VIA Social Entrepreneurship

my name is Ling phone call I come from China and live ancien do I study psychology in China and now I study social entrepreneurship in rieber in VR University I'm bothering i'm from belgium and i studied to become a teacher in primary school i'm anna i'm from finland and i study education and management back home I choose Denmark to do my Erasmus because I love the country and I was very interesting in the program social entrepreneurship I choose this program because I wanted to get new perspectives on how to work with health and sustainable development and also it gives opportunity to meet and cooperates with different people different nationalities and that's a very good skill to have in today's world we wake up at eight go to school at night we are all courses on classes mostly from 92 to the courses that we have our one is focused on physical activity one is focused on health and society we have a mini innovation and amex innovation the minion evasion is a smaller challenge where we try to make new solutions for a problem and in the magazine it's more more wider and it's about something really important where we can work on for months and then we have a big big presentation in the end forgery and they will approve innovation or not after the classes we have mostly pre-signed if we don't have work to do for school if you don't have an assignment or something with mostly we can do a lot then we can use the school a lot of this for us open 24 hours a day so that's a very that there's a really different depending on what we are doing in the courses right now so sometimes if like we are just hanging out chilling have a good time and sometimes we are just like working working working like the whole day and we have come really close to each other in the classroom because we are always working and sharing ideas and thoughts we're always together we're doing so much together that we're almost like a big family because every day or two gether you eat sleep party together so it's like one day yeah one big family so that makes it very nice denmark in three words galesburg friendly well organized my study in Denmark teamwork inspiring

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