Veterans Memorial Freedom Run – Strengthening Communities – Chase

We’re here today for the Chase Memorial
Freedom Run. It’s a 4 mile run in honor of our veterans for Memorial Day. We’ve
encouraged our employees and the local community to come on out and run. The Freedom Run is an opportunity for our
local VETS group to raise funds for the USO and Honor Flight Columbus. Chase is a very community oriented, community
sensitive company and they wanted to show their support for military and veterans. The VETS program is a networking group for
employees within JPMorgan Chase. VETS stands for Voices for Employees That Served. We have
about 260 employees that are part of our group here in Columbus. We have 300 runners signed up for the race
today. So we’ll more than meet our goal. I think some of the challenges that soldiers
face when building a career when they enter the workforce is finding the right job fit.
The VETS program is a resource to soldiers and veterans out there that are looking to
get a job with JPMorgan Chase as an example. We’re a great support group. I served in the United States Marine Corps.
This is part of my passion, and my vocation. I get to help other veterans transition from
military life to civilian life. It’s with great honor that we have Lance
Corporal Kyle Earl here and his family, Crystal and three year old Aubry. We’re here today also to award a home to
the Earl family of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Chase donated a property to our organization in
support of helping put combat wounded heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan in 100% mortgage-free
homes. I was in Al-Qa’im, Iraq. Going down the
road, there was a bomb in the middle of the road, rolled the truck over top of it. Shrapnel
took out all of my forearm, all the nerves and muscles in my forearm. Did two years of
rehab, and therapy and surgeries to get where I’m at now. You know it’s an incredible story, something
that even as a veteran you look and you appreciate. Thank you so much and with all that I am so
pleased and honored on behalf of JPMorgan Chase to award you a home. Congratulations
and thank you so much for being here. Having a house and being mortgage-free is
just one less thing I have to worry about. I can just worry making sure the kids have
what they need. As a veteran, I couldn’t be prouder of JPMorgan
Chase. We’re hiring a lot of people and we’re continuing to recruit veterans, showing
our appreciation with giving them homes and doing this race today. The VETS program is
amazing. They had a wonderful turnout, and we’re
planning to do this again next year.

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