Ven. Fulton J. Sheen: "Communism and the Family" (1947)

we present now the right Reverend Monsignor Fulton J Sheen who delivers the seventh address in his series generally entitled like your lamps today Monsignor Sheen speaks on the subject communism and the family friends in this radio series up to the present we've been rather critical of communism it is now time for us to plead that America learn one of the most important lessons that communism has to teach us it is not in the field of economics because Russia has a very low standard of living it is not in the domain of politics because everywhere communism has taken root it has repressed freedoms and created a slave state but Russia can teach us much about the family for here Russia is now on the side of the Angels curiously enough on this subject communism has been most successful at that point where it has most completely repudiated itself it is most right where it has been most wrong it has been most successful where it has admitted its greatest failure communism in the beginning set out to destroy the family but without ever blinking even a red eyelid it has now come to a fermion practice at least the Christian position of the family in order to appreciate and understand his complete turn about face of communist theory and practice we are first to consider communism early attitude toward the family and then its present and changed position the Communist Manifesto teaches that the family reposes on capital or individual gains and states therefore that the family will disappear with capital if there were any children from any unions the state was to take charge of the education of the children when Russia became communist and began to put this philosophy into practice the communist theory of morality was no one as the glass of water theory as a madam : tie the Soviet delegate to the League of Nations put it love is a glass of water one swallows to satisfy a thirst you drink the water and forget the glass so you enjoy the pleasure and forget the person the matrimonial codes of 1918 and 1927 of Russia affirmed all children belong to the state the family code of 1918 declared that all church marriages were invalid and could be dissolved at the will of either party simply by sending in a postcard to the registration office the thirteenth Congress of the Communist Party even described the family as the formidable stronghold of all the turpitude zuv the old regime no reason was required for the separation of husband and wife which broke down all distinction between legitimate and illegitimate children the young were encouraged to spy on their parents and report them to the Communist authorities at the least sign of fascism Oh incidentally since a Russian Communist journalists recently defined fascism as anti-communism you have the tip-off on writers journalists and commentators all who use that word anti-fascist now are either communist or fellow-travellers well inasmuch as the labor laws required that a person was obliged to accept any job that was given to him at the state for under communism there's only one employer and that is the state it often happened that the husband was given a job in one city and the wife in another the labor board settled his difficulty by decree that either spouse could find a partner in the new place of occupation abortion clinics were established by the state throughout the country and every available means was used to weaken the family and soon communist philosophy which was already wrong in theory because the family is not founded on cap ilysm now began to prove itself wrong in practice Russia began counting heads or at least those that should have been heads and lo and behold in Moscow alone only 57,000 children were born in 1934 while a 154,000 abortions were performed in the villages there were two hundred and forty two thousand births but 324,000 abortions this ratio of three to one in favor of death was accentuated by divorces one of the Moscow dailies Izvestiya of July the fourth 1935 stated I'm quoting it verbatim in Moscow in the first five months of 1935 there were 38% more divorces than registered marriages in May the number jumped to 44 percent it is about time we declared that the frivolity in union is a crime and that marital infidelity is an offense against the morals of a socialist regime homeless children were now roaming the streets stealing assaulting killing the wife of the mean estimated their number at 7 millions so great was crime and juvenile delinquency then on April the 7th 1935 the Council of comma Tsar's one of them being Molotov decreed for certain crimes the death penalty for children 12 years of age in above it could not be said that the vicious practices of these children were due to counter revolutionary influences or capitalistic propaganda for all of these children belong to the generation that was born after the Revolution now because of these facts at this point the Communists began to repudiate communism as Lenin once saw that collectivism was wrong sin to God on starvation and he gave a measure of private property back to the people so now the Soviets see that the distant aggression of the family is the disintegration of the nation every single social practice it once propagated it now condemns such as abortion divorce free love the state now denies responsibility for children's affirms in its place parental authority novels begin appearing such as the Third Front by Shubin showing evil effects of divorce and abortion and reaffirming the maternal instinct to long ignored and repudiated the government ordered conferences to be held everywhere glorifying family life the communist press that ridicule marriage 15 years before now rights and I'm quoting a Soviet newspaper one of the basic rules of Communist morals is the strengthening of the family the right to divorce is not a right to sexual acts it ate a poor husband and father cannot be a good citizen people who abused the freedom of divorce should be punished in more startling still in this statement is the Official Journal of the commissariat of Justice which affirms the perpetuity of the marriage bond in these words marriage is a positive value only if the partners see in it a life long union so-called free love is a bourgeois invention and has nothing in common with the principles of conduct of a Soviet citizen moreover marriage receives its full value for the state only if there is progeny and consorts experienced the highest happiness of parenthood after this statement the Soviet government in 1936 begins manufacturing wedding ring post card divorces are abolished measures are taken to make divorce very difficult in rare piece for divorce arrays from 3 rubles to 2000 and as the communist press States and I quote it silly girls will think it over twice before marrying a man with the authority divorce records the so-called divorce distinctions bourgeois distinctions – between legitimate and illegitimate children reappeared in Soviet law abortion clinics are abolished abortion becomes identified with homicide any one counseling abortion is sentenced to two years imprisonment articles appeared in the newspapers telling of its harmful effects children who under earlier communist regime were told to spy on their parents are now told and I quote the Soviet newspaper one must respect and love his parents even though they are old-fashioned and do not like the young Communist League he's began to be paid to mothers with large families Stalin began to have his pictures taken with children and when they appeared in one of Moscow's gardens with his own children the majority of Soviet citizens up to this time not knowing that he had any children further references on these points will be sent you free in an elaborated text if you desire it and thus Russia you see after 20 years of communism in practice rejects its entire philosophy of the family but more important than this complete repudiation of its ideology is the fact that it has also repudiated the class as the unit of society as the Soviet Constitution quotes Sacred Scripture without knowing it it really does it quotes st. Paul's epistle to the thessalonians so now communism in his greatest defeat proclaims the victory of the family over the class the person over the proletariat the fireside and the child over the hammer and the sickle and that brings us to the point that we made at the beginning of this broadcast that America ought to learn a great lesson from Soviet Russia there is no doubt that today the philosophy of America regarding the family and is almost the same as Russia's between 1917 and 1935 namely divorce belief in it free love then a queer system which in a compound word rejects both birth and control when the divorce rate in 30 major cities in our country is one divorce for every two marriages when a nation has five hundred and twenty thousand divorces in one year as we have when in one city there are five divorces for every six marriages there are unmistakable signs that America is rotting from within it is now a firmly established fact that much of the neuroses and psychoses in modern woman is due to her fear of motherhood her flight from the fulfillment of a high vocation to which God has called her and the reason – for the instability of man is due to a flight from fatherhood divorce is an expression of unhappiness and is almost always preceded by a state of metal just equally briam 83% of the divorces and the United States come from marriages in which there are no children education is not the cure because women with a college education are failing to reproduce themselves by 45% and those with less education high school graduates are failing by 21% what will happen to us if we continue to try to make a success out of that which Russia found to be a failure namely the legalized decay of family life apart from all moral and religious considerations to disastrous consequences will follow first of all we will become a nation of craters if we reach a state where 50% of the married couples feel that they can throw overboard pledged loyalty to home in order to suit their own pleasure and convenience and they are struck when citizens will throw overboard loyalty to country when a mrs. white is ready to call herself mrs. black then it will only be a minute before Americans will be willing to call themselves Soviets let America be where the traitors to the home today are the traitors to the nation tomorrow and this is no idle talk about traitors and perhaps even now if it could be made public we might discover a betrayal of national secrecy which would rival the Canadians story but it should be no great surprise a people who will not be loyal to a home will not be loyal to a flag and secondly the decline in family life is in critically bound up with decline in democracy here we understand democracy in the philosophical sense as a system of government which recognizes the sovereign worth of a man but where in all the world is this dogma of man better preserved and practiced than in the family everywhere else men may be reverenced for what he can do or for what he has but in the family a person is valued because he is existence is worth in the home not possessions nor influence that is why the crippled and the sick are given more affection in a home than those who normally provide for its subsistence the family is the training school the new vitiate for democracy and when men and women reach a point where they are no longer interested in watching a see grow that they have planted or caring for its flower when they can no longer see but more than the heady joy is in each others body is the thrill of seeing a life grow that they begot when they are more concerned about increasing the ciphers in their bank account than obeying the primitive impulse to create and multiply the know ye that a day has dawned when a thing is more important than a person and then you prepare the way for a man who begins to be valued because he what he can do for a race and that is not Susan or a state and that is fascism or for a revolutionary class and that is communism in the family alone shall our citizens learn that there is other wealth than paper Wales paper money paper stocks paper joys may be the teeming vibrating wealth of children the unbreakable bond between husband and wife the pledge of democracy and the future heirs of the kingdom of heaven coming natural point of view and by natural I mean here rooted in the eternal law of God there is no doubt that family life is much higher in Russia than in the United States Russia has stopped its disruption at the source but we have not there is every indication that our marital patterns will go on with increasing disorganization until marriages will be only shadows of real unions for life it may very well be that Almighty God looking down on the world is smiling benignantly on the family in Russia for like a repentant sinner it is already in this one respect turn back to him but he may be frowning on us for our pride in thinking that we can snap our fingers at his law and be strong and at peace our Lord once told the story of a father who sent two sons into the field one said I go but he went not the other said I go not what he went we in America like the first son we say yes we go we are Christian and we read his gospel in church on Sunday what God hath joined together let no man put asunder and then for six days a week we tear asunder that bond that symbolizes Union of Christ in his church and Russia on the other hand said I gone up but later on it went and for this was that son praised by the Lord our choice is very clear there are two kinds of barbarism that we have to meet active barbarism from without which is communism and passive barbarism come within which is the decay of our national life through the family the second is more insidious because history reveals that 16 out of 19 nations that have fallen from the beginning of Christianity have decayed from within it is this passive barbarism from with him which makes nations to prey to the active barbarism from without Lincoln once said that he was never afraid of America being conquered from without but he was afraid of it being rapid from within and God in His mercy has granted to our generation a double incentive towards peace and order and prosperity the first is his gospel the second is Russia his gospel teaches us that happiness will come if we live rightly Russia teaches us the misery that will come if we live wrongly and no other time in history as God so clearly marked his highways and is burnt out and washed out bridges if you will not let Christ in the church teach you what is right then please let Russia teach you what is wrong and please God as it is now teaching us that we were wrong in the home may at one day teach us that we also are wrong in forgetting our God and to the hastening of that day may I ask that all our listeners who know the rosary will recite it daily for the conversion of Russia godless and now we invite you to join Monsignor Sheen as he offers this prayer Sovereign Lord and Master we fought so long we forgot what we were fighting for when we left thy light like tiny gods we quarreled in the twilight of our petty rivalries and give us in thy tender mercy that peace we do not deserve we pray for our president our Congress and our courts that they may sustain and defend religion and morality without which no nation can long endure save us most of all from ourselves restore love to our broken homes the joy of a good conscience to our frustrated lives the Four Freedoms to the enslaved peoples of the world and to our foolishness give the wisdom of thy ways make us new men and light our lives in particular we consecrate the people of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and we pray that individually and as a nation they may realize their fondest hopes and know thee freely and openly o Christ whom they now are forced to love and serve in secret not for our worthiness but for thy mercy grant us these petitions oh Christ Jesus son of the Living God

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  • Certain people from eastern Europe are responsible for moral decay in Usa.Fuck you Red Necks if you cannot recognise who that may be!?

  • Finally! .. we get the facts! I was born in 1944. This is the first time I've hear actual figures put to what normally were
    general (but telling) observations. Abortion is the current, on-going holocaust, said my mother back in the '70s.
    While Nazi hunters were still tracking down WW II criminals of the camps, present day men and women were
    destroying many, many MORE truly innocent babes. How easily we distract ourselves!

  • Sermon on forced monogamy ! Short translation: Obi4am da Vi mrazq BG , state, and church… for I shall not find one wise man among you, when my purposes are broken off, even the thoughts of my heart change the night into day. Zatova vse ste mi cherni pred ochite. For if I say to corruption, "You are my father", and to the worm, " You are my mother and my sister"- where then is my hope ?
    Will the wild ox be willing to serve you? Will he beg by your menger? Can you bind the wild ox in the furrow with ropes, or will he plow the valleys behind you? Is it time for you Yourselves to dwell in your paneled houses, and "This Temple" to lie in ruins? See, your house is left to you desolate !
    (( God loves you, and I have tried ))

  • They needed more people back then, they need less now. That why the leftist opinion on abortion and "sexual liberation" changed. They always disguise their tyranny as protection of women's rights.

  • Prophetic words. Communism eerily similar to Scientology, which also separates husband, wives and children and promotes the diabolical philosophy of "the ends justifying the means."

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