Venice Beach Homeless Man Lives in an RV with His Daughter. Both Have Jobs but Can’t Afford Rent.

– [Interviewer] David,
we’re here in Venice, you live in an RV with your daughter. Tell me about it. – Okay. Well, this RV thing started
before we actually got this RV, about I’m a say nine months ago now. We were living in our car, before that we were living in apartments. Now, my daughter had an
apartment with her boyfriend, I was rooming with someone else, and consequently, the long story short is that we end up both
being out on the street at the same time. I had a vehicle, she had a vehicle, so we started sleeping in the vehicles. We do have a dog and two cats, so that was also a difficulty
in getting housing. Housing also wanted a 700 credit score, upwards of three, $4000 to move in, counting first, last month’s rent with the pet deposits, et cetera. So, my story is that to
facilitate not being in the car and being in between that gap of not being able to
find affordable housing, we decided to spend that money on an RV so we would have some place to sleep. – [Interviewer] Now, while
all this is going on, you both are working. You have full time jobs. – That is correct. My daughter’s actually worked two jobs, I’ve actually worked two jobs as well, but this job I have right
now was been semi-full time. I’ll say that. The hours fluctuate. – [Interviewer] But you’re working. – Yes, definitely working.
– Even when you’re living in your cars, you’re working. – Exactly. – [Interviewer] But you just
couldn’t afford an apartment. – That is correct. It’s very difficult to stack three, $4000 when you’re trying to eat
and you’re trying to bathe and care for each other
and to other things, like I have a medical
situation going on right now that’s taken all the money
that I just worked for last week out of my
pocket and I don’t know where the next money’s coming from and I still don’t have a place to live except for this RV. – [Interviewer] Now, you’re telling me living in an RV is like – Yeah, all that, that thing. Living in an RV to me
seems, and I try to do this, I try to laugh at it humorously, but it’s like living in a spaceship, like the movie Lost in Space or Star Trek where you get into your
ship and you fuel up and you say, oh, I wanna
go to the next adventure, I wanna go to some land
where it’s peaceful where they’ll let me be me, and then you pull in to wherever it is and undoubtedly, in nine months I’ve seen a lot of different reactions,
most of them being negative. Some people are okay with it, but a lot of them are
like, hey, get out of here. You can’t be here. And then, they have no answers as to where you’re supposed to go. If you have anything
over a 22 foot trailer, then that also makes more
parking restrictions, so again, you don’t have a place to go. It’s interesting because
sometimes it’s actually like when you park somewhere and you get out and you plant and you think,
this must be friendly, there might be somebody in another RV that comes out and says,
hey, there’s too many of them here, they’re gonna run us off, so it really is kinda like
being the Lost in Space, and then, you know, people
steal stuff off our your ship. – [Interviewer] It’s
dangerous wherever you go, that new planet.
– It’s dangerous. – [Interviewer] Or that new parking spot. – And the parking enforcement
is brutal over here. In fact, today my
daughter just got a ticket while she was standing there. Her car was parked in the red about six, maybe to eight inches, and
the parking enforcement lady got out and wrote her a ticket while she was yet standing there, saying I’m gonna move my car, but those tickets add up and we’ve got… In fact, that’s why I
don’t have my Jeep anymore because I got parking
tickets trying to sleep in places that I thought
were gonna be cool to sleep and they gave me a lot of
– Oh, my gosh. – Yeah, so that’s actually
why I’m doing bicycles. That’s my hobby now. That’s because I don’t have a car anymore and that was my house. That literally was my
house when I took that. I watched them boot it and
take it two days later. – Oh, my gosh.
– Yeah. – [Interviewer] Now, the
hardest part of mobile homeless is finding a safe place to park and you’ve been out here nine months. – Indeed. – [Interviewer] That must be crazy. Tell me about it. – Yeah, well when I
first purchased this RV, I guess about nine months ago, we looked and saw where were
all the other RVs were parked in this area, in the Venice area, and there were a lot of ’em
parked on Venice Boulevard west of four oh five, all
the way down to Lincoln. Okay, so we went over there first and we parked there and we were there about two hours and I
turned everything off, it was like our first
day, and then I got ready to step outside and there was a manager of a department building and he came out and he said, you can’t be here. And I said, okay, you gotta
explain a little bit more. What do you mean? You’re gonna be here four, five days, you’re gonna be here a week. And I said, sir, I just pulled up here. How do you know that I’m
gonna be here any days? Everybody says that and they stay. So, my daughter popped out and she said, well, what’s the problem? You just don’t want us to be here, right? And he said, yes, that’s the problem. My tenants don’t wanna be
here, they don’t wanna see you. – [Interviewer] But you don’t
have any other place to go. – Well, at that time I definitely didn’t because I had a charging problem and I couldn’t start the vehicle, so I spent the next two
hours racking my brain, trying to figure out how to
get that vehicle out of there because that was my first experience. Now since then, I’ve gotten
my charging situation a bit better and I’ve kinda figured out that if you’re not around
a business or a residence, they don’t bother you too much, but I’ve been at this kinda
spot here, this spot here, for about two months and they’ve tried to ticket me four times. In fact, I just was
literally on the front, wiping the window, and
the lady was behind me writing a ticket and my daughter
said, oh, here she comes, and I jumped in and
took off with everything still wrapped up on it, so it’s difficult and it takes money out of your pocket and it takes time and
it’s stressful and yeah. – [Interviewer] So,
this is no way to live. – No, it isn’t and I think we
want what everybody else wants and that’s just a couple
of walls and a mirror and a bathroom where
you can do your things that you need to do in private,
bathe yourself, whatever, medicate yourself, get your med – [Interviewer] Have some privacy – Have some privacy, some
place to cook your meals. Yeah, so we’re not asking
too much more than that, but what I am really asking
is can we make it affordable? Can we make housing, just as
simple as housing, affordable? If you have a job and you’re
not able to afford a car and a place to live, then it
becomes a little bit futile and then it becomes depressing and that’s why people
fall into these holes they can’t get out and
they’re stuck with a basket, pushing it down the street. I will say this: my daughter’s
story is slightly different. My daughter’s an
entertainer and her decision was if I have to sleep in this RV to make my dream come true, I will. So, she’s done some stuff. She’s been able to do
some things like that, some really great feats because of that, and so we’re out here surviving. – [Interviewer] But she’s also working. We were talking about
her job up in Hollywood. – She’s working two jobs, yes. – [Interviewer] And
she’s working two jobs. – Yes. – [Interviewer] Trying to make
her dreams, but it’s still… I mean, my goodness. This is… I can’t… I really can’t imagine living like this and you guys really break the
stereotypes of homelessness. I mean, I know there’s more and more working homeless out here. You guys are working, you’re trying, you just can’t afford a place to live. – Yeah, that’s the bottom line
and we know we’re not alone. I’ve kinda kept an eye on what’s going on near Anaheim Stadium. I think they maybe tallied
up about 400 people that were in tents out there. They also did a study
that said about 40 to 50% of those people had jobs. So that means that they
were coming out of a tent, which we have done before,
coming out of a tent and going to work. I did that. This is not my first time, in fact. I did that six years ago, I think. I was working at a hotel in downtown and I had a tent in my
grandmother’s backyard. That was the best I could do at that time. – Wow.
– Yeah, so it’s an upward climb, but we do just simply
want affordable housing. We don’t want anything fancy, just what everybody else wants. – [Interviewer] What’s your future like? – My future is like… Right now, it’s funny
because the necessities is the mother of invention
and my daughter and I have had this, but she’s a
girl, and it’s closing in on us, so we’re either talking
about going bigger, getting something bigger
so that we can still not have to pay this rent. She’s trying to get her credit together so that she can go into a
place without all the hassles that she had last time, and for me, the future lies in simply going to work and hoping that the
powers that be understand what’s going on out here and
the people that are working are trying to get affordable housing. I hope they do build MTA. I hope they build
whatever they need to do, build something at the MTA. I hope they build whatever they do to help whoever needs to be. I’m not necessarily sleeping
on the street, per se, but it is a big responsibility being here. This takes money, this takes
gas every week to move it. They make me move it every week. If they don’t, I’m gonna
get $100 ticket, at least. So, food is very expensive,
especially on Venice. So, we’re working. A lot of people think,
well if you’ve got an RV, you don’t have to pay anything. That’s not true. We go through water. We buy a lot of water,
supplies, medical supplies, dog food, cat food, et cetera. – [Interviewer] It’s work. You don’t just go to the
kitchen and turn on the faucet. – Yes.
– You know? – An it rained for two days the other day and I have a couple of leaks up there, so I had to put up tarps and all that while I had a hurt hand and all that, so yeah, it’s tough out here. It’s tough. – [Interviewer] If you had three wishes, what would they be? – Three wishes. One, concerning this particular issues, more attention to it, more
serious attention to it. A personal wish would
obviously to be more resources. More resources is what I need. I don’t necessarily need
more money or more cars, but more resources, more places
to do what I needed to do. I need, in my future, I see
myself sitting in a living room, watching my television,
cooking some dinner, and having some family or friends around and stuff like that because
that’s what I’m used to doing. That’s what we all like to do. Nobody likes to be out here. Please, don’t make that mistake and think that anybody wants to be
out here on the street. – [Interviewer] All right. – Three wishes.
– I think there was one more though. – Yeah, one more wish would be… I wish people would be more human. I wish they would just see the people that are on the street, or anywhere, and not assume that they’re okay ’cause sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they need a hug,
sometimes they need resources, and you never know. – [Interviewer] Love your neighbor. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. I would wish that, I would hope that, that people would pay attention to it. – [Interviewer] Great wishes. Well, thank you very
much for talking to me. – Thank you. (chill music)

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  • Try moving to a city/state where things are much cheaper. Lawton OK you can rent a decent apartment for $350.00. I bought a nice house for $60,000.

  • Damn this is crazy. I live in the netherlands and i get 1400 euros a month off welfare basically. Rent us 550 its easy to get a house i even got a way to big house i got 4 spare rooms. I pay 90 euros for gas and electricity and another 110 bucks for healthcare insurance and 40 bucks for internet. So thats 1400-790=610
    Even with just welfare i have 610 euros a month left to spend as i like a month. Guess im blessed living in a country where the government actually still gives a fuck. Im a schizofrepnic and cant work a job.
    America seems fucked up.

  • Been there done that employed too. I was homeless 10 yrs. employed the whole time. Now i have 2 roomies my son and my daughter. The new american dream. The winters were the worse. Some days i spent the whole day wrapped upin blenkets watching tv. Lotrent in rv parks are high too.

  • The law is Not homeless friendly I was stalked untill the police came and impounded my vehicle unable to get it back I was moving my vehicle every single day and was always given notices and tickets about being parked in the same spot more than 24 hours , but other people living in tbe area parked in the same spot for weeks on end with out any tickets or notices I was plain and simple stalked and harrrased till my vehicle being taken.

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  • Idk why u guys think ur so much better than ppl in this ever so typical condition!!! U guys r just humans in the same

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    "a financial crisis will result in severe devaluation of the country's currency" · "the dollar has suffered a devaluation process"

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  • I live in the midwest. On the verge of being homeless. I work my son works.its not enough. Have no clue what will happen.praying for it to get better

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  • Only because your black people make you feel not welcome not because of your RV, white people are praised for RV living, and America and other countries pray on the poor especially black people.

  • I know Common Sense isn't very popular but if you don't make enough money to live in Venice Beach why don't you move. the cost of living in some of these democrat-run cities is astronomical. There's lots of places you can live and work and not just survive. I live in North Carolina and work everyday my wife works everyday we live in a three-bedroom house with central heat and air and a carport and my rent is 475 a month. A lot of people that are homeless in these Democrat ran cities is by choice. I would love to live at the beach but I can't afford it so I visit their on vacation… Common sense#Trump 20/20

  • That’s my Situation now. I have a job but once the building I was living got sold beginning of the year the new landlord didn’t have plans on keeping the building so everyone had to move out and with the price of rent compared to what I was paying before it’s ridiculous in la. So I’ve Been sleeping in my car since May 10 but luckily my job transfer finally came through and I’m transferring out at the end of this month to much more cost affordable state.

  • Consider yourself lucky. At least you're working and earning your own money. Medical doctors and psychiatrists didn't give many young working class people such as teens a chance to work or get a career by drugging then force drugging them under a court order by the mental health tribunal with heavily sedating toxic "drugs" with no way to escape the system except to live like a fugitive. The bible says "Is it not the rich who drag you in and out of the courts." Interesting video though.

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  • Venice Beach is EXPENSIVE. He stated that he is a veteran. Why isn't he trying to access the VA for care? Hasn't he applied for benefits?

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  • America needs to be ashamed of itself. One of the richest countries in the world and affordable housing is a luxury. Sad sad state of affairs.

  • Doing an RV/ Camper etc… it is a wise move, weather you chose to live in it or have a house and a place to park it. why not chose a town or a state with a lower cost of living ? Ca. and NY. are some of the most expensive states to live in and are poorly managed. Be inventive in looking for places to rent or park your rv / camper van, maybe a parking space in a business area ? or a friends back yard, boondock at hospitals ? side streets ? commercial lots? go in together with a few moble traverlers and lease a space ? there are also church retreat campgrounds and I have a cousin that lives there and they charge $75.00 per month and that includes electric water-trash swimming pool- fishing and hunting – and a dump station. there are ways to go about living in an RV, Van, Box truck, travel trailer etc.. and make it enjoyable. By the way Im a building contractor and do build and remodel homes, I chose a more simpler lifestyle and I`m getting into some type of unit this year 2019.

  • It seems too many people are depending on government to fix their issues. Govt. wasn't supposed to be our savior. They do a shitty job at it anyway.

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  • Live off the land as we supposed too anyway I love nature & soon will be on my way.. R V life who wouldn't want to travel the world fuck what people have to say do what's comfortable for your life I don't feel sorry for him live live live the cost of living is way to damn high rent eletric gas water food etc. Way too fucking much

  • Bless his heart. He was about to make me cry just seeing his eyes water telling his story. I wish him and his daughter and others like him the best.

  • I wish this guy and his daughter the best of luck. I'm glad that they at least have a safe place to sleep. And a car to use. I pray that they move somewhere more affordable and get and apartment. Even if it's just a one bedroom. The dad can sleep on the couch.

  • If you don't fix your credit then you will never find a place to live. Your Credit score is whats important or you will forever be homeless.

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  • You can't afford rent because you elected a Democrat
    You can't park your vehicle because you elected Democrats
    Get the point

  • I'm sorry…but I've been in this circumstance before. The problem and the immediate resolution was to move out of California because no one making less than 150k can afford it.

  • Go to quartzite az during the winter 180. Dollars for 7 months stay… you get water,dump station, trash disposal, showers.. look up LTVA quartzite az….

  • The thing is, and I'm not judging here, but if you find a place you can afford and they dont allow pets, bring your pets to a shelter.

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  • My question is who the hell wants to afford rent? All you see is people working for someone else's money instead of working for their own money. I currently live in a van I'm not homeless I have over 80k saved I'm still working a nine-to-five job. I am the happiest person at my job because all the money that I make at that job it goes straight into my pocket and no one else's. Life is about living not about working for someone else. I'm going to retire before the age of 40 now that's a life worth living.

  • I've never been homeless or without a job. I've never paid a bill late so I can't relate to people like this.

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  • So between the two of them they work 3 jobs and can't make it work?? We didn't get to hear how much they make. Perhaps they have a money management problem? Atleast they have an RV which isn't really homeless, in my book. People camp and live out of their RV all the time.

  • Isn't there a whole RV movement anyway of people who choose to live in their RV's and live that lifestyle anyway? I mean, it's better than sleeping on the street, isn't it? Maybe they need to get out of California, go to a cheaper State.

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