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what we're really trying to do is to revitalize the relationships between Aboriginal people and all Canadians in order to build resilient sustainable communities for everybody for a hundred and thirty years the federal government ran Indian Residential schools and their goal was to do away with the Aboriginal people a hundred and fifty thousand riyals treatment taken from their homes and their families who were abused and so many horrible ways physically sexually mentally emotionally the trauma transcends generations we we pass on it's like a cycle we've had generations of Aboriginal people not learn how to parent preferably having parents that were taught those values and being raised in an environment were for that level of violence and self-hatred was present when you start with that perspective which is what was taught in those schools the very essence of who you are is is crushed from the beginning and you spend a lifetime trying to navigate your way through that the fundamental thing that Bond's us is our humanity who cares about politics who cares about religion who cares about all of those other things it's about creating a social fabric that allows all of our children to achieve their optimum potential and you feel the love that we have all of us have for our children you can't help but be inspired to something greater and and that's the place that we invite people to join us corta Vancity is social justice and so that aligns so well with reconciliation Canada and its own goals and I thought this is a place where we need to be we need to be a founding partner of this organization and make a substantial contribution I can't believe the courage fancy its generosity first this is a meal and all Canadians are gonna eventually engage in because somebody helped us kick-start it was medicine I want to invite all Canadians to be part of this wonderful journey of reconciliation and more specifically to turnout on September the 22nd to be a part of a historic walk for reconciliation that'll number 50,000 strong everybody walking together in the symphony of our common human I have a feeling that this is going to be one of these watershed moments in Canadian history that we really are going to gather and thousands upon thousands of us are going to walk together for reconciliation you

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  • I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. Vancity is strongly committed to working with Aboriginal communities. We believe the work undertaken by Reconciliation Canada will help catalyze a process leading to a better, stronger province and country for all. -Maggie

  • Thank you to Vancity for sponsoring From the Heart: enter into the journey of reconciliation which is an amazing performance-based community dialogue project happening for the next three weeks in Victoria. There are still tickets available from Ticket Rocket.

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