This is too much for you. You’d have to shell more bucks
for a lodge room, right? Pay that room rent to me, sir. Take it. As usual same flat.
– No, E6. Vaishali madam?
She appears like a good girl. We’ve been buying vegetables
from you for years, still you’re giving stale
and rotten vegetables. lf new people smile at you,
you give them all the good ones. Why are you saying like that, madam?
Would l do like that with you? Who are you pointing at?
– All the new comers here. The girl who lives opposite to my flat
– Who? Bala’s wife Vaishali? She’s a good girl, right?
– Only you’ve to praise her. You’d not say this if l tell
you a thing about her. How would l know unless you tell me? l too thought she was a good girl, now things are happening,
her husband leaves to office, she calls in some other man,
if l ask she says friend, l don’t know who should l believe
and who l shouldn’t. Bye. Cute cheeks, cuter nose! What’s the name you’re giving her? Name is also very beautiful. Please don’t forget, do come.
– Sure. Tell me. You said you loved a man,
what was his name? Why are you asking me? ln future you mustn’t name our son
after his name, right? What’s it uncle? Can l speak to you for 5 minutes?
– Tell me. Deepavali festival is coming this
week, if you show mercy, sir… Did anyone come for me
yesterday from my office? No one came for you sir, but someone is
coming regularly for your wife Vaishali. Who? What? Whom do you want? Why are you speaking as if
you don’t know me, Vaishali? Which Vaishali do you want? What’s this Vaishali?
Speaking as if you don’t know me. What? ls Bala in home? We used to meet in home and
outside secretly while in college. Now we’ve to meet secretly
without your husband’s knowledge. Okay, when shall we meet tomorrow? One, no mistake has happened.
Or she knows it not his voice. Because modern girls are
too intelligent. Why are you so late? l’m scared of losing you, Vaishu. What happened?
– l don’t know. Something is happening around me. l feel it is wrong. l too feel the same.
l told you l don’t want to stay here. Not content with irritating neighours,
someone is making lewd calls to me. What do you say for it? Could it be him? Who?
– That guy, your old lover. lt won’t be him. lt won’t be him? l mean you
haven’t yet forgotten him, right? Tell me. Now l’ve understood. l never expected you’d think so badly. lt’s not bad if someone loves
and ditches you, it’s wrong if you to leave him
and marry me, it’s wrong if he or someone else
visits you regularly, but l’m at fault. Who is coming and visiting me? l don’t get you. Didn’t get me? Didn’t you get me really? Come…come…Come. What’s it Bala?
Why did you come at this late hour? l want to ask you a thing, aunty.
– What’s it? Ask. ls anyone visiting my flat
in my absence or not? Tell me. This is a place where only
decent families dwell, but someone visits your flat everyday, who are you asking about? ls a man coming for Vaishu
after l leave to office or not? Just answer me that. l told you earlier also,
he comes every day. l’ve seen him many times. When l asked Vaishali didn’t tell me
anything about him. Would she tell if you ask her? Why did you unnecessarily lie
about that poor girl? Do you want our daughter
to come to that flat or not? So l made a mountain of molehill.
Shut up and go to sleep. Look here, get up. Didn’t get me yet?
Didn’t get me? l’m Bala here, uncle. Tell me Bala,
why are you calling at this hour? lsn’t a young man coming to my flat for
Vaishali after l leave to office? l don’t know what to say, Bala. Neither l can say yes nor say no. Just say that, uncle. Yes Bala, as a father l advised her. She didn’t listen to me.
What could l do? Tell me. From the security man to opposite flat
aunt, everybody says you’re wrong. what do you say? Answer me, what do you say? l’ll die, is it enough? Will you be happy then? l’m Vicky here.
– Tell me. Where are you now?
– ln home. Flight to Mumbai is at 1 am,
do you remember it or not? Why haven’t you left home yet?
– l’m leaving now. When did you come back from Mumbai? l don’t know why l’m doing like this
or saying like this? After thinking l’ve understood
one thing clearly, l’ve loved you too dearly
since our marriage, Vaishu. l’m scared of losing you. l should’ve taken this decision. l’ve committed the mistake. lt was my mistake to fall in love. That’s why l wrote this letter. But if l die… The canards about me would
be proven as truth. l want you.
l didn’t do any mistake. l’m able to understand now. No, it was me. Did you eat anything? You didn’t eat food, right?
Freshen up and come. There shouldn’t be any
differences between us. l went to Bombay, right? There in the seminar,
same brand, same design, a man was wearing the
same model, it disturbed me a lot, l don’t like this watch anymore, Listen coolly! You know about me, right? l threw away a watch which
another man was wearing, do you want me to romance a girl
who was loved by another man? That’s why… You love music by Balamurali,
novels by Yandamuri, you love Mysore silk,
Khichidi, colourful motifs, and you love to get wet in rain,
how many you’d have told me? But never told me you love him. Why did you then marry me
after loving him? Am l scrap dealer to buy used goods? Sit down. l can’t…can’t…can’t take it sportively. l’ll not change my character
in business. But l’ve lost in life. l know what’s running in your mind. That l too loved a girl, right? lf l hadn’t lied, you wouldn’t
have come out with truth. You didn’t trust me, right? l’ll trust you not when you say
you’ve forgotten him, but what others had told about you, l liked you because unlike others
you were left handed. The moment l came to know you were
a second hand, l lost interest in you. Shall l tell why he liked you so much? You’d have adjusted for everything,
that’s why! He left after he had you. l always like to do something new, but never expected l’d murder
as a new thing. But l rushed in one thing. You died before l could
know who he was. lf l knew l’d have called him
for one last glance. lf fire is witness for our marriage,
it’s water for your death. Tell me. Can l talk to you about
Vaishali’s case? Can we go to my cabin? Looks like you’ll not leave
Vaishu’s case even if l forget. A thing left out carelessly
had blown up into an issue. But the psychological fact is, for those intending to commit suicide, to take sleeping pills,
all they need a glass of water, but to kill someone, to add sleeping
pills without their knowledge, a cup of coffee is enough. You have it. Had Vaishali been alive
and if she’d a son, l’m sure she wouldn’t have named
him after my name Vasudevan. l think you’ve understood now. The moment l get the evidence,
l wouldn’t be talking to you like this, do you know why l’m
telling you all this? The fear you’ve since
l know the truth, bye! He was here for you. He never visited Vaishali’s house. When are you giving the statement? No, if my parents come to know,
l’ll be in trouble. lf l had inquired you in station
or in college or in you home? lf you do so, l’ll kill myself. A girl is dead already, you know that? l want to visit temple.
l’m getting late. Cigarette smoking is dangerous. Show concern about other’s health
than spoiling one’s health. l’m leaving because
you’re a little girl, go. l’ll be station in 10 minutes. When is your father’s surgery scheduled? Monday morning 8 am. Stay here for week after operation
and then go to home. lt’s going to rain,
l’ve dried clothes on terrace. You eat, l’ll be back in a minute.
– Okay, l’ll take care aunty. How far sister’s case has reached, Vasu? No, brother-in-law asked me. Doesn’t your brother-in-law know it? What’s that? l don’t get you. You’ve done as you wish
then paying for it. Anyway you can’t do anything
knowing the truth. Give me some water… Tell me Vasu, it seems you were
saying something with Divya. The young girl is in hospital
for what you’ve done to her, she hasn’t yet gone mad, that’s all. But she isn’t dead like me, right? Next is Vicky and then Bala, right? Just now l dried it. Can’t predict rains here! Why are you sitting without
eating anything? Please have something, Divya. Something is broken there. Tell me now Vasu. Bala is responsible for everything.
Why didn’t you kill him first? l know Vaishali, it’s not enough
if l’m the lone man to believe it, Bala must trust you,
all others must trust you. But do you know what the
society thinks about you? lncreasing illegal relationships
Shocking survey..! ls it necessary? What would you achieve
by killing them? You wouldn’t feel sad
even if l lose my job for this. That’s all, isn’t it? What’s it, Bala? Vasu isn’t going to leave Vaishu’s case. Vasu is just a police officer.
He’s doing his job. Let’s do our job.
– He’s suspecting me. Watching your tension l feel
you’d killed her and scared now. Whether you say or not,
l killed her. So, cutting your hand, and asking me to tell police that
Vaishali’s character is not good, all these were to keep Vasu
from suspecting you, right? Since Vasu is Vaishali’s ex-lover,
you must be more careful. What do you want me to do? He says everything as if he’d watched
the entire scene in my bedroom. l don’t know how he’s able
to tell that. Vaishali would’ve told him. Then what?
Will you tell me this now? That’s Divya, right? ls it because they live in the same
apartment or from the days of Vaishali? Let’s go. Don’t think you’ve lost everything
with Vaishali. Divya is there.
– What are you saying? Marry Divya. You’ll get a type of support. lnfact it’s safety for you. lf you don’t want any trouble in future, Think over it again,
please don’t forget it. You’ll know it tomorrow. What happened, dear? What happened to you? What’s this nonsense? She’s wearing this dress for tomorrow’s
school fancy dress competition. Poor girl wanted it to show you
and you scared her by shouting mad. Yes, l’m mad! Didn’t she find any better get up? Get out! l don’t know what has
happened to you. l’ll get your medicine. You come dear. No problem, please sleep. l want to talk to you about
an important thing. What’s it? About your daughter only. How far Vaishali’s case has reached? l’ll produce evidence that Bala is
the criminal in 2 weeks, sir. What if you fail? lf l get complaint against
Bala is suspect, l’ll interrogate him and
get the truth. But l’ve a complaint against you. Vaishali’s father Sreenivasa Rao. That while studying in Nellore
you were in love with his daughter, and that you both had
difference of opinion over it, and that you’re suspecting Vaishali’s
husband and torturing him to avenge. Not only that, he has complained that Vasu shouldn’t
investigate his daughter’s case. l’m having an inquiry
against you tomorrow. l’m seeing her everywhere. Who? Whether in office, or in my home, infact l feel her presence here too! Only you’re saying she’s here,
you me and these bottles, that’s all. Nobody else is here. l brought you to guest house since
l’m tensed in home and office. Have you started it here? Completing 100 customers
in re-modeling cars, and Vasu’s problem is
solved in my case, there are so many things
to celebrate, enjoy it l say. Can’t you understand?
People around you are dying, can’t you still get it?
The reason is Vaishali! You’d also die in her hands only. People said l’ve a danger
in water when l was 12, l didn’t die then,
would l die now? She’s scared of me because
l had killer her, right? l suspect Bala. lf he’s the criminal… Tell me, what’s the evidence? My soul, sir. May be he’ll say the dead Vaishali
is the witness to it. lf l say that’s true,
would you believe me? You always think the wrong way only. You may not die in her hands
but you’ve Divya. Didn’t you see how close
Divya and Vasu were? What if she turns against you for him? Divya would never do like that. l know women’s psychology
better than you. The dead woman is her sister,
if she knows you’re the killer, then she’ll turn against. She’ll not.
– She will. She’ll not.
– What she will not… l’m sure she will. What if l tell him? For visiting a temple,
the dot on forehead is evidence, that’s the evidence you’re asking, if anyone says he has
seen the God really, you wouldn’t believe him. This is also like that only, sir. You talked about your character
and second hand, your life is ruined. Now in business, by now we’d be reaping double
the profits, you know that? What do you say is wrong? Anything that harms life is wrong. Even if it is a word, it is wrong. lf you’ve few pegs,
you’ll open up like this, have another peg and hit the bed. You haven’t given any clarification
about this case till now. So, we’ve decided to hand over
this case to ACP Ravindra. lf he needs your assistance,
just do your duty as a policeman. Shall l tell you a thing?
– Go ahead. l heard drunkards will blabber. Now l know they blabber
what’s in their mind. You talked about psychology,
but failed to understand my character. But you said one thing correctly. l didn’t knew then that police job was the
reason for breaking up with Vaishali. Though l’m a policeman now,
l couldn’t do justice to Vaishali, first time in my life l’m feeling bad for
wearing this uniform which l love. What an officer ACP Vasu couldn’t do it, if an ordinary man Vasu,
a Vasu who loved Vaishali can do it, there’s nothing to think about, l’m waiting here for you.
– Where are you man? What happened, Divya? Why did you come here? No, brother-in-law… Are you thinking if l’m
a good man or bad man? Earlier all men were good men, then good and bad men
were in separate groups, then good and bad men were mixed, now in this modern times, there’s a good man hiding
in inside every bad man, there’s bad man hiding
inside every good man, it’s difficult to understand this, now you’d have understood it, how come you and your sister
have the same taste? On him! Do you love him? What’s that nonsense? Why are you getting angry?
Do you love her? Do you love him? marry, and then love each other. Only then you’ll be second hand to him.
Didn’t get me? Your sister used to say always… Similarly… What if l taste you? You’d become second hand to him, right? Bala, no…You’re committing
grave mistake. What’s it then?
Didn’t l take your left over? Likewise l’ll use and throw her,
you have it. Divya, leave this place.
Don’t think about anything else. What’s this?
You’ve said it so easily. Let me see, tell her to go. She can’t move an inch also from here. Do you know why? What ever l do is different,
isn’t it new? Even l spare you,
Vaishali will not leave you. Why is everyone scaring
me with her? Where is Vaishali?
Where is she? Tell her to come. Call her! ls she here? Tell me. Here? Here…? Here? Tell me where is she? Vaishali will not come. Never. Even if she comes, would she
say l didn’t do any mistake? Till l confess my crime,
it remains a secret. l saw Vaishali dying. l want to see you also dying. See! See! l killed my wife Vaishali. My suspicion killed her. Like happiness, anger, sorrow are
common in everyone’s life, love is also a feeling, an experience of closeness, love unites few people, but at times it separates few people, after such a break-up,
if that girl enters our life, we mustn’t suspect her, it’s more important how they’d
live with us after marriage, what we call as father is nothing
but trust we’ve on our mother, the same trust which
we’ve on our mother, we must have it on wife too. That is life. l couldn’t understand it. l couldn’t understand Vaishali. Seetha went through test by fire
to prove herself, today Vaishali is also in
the same situation. Leave me sir…leave me sir. l didn’t commit this murder.
Please leave me sir… Where are you taking me sir? How many times l’ve to tell you, sir?
l didn’t kill anyone. Bala has accepted he killed his wife. What’s the reason for others’ death here?
– Humanity. lf people aren’t humane,
this will be the result. Please don’t argue with us. You can say that in court.
– l say l didn’t kill her. You accepted that you killed her.

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