good afternoon everyone and for the moment I want to say my apologies for enough having uploaded a video in a long time but I got very busy with concert tours all around Germany so I hadn't had the chance to work at a video until recently this combat may be the most suspensive and epic one of the French s Zack against cloud let's do Middle East any time and get started with the analysis Zack fair was born in the remote village of Ganga and intended years of 16 he Jones soldier because of his fake idols sufferer he's very talented and develops a deep relationship to his mentor and Jill who accompanies him through many missions and teaches him to always embrace his dreams and protect his honor he quickly gets involved into the war between Shinra and rule taught and during his first missions in that he has a reasonable chance of attaining the highest rank but his dreams shadow soon as he realizes how the macho energy actually hurts the planet and she knows nothing but criminals who exploit Auckland shortly after all one soldier after another vanishes Genesis 1st and Jill later on director lozad Zack find said that they serve a genetic scientist named Holliday who uses them to make lethal copies he's now soldier first class and it's still all busy with following his friends trying to convince him of getting some common sense but this time he also meets the flower girl Aires he falls in love way he loses in Jalan Hollander though during a mission in Lodi Ohio you have before his death he hands over the Buster Sword to Zack but he also wins a new friend at his side Cloud Strife they get along well cloud me and cloud here are both backwater experts oh yeah the next mission in Nibelheim clouds home would be his last they investigated a local ma corrector to find hints on director Lazar its disappearance but instead Sephora happens to learn the truth about his origin gets mad and has to be stopped west on a cloud finally after a row of misconceptions and inequities zach and the injured and cloud take flight and make it pretty far but there were being betrayed and soldier troops killed Zach off before he dies he passes a store down to cloud Zach fights classically firstly with the regular two-handed swordsman soldier which is being replaced by the Busta start later but he gets creative in using weapons he can handle a machine gun but at a pinch of beach umbrella will do to do the mere fact that can carry a sword this heavy he must have high skills and vigor and strength but as we see in the cutscenes or during battles he jumps real often and treats his weapon quite dynamically which he means he's very agile additionally he can increase his stats by fusion a materia and he's capable of using magic including healing spells and special attacks which get more damaging due to his level his Limit Breaks are based on the model aiding face which is somehow his thoughts or memories that encourage him to surpass himself they can both add damaging or protecting at last he summons s burst through materia the strongest attack might be costly or sacrifice punch which takes your own HP in order to hurt your opponent Zach is one of the most loyal and believing characters of Final Fantasy who never loses hope and doesn't shy away from giving his own life if it saves someone of a friend now that we're talking about let's go on with his best friend and fellow Cloud Strife s said he was born in Nibelheim and grows up with his mother next to the house of Tifa Lockheart he always wanted to be her friend but get dropped in his childhood after an incident of Tifa and the death of her mother he's falsely accused of having brought her into danger he stops channeling the great Sephiroth as well and joins soldier in order to become strong enough to protect Tifa I were to mention what happened then to him during his time at Zak and when he died cloud walks away until he breaks together at the train station of Midgar and Tifa finds him years after she saw him last time and introduces him to the rebel group avalanche he's being working with them ever since against chin rot and time after time he gains more friends at his side said Barret Vincent yuffie we're 13 and Aerith whom he has a special relationship just like Zack had with her all the more hard hit him her death when Sephiroth slays her with a Masamune of the forgotten capital besides avalanche cloud chases Sephiroth who took possession of the black materia the only one of its kind to summon meteor which would destroy the whole planet Eris holds the counterpart the white material that contains the even mightier spell wholly to bring back how many in life Claude and his friends suffer a lot of painful blows of fate especially he himself as a mess of traumas unfulfilled dreams and complexes because he didn't want to disappoint his family he made up a story of him being with soldier and replaces himself with Zack which lets me forget more and more about his former friend indeed he forgets about himself but God who he really was CIFA is the one who primarily helps him set things right and bring back his memory she would always be someone to cling to when club felt lonely and misunderstood as a fighter cloud is essential to the team as he is by far the one with the heaviest hits equipped with the Buster Sword and a soldier al masud he's optimally prepared for offensive battle his limit brakes are all offensive either he may not be that quick in battle but as long as he can reach the opponent with this weapon it will be toast and the final combat against Sephiroth he gets even stronger by gaining the final limit break on the slash which is probably the most powerful attack in the game according to this accessories he can use any type of materia and it spells but rather focus is some costing damage instead of healing his personality is split and uncertain until the regaining of his memory along with Tifa and reality he is more confident of his abilities happy to have so many friends around he might be a loner but at the same time he enjoys hours with family and friends that's why he misses secondaire is so much and he always needs somebody along who keeps encouraging him because on his own they would permanently give in to the greatest villains as we can see a few times in the main game and in the final battle against several turnips and shared renders can you imagine a fight between these two acai characters would you pick somebody who's definitely stronger than the other one I doubt it oh it's very hard but let's try to approach first of all Jack had a tough training every day and has been specialized to be soldier for his class clouds never made it to that rank in fact he got lost in the infantry still they're both vigorous and resistant they practically carry the same weapon an armory and have exactly the same knowledge of using magic zach is a little bit faster more flexible innovative and confident but there's two something about his mind which is more willing to take sacrifices instead of taking the risk it couldn't defeat Sephiroth after all and clouds did twice exactly know a veteran children counts I guess Omni slash is more intensive than costly punch although they say cloud has reached an enormous level of power you don't know if zach would have caught up with him if he hadn't died I don't want to decide between those two and I think it's not necessary anyhow this time nobody's declared the winner it ends in a draw between Cloud Strife and Zach fair well what'd you pick to be the winner which or do you also think they're equal let me know in the comments tell me if you see

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  • For the next versus lightning vs tifa. you are the best and i think you can show us your face if you have a camera im sure you are quite beautiful☺

  • Not exactly the greatest fighters in the franchise but definitely two of the best. If there is another match up may I suggest Vincent Valentine vs Squall Leonhart (Eden GF Junction)

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