Vandana Shiva: March Against Monsanto for Freedom

to all the marchers against Monsanto everywhere in the world you’re not just marching against Monsanto you’re marching because you came for life on Earth for the biodiversity for our seeds and the freedom of the seed for your own freedom to be able to grow food with seeds that you have saved on your farm or to eat food where you know how it grew what the seed was was a GMO was it not was it chemically produced was it not was it locally produced was it not and these fundamental freedoms of choosing how we live choosing what we eat and choosing what we become because after all we are what we eat have become the center stage of the contest between freedom of the people and freedom of corporations like Monsanto but Monsanto’s freedom means democracy is destroyed it means science is destroyed I have witnessed my friends like dr. Pat Brooks I like dr. seralini of France attacked for being the best drummer scientists that we can find in our times attacked because their science tells us the truth about GMOs we cannot afford to destroy science we cannot afford to destroy democracy we cannot afford to have our farmers killed now more than two hundred eighty four thousand Indian farmers between 95 and 2012 since once and two entered the Indian seed market try to establish monopolies and in cotton they have that is why the highest rate of suicides are in the cotton Fair we cannot afford a children to be falling ill with diseases you don’t know because no one knows where the GMOs have crept into our food system this is about future survival it’s not just about freedom in a superficial way it is freedom at the deepest level the freedom to live we will either have bread and freedom or we will have neither so let us March with all our strength against Monsanto for freedom for life for the future

18 thoughts on “Vandana Shiva: March Against Monsanto for Freedom

  • I’m sorry that's all shiva has, to me you would have to be some of the most pathetic sum to have ever existed to try and say that gm crop are the cause of suicide in India, there is no evidence or facts that suggest this, the rates of suicide have dropped since bt cotton was introduced, and most recent studies published in nature and plos one some of the most revered journals there are found bt cotton to be improving farmers lives.

  • I quess Ms. Shiva, you believe gods or a God, gurus,  Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba, Hindu saints coming from crooks and criminals similar to American tele-evangelist's… The west is trying to feed the world and educate, why are you so pessimistic.  Before the world was farming, raising a 12's kids, sending them off to useless wars and what not. What are you really doing to make a big difference.. more of the same farming cultural mentality of yesterday's, pain and suffering, a life without proper education, insurances…

  • Thank you so much for doing this! You have spoken at times about the patriarchal mindset that propels these atrocities into court-protected industries and I would say to you as a fellow physicist that physics is also guilty of patriarchal self-blinkering. Mileva Einstein was the first female ever ALLOWED to study physics. While still a student, she came up with the idea of Velocity Equivalence. Every history tells it: this put Einstein on the map. Albert, that is. Then, not another word is ever spent on the subject. It is always brushed aside and Albert's later "accomplishments" hog the rest of the discussion. She wanted to go along to the physics conventions, but he wouldn't take her. He was so into his philandering by then that he couldn't even stand to hear Mileva complain about his escapades, so he asked for a divorce, but she had let him have credit for her theory so their children could be provided for, knowing full well that a theory from a female and student to boot would never be given credence. He made a bargain with her that he would give her his Nobel Prize money when he got it in return for a divorce. It took over twenty years to accomplish that task, but Mileva smartly invested the money in a large hotel that she used for income, shelter, and good food. Like women everywhere, her intelligence was practical. So, she did not fight for recognition of her idea. However, it stills awaits deep interested scientific scrutiny. I know you're very busy with work that I also consider more important than physics – keep up the good work! – but if you relax by doing some physics that you love, try Velocity Equivalence. See what you find.

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